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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dongara September 21st 2019

Another lovely day dawned, so Alan and I walked along the sea shore towards the fisherman's lookout, with great views over the ocean. There were some hardy surfers out in the bay. We found the local shops with all we needed, plus a fish shop selling freshly caught red snappers. We definitely need to have fish to eat when we are by the sea! We packed a picnic and and set off approx 55km inland to Mingenew, where we stopped to explore the wild flowers. We climbed Depot Hill, which was so called as it was a training area for Australian soldiers who were going to fight in the WW2. The flowers and plants are so different and interesting. It is amazing that they manage to grow in what seems to be a very difficult climate. ... read more
The harbour at Port Denison
The old pier at Port Dennison Harbour.
Flowers at Mingenew

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dongara September 20th 2019

We packed the car early this morning and left Mandurah at 8.15 to travel north up to Perth and then on up the Indian Ocean Drive to our rented accommodation at Port Dennison near Dongara, where we will spend the next four days. Our morning coffee stop was at Yanchep next to a wonderful azure blue sea. Coffee was accompanied by egg and bacon rolls. The weather was cool but sunny. We stopped at Cervantes where the lookout provided views over the rugged vegetation to the turquoise ocean. There are extraordinary flowers and plants hidden in the thick bush. The main Port of call was at the Pinnacles, in Nambung National Park, where we walked among these strange and incredible natural phenomenons. Probably the ancient forest has been turned to stone and exposed by the wind ... read more
Wild flowers at Cevantes
Winks at the Pinnicles
Terry inspecting a pinnicle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Nullarbor Plain September 19th 2019

Is travelling about the destination, or the journey? It depends, doesn’t it? On this trip, the journey has been every bit as important to me as the destination. And the one section of the journey that stood above the rest was crossing the Nullarbor. I always thought the word Nullarbor was an indigenous name for some reason, but only in the last year did I discover that it comes from the Latin “nullus”, meaning “no”, and “arbor” meaning “tree”. But long before this, as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to drive across this foreboding place by myself. Of course, these days it is not the vast challenge it once was. There are roadhouses with food, fuel and accommodation at regular, if long, intervals. There is even mobile phone service available at many of them ... read more
The sun setting over my camp
Windmill Museum
Australia's largest windmill

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City September 19th 2019

Today we were up early and drove to the station in Mandurah where we caught the train into the centre of Perth. For much of the way the train runs in the centre of the motorway, between the lanes. Perth is a lovely clean modern city with sympathetic blending of the old and new architecture. After coffee and doughnuts we walked around to the Art Gallery where we spent some time before making our way to the Apple Shop where Winks got her phone sorted out. From there we took a free bus to the Kings Park Botanic Gardens where we had lunch. We then had a very pleasant walk around the gardens before catching the bus and train back to Mandurah. A very interesting and successful day in Perth.... read more
Yagan Square
Winks at Yagan Square playground
Old and new in central Perth

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 18th 2019

After an easy morning we had an early lunch and headed off to the cinema to see 'Downton' the film. It was very much like the TV series but really impressive on the big screen, with a happy ending! After the film we went for coffee and delicious churros (doughnut mixture made into 'sticks' and dipped into chocolate) at San Churro's cafe overlooking the estuary. On the way home we called in on Leon Holmes, the well known Austrailian 'plain air' artist. He has his gallery in the house next door to his own residence and it is full of his gorgeous paintings. Leon is a really dyamic, energetic guy and full of bright ideas and a very friendly and personable young man. Alan is going to buy one of the super light weight pochard boxes ... read more
At the restaurant
Visit to Leon Holmes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 17th 2019

Today at 9:00pm Sue did her chairman duty at the Mandurah Probus club meeting and we all went along to listen. After the meeting we were treated to a very nice tea Including delicious meat pies, We decided not to stay for the talk, so Terry took us to Mandurah Estuary Eastern Foreshore where we had a walk to the new bridge before going back to the football club, where the meeting had been, to collect Sue. Delicious home made pumpkin soup for lunch. Winks, Sue and Al went to the printers to have some work for Probus duplicated. After that we went to the cinema to book tickets to see Downton Abbey, for Wednesday, as rain is forecast. We then visited the Arts a Centre, where there was an art exhibition. We had a 'tour' ... read more
The new bridge over the estuary
The  Foreshore
The harbour from the theatre

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 16th 2019

Today we went to the local shops at Halls Head near Mandurah, where we did some essential shopping and so Winks could get an Oz sim for her iPhone. Sue had arranged for us to have coffee and giant muffins for morning tea/coffee - the best muffins ever. When we got back to S&T's house, Sue, Winks and Al went for a walk to the local park and looked at some of the local foura and fauna. Terry and Al took the car for a wheel rotation and a great coffee at the tyre shop. This evening we all went to pick up bikes for Al and Winks loaned by local friends. This was followed by a short ride to the Peel Estuary. The day ended with a glorious sunset Plus a delicious salmon dinner with ... read more
Winks and Al with acacia blossom
Inlet from the restaurant.
The Peel Estuary.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia September 15th 2019

Wellington National Park to Munglinup Busselton was our first destination for the week, so we set off to Busselton Jetty which is 1841m long, the longest wooden piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. While walking the Jetty we saw a large school of fish, manta ray and 3 dolphins! We enjoyed an ice cream before heading to Peaceful Park where we camped on a private property for two nights. Being so close to Margaret River we have been able to explore the wineries and breweries, visiting Cheeky Monkey Brewery, Margaret River Dairy Company, Grove Distillery, Providore and Margaret River Chocolate Company where we shared a delicious chocolate fondue. We spent a further two nights camped at Margaret River Tourist Park, and while it has been raining a lot, we still managed to visit Brown Hill ... read more
Valley of The Giants
Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth Airport September 15th 2019

We landed in Perth after a16 hour flight on the Quantas Dreamliner! Terry and Sue were there to meet us at the domestic terminal. Jane and Steve were also there but went to the international terminal and had to come over to the domestic terminal. We had introductions and chatted over cups of coffee. We will meet up with Jane & Steve next week when we travel north to Kalbarri. It was great to be back in Mandurah in th warm sunshine.... read more
Sue, Winks and Jane

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth September 14th 2019

Practically Perfect Perth – Western Australia, August 2019 Perth is one of the most isolated major cities on the planet, while also being located in the world’s most populous time zone. The nearest city is Adelaide some 1,327 miles away - only Honolulu, 2,395 miles from San Francisco, is more isolated.The Greater Perth region boasts a population of just over 2 million – 40% of whom are England-born, and considering the city is named after Perth in Scotland, only 9% claim Scottish ancestry. It’s modest claim to fame being the birthplace of Heath Ledger, and where Hugh Jackman studied at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. A little bit of history: The first inhabitants of Australia arrived from the north approximately 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Western Australia was occupied ... read more
DSCN0120 (2)

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