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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth December 31st 2003

heading up north from alice springs after being kept in the middle of nowhere because of car troubles in Marla! City of nothing! but its just another experience. Nice to see Uluru and the Olga's or kata tjuta national park, same as wataranka with its garden of eden (pictures), like a Fata morgana in the dessert! after being in Arnhem-land to see some nice waterfalls, and some termite mounds we went to see the turtles nesting on the beach near Broom (WA) ah well, just surfing and diving and snorkeling along the west coast is one of the things we managed to do the most! shot some nice pictures along the way! and now we spend christmas in Perth! in the white sand!! so after all its a white christmas! cheers! ... read more
Devils marbles
Don't swim around here

A 3 day outback camping tour in the Pilbara and Karijini National Park, then our stay at Cossack in 2003 The Pilbara is the heart of Western Australia's huge iron ore mining industry. On the drive across the country into the Karijini National Park the landscape is so varied with colours from daybreak to sunset changing as fast as the sun moves across the sky. The heat of the day changes accordingly and when you step down into the gorges the temperature drops but the water may be freezing so hypothermia can be a problem. We camped out under the stars and beside an Aussie icon, the windmill, in sleeping bags that kept us warm at night but had ice on them when we woke in the morning as temperatures drop low after sunset. Cossack is ... read more
Pilbara Region
Pilbara Region
Pilbara Region

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia September 26th 2002

Touch down in Perth, WA, chuffed when the locals said G'day, they started off on their Ozzy dream, by sharing a dorm with a guy called Raquim, late night drug deals & cheesy feet, when he stole their bread, they had nothing to eat, undeterred they loved the place, met cool people like Christian & Jace. Heaps of things to see, they found, the Pinnicles protruding from the ground, In Freo, a late night prison tour, a sweat broke out from every pore. Then off to Rotto to ride a bike, met the resident Quokkas who were rodent-like. Wanting to see what the west had in store, they hired a car so that they could explore. They walked though caves & amongst tree-tops, visited a cove with elephant shaped rocks. The bar in Albany was kind ... read more
The Pinnicles
The Pinnicles
Monkey Mia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth August 13th 2002

I had decided to leave life in beautiful Frankland on the 13th of August to allow for a weekend of fun in Perth before beginning my adventure up the west coast. This happened to be a Friday. Normally I am not a superstitious person, but this day has changed my perception. Naturally, before I could leave Frankland I had to have a bit of a farewell bash. And, naturally, this involved me having one or two drinks too many (ie. getting rottenly drunk and not recalling a whole lot of the evening’s events). Not to worry!!! It has happened before and I have no doubt it will happen again!!!! None the less it was a little concerning to wake up in the morning with not much recollection of the previous night and no idea how I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth January 16th 2001

The far north of Australia is one of the most remote places on Earth, and every day in the top end features stunning scenery and a sense of wonder at the vast distances travelled. There are three major towns stretching from the East Coast to the West Coast, and a whole lot of nothing in between. But this is the real Australia, where you can ride on the bus for an entire day and be lucky to pass a single car travelling in the opposite direction. I had a five week opportunity to explore the Far North, and a bargain three flight package from Qantas helped make some my destinations achievable given the short time frame. My top end adventure commenced, dear reader, with a flight to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. I took a few ... read more
Kakadu National Park bush camp
The Aussie outback
Mary River,  Kakadu National Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany October 10th 1999

Just a two weeks trip to Western Australia 6-17 Oct 1999 Places visited: 1) Perth City 2) The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park 3) Botanical Garden, Perth 4) The King's Park, Perth 5) Lake Mongers, Perth 6) Underwater World, Perth 7) Cottlesloe Beach, Perth 8) Albany, WA's oldest city 9) Emu Point, Albany 10) Mount Clarence of Albany 11) Dog Rock of Albany 12) The Gap, Albany 13) Natural Bridge, Albany 14) Cable Beach, Albany 15) Blowholes, Albany 16) Walpole - Nornalup, Valley of the Giant Tingle Trees 17) Pemberton 18) Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse 19) Jewel Cave - 10 min north of Augusta along Caves Road 20) Lake Cave - 17 min drive south from Margaret River along Caves Road 21) Busselton Jetty Experience 22) Perth Mint 23) Fremantle Markets... read more
Natural Bridge, Albany
Imitation of the Kangaroo
Botanical Garden, Perth

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth April 1st 1995

A blog entry with Bon Scott and Mick Dundee This, the second blog from my trip in Australia in 1995, pretty much covers the second month I spent there. Adelaide I clearly remember that I wasn't very fond of Adelaide. I stayed only a very short time there and I saw very little. The only thing I saw in Adelaide that I'll mention here is South Australian Museum. There were two really cool exhibits there: one was the leg of a dinosaur and the other a really large meteorite. I think it might be the largest meteorite ever found in Australia. Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Island is an island just off the coast to the south of Adelaide. I decided to take a tour there and that was a good decision since a tour is a good ... read more
South Australian Museum
Kelly Hill Cave
Kelly Hill Cave

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia April 10th 1993

On the way back from travelling around Australia, we stopped at Gascoyne Junction. It is wise to check the state of this Rd as it is sometime impassable. From there we went into the Kennedy Ranges, an absolute magnificent scenery awaited us. you need a 4 wheel drive and be self sufficient, we recommend satellite phone or similar The Kennedy Range is found on the edge of the Gascoyne River catchment area and is a weathered plateau that extends for a distance of 150 km essentially forming a huge mesa. Spectacular sandstone cliffs can be found on the southern and eastern sides of the range which are dissected by steep canyons which have an elevation of up to 100 metres- When we left the ... read more
kennedy ranges 1
kennedy ranges 2
kennedy ranges 3

Beccles, Suffolk, is not blog-inspiring; but as Ali earns us a crust, prior to our return to America (where it'll be my turn), I've been scanning some old photos into the computer. So doing, with previous travel diaries (and a beer) to hand, was just asking for trouble... Please forgive the photo quality: scanned from the efforts of a 1970s child's Kodak. "Wittenoom: asbestos was once mined in the area, and some of the town’s streets were even surfaced with it. The dust from the crushed ore caused widespread lung cancer and, eventually, resulted in government compensation for workers and residents. It is claimed that a small health risk still exists, and to hasten its demise the embarrassment of a town is censored, its existence officially denied". Thursday 9th August 1990. “Miracle mile” day. ... read more
Wittenoom tours
Map of the gorges
Hammersley Range

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth August 19th 1987

Picture coming soon.... read more

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