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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia March 20th 2020

Having probs with photos again so will just publish this and try and do photos later. Freemantle and Perth Day 28 Tuesday 10th March, 2020 We were due to arrive in Perth approx 10 am and duly moored up on the quayside next to a larger cruse ship, the Sea Princess (I think!). We were due to go off on a Scenic tour at noon and so had a leisurely breakfast. Lots of info about the area: Freemantle is situated 19 km south of the Western Australia capital of Perth at the mouth of the Swan River. It has colonial architecture and cafe lined streets with a population of approximately 32000. It is the maritime centre of Western Australia and the gateway to Perth. Perth has the title of the most isolated metropolis on earth, with ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle March 12th 2020

Photos from Adelaide and Albany hopefully! Altho the photos are in no particular order I hope you enjoy them. As you can see it was heard to stop when the birds were so close. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta December 29th 2019

As was the case last year on enforced holidays over the Xmas break I needed to find somewhere to go for a multi-day hike, but where? I looked at a lot of places overseas (prohibitively expensive for just a week) and then over east- Kangaroo Island, Great Ocean Way or anything at all in Tassie, but travelling east was also really, really expensive (Perth to Hobart was about $1200 return!!!!). Then there were widespread fires across almost the entire east coast so it was definitely out. So, resigned to the fact that I would self implode, I got very lucky - a weather window of opportunity opened up for doing the Cape to Cape again- highest temp for the week was predicted to be 27C - bearable. Once again it only took a day or so ... read more
Sign In Ledger
After The Rain

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denmark October 7th 2019

The last day of school before the holidays meant a school assembly hosted by my niece’s class. They were performing a classic Banjo Patterson poem called “A Bush Christening” and she was playing a bailiff, complete with a drawn-on moustache. Through luck more than planning, I was back in Denmark and could go along to watch. With nieces and a nephew on the other side of the country, I don’t get many opportunities to see these kinds of things, so I was glad to go. But I had the rest of the day to myself so once I had finished my photos and blog from Margaret River, I had a relaxing afternoon reading and a nap before everyone came home from school and work. It was then time for a long weekend, giving me three more ... read more
Descending to Knapp Head
The Organ Pipes
Driving up the sand track

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia September 28th 2019

A special 3 day event is taking place in Mandurah this holiday weekend, with approx 100 artists taking part. It has been organised by Leon Holmes, who lives in Mandurah. Leon is a well known artist here and an invited guest artist, Warwick Fuller. Warwick's paintings have been bought by Prince Charles! We wandered around the marina and a park, which overlooks the estuary stopping to watch the artists at work. There was a really festive atmsphere with lots of visitors. The sun shone all day, but it was pleasantly warm. We enjoyed a tasty Thai lunch in a restaurant overlooking the water and busy Marina. Al did a very quick charcole sketch in the late afternoon. We came home to pack ready to fly to Melbourne tomorrow.... read more
Some of the painters
Leon's painting and poshard box

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River September 27th 2019

I left Norseman early on Friday morning for the long drive to Denmark. First stop was just over two hours drive away, in Esperance. I’ve been to Esperance before and would be stopping there on the way back, so I had no desire to look around. I picked up some breakfast at a bakery, and found a nice spot overlooking the beach to eat it. The weather wasn’t into that though, and the rain forced me to finish it off in my car. With that done, I proceeded on to Albany. Again, I’ve done the drive between Esperance and Albany before so there was not much for me to see. On the way back, I plan to go via Fitzgerald River National Park, but on this trip my plan was just to get to Albany while ... read more
Me at Survers Cove
Sugarloaf Rock
On the Three Bears Track

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth September 27th 2019

We left early today to make a round trip of the suburbs of Perth. Our first port of call was the amaizing strawberry farm where you can try before you buy. Then onwards, anti-clockwise into the Perth Hills, to the east of Perth where we visited Arthur Hutson and his two sons in Lesmurdie. Arthur is an old friend (101 years old) of Winks and Sue's parents from Rhodesia days. He may be the oldest living Rhodesian! Chris made us a lovely tea and we added some of our Mum's Rock buns, which she always used to make for the tennis parties we had at Marlow' - our family home. The conversations were all based on our shared history of Rhodesia. We hurried on northwards to Tony's breakers yard, where Terry was able to purchase a ... read more
Tea and sandwiches with Arthur and his two sons Robert and Chris
Outside Arthur's home in Lesmurdie
Tony's Breakers yard

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 26th 2019

This morning we had a wonderful 8.7 mile bike ride around the Mandurah estuary and inlets. We are allowed to cycle on the pavements, so it was a safe way to go! Sue cooked us a delicious quiche which included some veggies from their garden. In the afternoon we wondered around Sue and Terry's colourful garden (see photos for some of the plants) Later in the afternoon we enjoyed meeting some of S&T's Rhodesian friends over a lovely afternoon tea party. The coffee cake was made by Sue, iced by Terry and Alan applied the nuts. We were all quite tired by the evening.... read more
Sue and Winks on the bridge across the estuary
Marina on one of the many inlets
The bridge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia September 25th 2019

Today was rainy and overcast and a rest and recovery day for us all in Mandurah, a time to catch up with things like clothes and car washing, emails, phone calls, cake baking and for sisters to talk and look at old photos. In the afternoon Sue went shopping while Terry took Winks and Al to look at the marina where the 'en plain air' painting festival will take place on Saturday (See photos). Tomorrow will be another 'at home day' to get things done. If the weather holds we might fit in a bike ride or a trip to town.... read more
Cake and rock cakes made by Sue and Winks
Eucalyptus Marcrocarpa
Poster for the festival

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leeman September 24th 2019

We left our lovely beach house early and headed south on the Brand Highway to Green Head, when we turned inland towards Lesueur Scenic Drive (within Beekeeper's Nature Reserve), with magnificent views. We travelled on a unsurfaced road for the first time. The exceptionally diverse variety of wildflowers and flora continues to amaze and delight us. Sue and Terry had visited before so were experienced guides. Photos below show a tiny selection of the plants. One of our favourite is Cat's paw but there were numerous Grass tree plants, Pixie Mops, Tea Trees, Purple flags, Geraldon Wax plants and hundreds of others. We also saw kangaroos! I spotted Emus along the way, in a field with cattle. We had to head back to Mandurah as unfortunately the glove box in the car had jammed. The keys ... read more
Winks and Sue at the entrance to Lesueur National Park
WA group of 'Grass Trees' at Lesueur NP
Landscape at Lesueur

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