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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 4th 2019

Leliyn (Edith Falls) to Bungle Bungles Edith falls has been a beautiful place to rest, but we needed to start heading west from Katherine and ended up free camping at East Baines Rest Area for the night. Early the following morning we crossed the Northern Territory/Western Australia border, and continued on to a little free camp at Dead Horse Springs right near Lake Argyle. While we didn't have access to the lake, we did visit the picnic area below the dam wall which was a beautiful spot. It is amazing just how big the lake is, and so incredible that diamonds are mined from this region, with plenty of freshwater crocodiles around. Kununurra was our next stop, and we enjoyed two nights with friends Jenny and Shane. Once again we were spoilt with a roast ... read more
Echidna Chasm-Bungle Bungles
Cathedral Gorge-Bungle Bungles
Lake Argyle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 31st 2019

Because this week will be a series of one-night stays as we travel east, as well as limited internet signal being available I was going to do a compilation post but today is deserving of its own special posting: we couldn’t have worked this better if we had tried. We knew the Landcruiser was approaching a special reading on the odometer and we were trying to plan how we could safely stop to take a photo of the dial as it clocked up 650,000 kms. Lo and behold as we were approaching Cunderdin in the W.A. wheatbelt it was getting really close. As we found the only parking bay we had seen in the town the magic 650,000 turned over! Well done “Mara the Sahara”... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 31st 2019

Cannot believe our next spot. Yet another one right on the beach at Gumbanan. The temp has dropped to around 30 degrees and on this Eastern side of the cape, we have an afternoon sea breeze, which is wonderful. It started out a little negative as the first spot we went to couldn’t have us there with the pooches. Funnily enough though, the bloke looking after the camp used to live in the same town as Tony in the 70’s (Savage River, TAS) and so there was a great conversation about old people and what they are up to now. It was a bit strange that somewhere almost as far as possible as Savage River sees two blokes from the same place meet up! After the drive we are again camping almost on the water which ... read more
Sunrise at our Gumbanan campsite
Nath's first Trevally
Hotpants on our way out to the sunset cruise

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 29th 2019

It was a case of setting the alarm for this morning as we were travelling up to Fremantle in order to catch the Sealink ferry across to Rottnest Island for a day trip - Fremantle is roughly 68kms from Mandurah and we had to be there by 8:30am for a 9:00am departure. All checked in and we enjoyed a very good crossing with only a slight swell for the 18km voyage. Rottnest Island covers 19sq kilometres (7.3sq miles) and is 11km long and 4.5km at its widest, so it is quite easy to explore either by bike, walking trails or a bus service. There are 900 private moorings in several bays around the Island – we don’t know the cost, however the waiting list is between 12 & 15 years to wait for one to become ... read more
72907.7 George Quokka
72907.11 Quokka
72907.16 nibbling Quokka

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 28th 2019

What an absolutely glorious morning - 18oC, brilliant sunshine and just a gentle breeze. Lots of people wandering around the foreshore this morning: some enjoying breakfast or a coffee in the sunshine, some young families making the most of the playground equipment and others like us just strolling around. A perfect Sunday morning. John had read that there is a market on somewhere along the eastern foreshore every Sunday and given that to date we haven’t had much success in finding good markets on this holiday we thought that it would be a leisurely thing to wander around. What a flop! There were just 6 stalls – pet treats/clothes, cleaning products, crystal/stones, baby clothes, brass ornaments and a preacher …… none of which we need. Oh dear; we still have a few opportunities to find a ... read more
72807.2 walk around Venetian Canals
72807.3 War Memorial from Venetian Canals
72807.4 mini marina at Venetian Canals

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 27th 2019

Mandurah is a big city about 72km south of Perth and because of its proximity to the city we imagine it is a very popular holiday destination. There are a lot of holiday resorts located on the eastern foreshore and around Venetian Canal. On the western foreshore there is a series of canals with some rather grand looking homes with appropriate sized catamarans and pleasure craft moored. Our bank account definitely does not have enough commas in the balance! On the western foreshore we made our way to Hall Park and a memorial to fallen soldiers. It is very simple in design with a series of square pillars of incremental rise and fall set in a peaceful garden overlooking Manjar Bay. There were several garden beds of rosemary each with a plaque acknowledging many wars and ... read more
72707.3 War Memorial
72707.4 War Memorial gardens
72707.7 canal on Western Foreshore

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 26th 2019

Friday morning was a good opportunity to go back to Mandurah Forum and we actually enjoyed a good wander around the complex; it is massive. Certainly there were the stores you would expect to see but there were also so many more unfamiliar names. A little bit of shopping, a haircut and a bite of lunch. When talking to the owner of a little coffee/café booth it was shocking to learn that his monthly rental is $1,100 – dread to think what they would be paying for a proper shop front. Serpentine Falls in the Darling Ranges was our destination in the afternoon. Serpentine is not all that far from Mandurah, a little further north along the South Western Highway, just a quick 40kms. There is well appointed car park/picnic area with a paved walkway to ... read more
72607.2 Serpentine Falls
72607.3 Serpentine Falls
72607.7a Serpentine Falls

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra July 25th 2019

Man is it dry. And hot. And dusty. We are currently on our second day at the Home Valley Station, camping on the side of the Pentecost River. It is hot. And blowing. And Dusty. WIth the mix of dust and smoke (from burning off nearby that has been happening everywhere we go up here) it creates for a strange haze against the otherwise clear blue sky. As we have made our way along the roads for the past few days we have heard that the majority of the Kimberley is bone dry and I must say that the first 60km odd that we drove in has proven those statements correct - not even a dribble across the “water” crossing at the Pentecost at full tide. It is a bit of a disappointment as part of ... read more
Lake Argyle
Lower valley after Lake Argyle dam
The girls at the Kununurra lookout

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley July 25th 2019

We have hit the camp spots that we were hoping to! Water, fish, camp fires, sand (or dirt, maybe). Happy as a pig in poo! We left Home Hill bright and early to beat the grey nomad traffic, which worked out pretty well as we had the road to ourselves for a couple of hours after 7am. Still a heap of corrugations in the road but if you take the right speed and have the right tyre pressure they aren’t too bad - quite a few of the people we meet do not agree. I have NFI what they expect but I suspect it is something along the lines of bitumen or daily graded roads. Related to the above we found two vehicles with punctures during the morning. THe first bloke, and his wife and kid, ... read more
A much needed wash for Tony
Miner's Pool/Drysdale River
Random bird from 'Suz the photographer'

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley July 25th 2019

We thought that we had hit the jackpot at Miner’s Pool but bugger me if Honeymoon Bay is not one of the best camp spots I have ever seen! We are currently parked up around 30 metres from the high tide line enjoying the morning breeze after arriving yesterday after another early start to beat the travelling hoards. The drive up was quite nice with a lot of different country between the hills - a bit similar to the Simpson Desert between the dunes in that each time you go over a rise you do not know what you’ll see in terms of terrain and plant life. Nothing major to report from the 200km trek into Kalumburu except that my trailer light plug bracket has broken. Nothing that a cable tie and gaff tape won’t fix ... read more
Suz reckons the cattle are cute
Campsite sunset
Having a crack with balloons and floats

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