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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri March 19th 2019

Day 13 (14/3/2019) Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, which was something of a luxury, but after 4 hard days on the road it was well needed. Arranged for the caravan antenna to be looked at tomorrow, meaning we will stay in Geraldton a bit longer, but switching to another caravan park afterwards as we need to take the caravan to them. Purchased some food for the extra few days & the week or so ahead as shops will be rare after we leave Geraldton. After dropping our shopping off at the van, we walked down to the Fishermans Wharf, enjoying some Snapper & chips for lunch at Barnacles on the Wharf. What can I say but YUM! Beautiful flavour & texture; it was some of the best fish I have ever had. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton March 14th 2019

Day 8 (9/3/2019) Up early to get some washing done. Around lunch time headed out to Hollywood Plaza in Salisbury to pick up the last of what we need for the next 4 days. Was about to reverse into a car park when a woman reversed out into us without looking. Exchanged details as while our damage is a scratch & a dent in the aluminium bull bar, it hit around the sensors & indicators. Returned to get the van ready for the journey ahead over the next few days & re-prep everything. Headed out for dinner with our lovely nieces Danielle & Rebekah at the Avoca Hotel before getting as much sleep as possible. Day 9 (10/3/2019) Departed Adelaide at 5:25AM. Stopped for breakfast & a cuppa at Pt Wakefield at 6:30AM, before continuing on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth January 23rd 2019

Back to Perth to meet up with Steph and Martin but first a pic of us with Rob and Jacquie which I should have posted last time. Driving up from Margaret River we managed to find time to drop into another art gallery (funny that) and a winery (firetail) where we bought a bottle of their medal winning Cabernet - very nice it was too. Then we stopped at Busselton with it’s 1.3km long pier. And that’s where I had a new experience. On the way out of the town I was pulled over along with a line of cars and was breathalysed - needless to say I passed. Next stop Hilary’s where we were to meet Steph. Strangely enough it was where we walked with Rob and Jacquie when we first got to Perth. Wandering ... read more
trees ( in case you were wondering).
Busselton Pier.
used for the first time since travelling

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth January 13th 2019

Australia Landed in Perth & then straight up to Learmonth, Western Australia, top left! Flying along the coastline was spectacular, clear skies & miles from any where. We stayed at Ningaloo Lodge a cross between a hostel & a hotel, which turned out to be a good base. First full day we went along to Turquoise Bay where we entered the clear blue water off to the left of the beach then spent the next hour drifting along the current above the coral, mesmerised by the multi coloured coral & fish beneath us. We even swam with a turtle for about 5 minutes - fantastic. We just had to keep an eye out for where to get out & not drift too far into a dangerous current. As we drove along the coast we saw a ... read more
The Indian Ocean
snorkelling At Turquoise Bay
the dunes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth January 8th 2019

Earth has made another complete rotation of the sun, its 2019th since a bearded dude was born in the Middle East according to Christian tradition, or its 4,543 billionth, give or take a few (million) rotations, since it was formed, according to all-knowing Google. To celebrate this non-event, and the birth of the bearded dude, I went to Perth. I could have stayed in Indonesia, but my best friend lives in Perth and my other best friend was also coming over. All the way from Holland. Quite a trip. For me it was almost equally as long. Internal flights in Indonesia from remote corners of the country take a long, long time, with plenty of stops along the way. From Merauke to Denpasar took me a full 12 hours, the flight to Perth on the other ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia December 31st 2018

6 Wochen Australien über 10.000 km Fahrstrecke und jeden Tag ein neuer Strand… Ein Spruch besagt: „Jeden Tag an einen neuen Strand, das würde in Australien 27 Jahre dauern…“ Ich weiß nicht genau, ob das stimmt, aber ich könnte es mir gut vorstellen. Wir hatten „nur“ 6 Wochen Zeit und haben somit häufig nach einem besonders schönen Frühstücks-, Mittags- und Abendessensstrand gesucht. Ja, man stellt Ansprüche mit der Zeit und wird verwöhnt, nicht jeder Strand ist schließlich geeignet, denn das Wasser muss schon türkis und der Sand puderweich und weiß sein… ;-) Auch wenn ich Australien von meiner ersten Reise schon etwas kannte, waren diese neuen Strecken von Sydney nach Melbourne sowie die Rundreise in Western Australia nochmal so verschieden und beeindruckend, wie ich es mir nicht vorgestellt hätte. Fast jeden Tag gab es ein neues ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth December 29th 2018

We had a relatively short trip, only 55 miles and about an hour in length from Mandurah to our next, and final, stop in Australia. We were heading back to Perth, where we had landed over a month ago to start our wonderful trip around the state of Western Australia. We would return our car on arrival, having completed the loop. The car needed to be returned with the full tank of petrol it had when we picked it up. We decided to fill it up in Mandurah, then just top up when we got to Perth. After all the easy driving, usually on the one and only road available, we thought finding our accommodation and then the car hire offices in a major city centre was likely to be a bit of a challenge. In ... read more
All Suites, Perth
Toyota Corolla, 1EYT 223
Perth Concert Hall

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta December 28th 2018

With almost 2 weeks of leave over my least favourite season (summer) for the Xmas and New Year break I was going a bit stir crazy. What to do? Where to go? Where could I go that wasn't going to cost much and wasn't going to kill me with heat stress? Well... with lowish summer temperatures down south for the following week, a very impromptu 7 day solo 135 km trek from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin seemed to fit the bill. ... Impromptu, as in... decide on Wednesday night, prepare on Thursday and leave on Friday. I'm completely kitted out for this style of trip now and usually have a few homemade dehydrated meals kicking around for last minute trips like this so it just took a small amount of preparation to be ready. On ... read more
Cape Leeuwin Start Point
Clean and Ready to Go
Post Boardwalk Section Coastal Views

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 27th 2018

We left Gnomesville and retraced our steps partway, stopping to have a look at a tiny little church but it was all locked up, which surprised me. We missed the turning we needed and ended up in another National Park forest before eventually getting on the right road and rejoining Route 1, now called Ocean Drive, at Australind. We saw two emus just wandering down the verge but this was a much busier road for them to negotiate and I don’t know what they thought they were doing. We stopped in a layby for a break and it was full of really interesting trees – some dead, some thriving and one slap bang in the middle of the layby but there was enough room to drive round it. I would have explored further but still had ... read more
Our chalet (1A), marina-side
View from our deck
The cut behind our chalet

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury December 23rd 2018

Today we were heading to Bunbury expecting our journey of just over 200 miles to take about 4 hours depending on how often we stopped, which was about right for a pleasant drive without tasking our bladders too much if we passed nowhere ‘convenient’ en route. Once again, we had a choice of routes we could take (three this time!) and we opted for the one that would take us through various national parks and forests. We left Albany on Route 1, then turned onto Highway 102 (the Muir Highway) at Mount Barker and had a really pleasant journey, initially through wine country, then through various forests, before rejoining Route 1 at Manjimup. The roads were much quieter (the road trains took the more direct route I guess, not wanting to negotiate all the twists and ... read more
Heading to Bunbury
That darned spa bath!
Marlston Hill lookout, Bunbury

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