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My Australian Adventure itinery!

My itinery of my trip around Australia
13 years ago, January 2nd 2011 No: 1 Msg: #125702  
B Posts: 42
Hi everyone. I live in South Australia, and my partner and I are wanting to travel around the whole of Australia late this year, beginning next year.

This is our basic itinery so far. costing $30,000 all up for about 1-2 months. ($15,000 each).

Sydney-: Been before, so only visiting a few places. Imax. Manly. Ocean-world Manly. Fort Denison. The observatory Sydney Museum.
Blue Mountains. 3 sisters, scenic Ride, Janolian Caves, Ghost Tour. (Stay in Blue Mountains)

Melbourne - also been before, so only visiting a few places.Aquarium, Sky Deck: Zoo

Tasmania- (Hobart) Arrive in Tassie. Mount Wellington. Hang in Hobart looking at sight seeing. (Hobart) Bonorong wildlife park. Leave for Launceston.
(Launceston) Beaconsfield Mine and heritage Centre. Hang in Launceston.
(Launceston) Cradle Mountain National Park---Day tour
(Launceston) Tasmania Zoo. Hang in Launceston
(Launceston) holly bank treetop adventure. Depart for Port Arthur.
(Port Arthur) Gold Pass tour of Port Arthur.
(Port Arthur) Gold Pass tour of Port Arthur. Ghost Tour
Depart Tasmania for Perth.

Perth-- AQWA aquarium. Rockingham Penguins . Rockingham Dolphins. Fremantle Old Gaol . Perth Zoo. Western Australia Museum. Depart Perth for Darwin

Darwin- Crocosaurus Cove, indo pacific marine .Fanny Bay Old Gaol, Darwin Military Museum

Cairns- Cairns Wildlife Dome. Butterfly Sanctuary.
Leave for Port Douglas. (by bus). Spend day at Great Barrier Reef.
Calypso Great Barrier Reef tours.
Spend day at Great Barrier Reef

Brisbane: Australia Zoo via CC's Croc Connections.

Queensland: Q Deck, Infinity. Dream World..Movie World . Wet N Wild
Sea World
Mount Tamborine
Draculas haunted house
White Water World
Harbour Town
Adventure Parc
Wax Museum
Ripley’s believe it or not.

HAMILTON ISLAND- Dunno much about hamilton island or hayman island but thinking spending 7 days there.. seems so relaxing!!

Were into the museums, zoos, ghost stuff, old gaols, wildlife parks, art gallarys, aquariums etc..
Anyone got any adivce on these places??

We havent put uluru as ive been told its not safe to go?? apparently if you go there, they can change their mind on you doing the climb?
We also arnt seeing kakadu.. not really our thing.. but not sure if we should go or not?

Do you think theres anything else we missed which should be a definate see for our trip?.. too expensive do you think.

any advice muchly appriciated 😊 Reply to this

13 years ago, January 2nd 2011 No: 2 Msg: #125737  
B Posts: 897
Awesome !! When you get to the old gaol in Fremantle, walk down to the round house if you're there on a friday - I can arrange for you to fire the noon day cannon - its going to be expensive, tourism in Aus is expensive. Perth and Taronga Zoos are awesome and very much animal friendly. Youve got roughly $650 - $800 listed in the activities you want to do in Perth. The theme parks in QLD will be a few hundred but i believe you can get multi use passes. You have to catch the manly ferry to circular quay in Sydney and walk along the rocks and witness Kings Cross at night. Take a packed lunch to Katoomba and Janolian caves - food at these places is ridiculously expensive. Why not do something wild and go croc diving at the crocosaurium? lash out for that once in a lifetime experience will be around $250ish.

If your interested in Ghost stuff...why not do a night time tour of Fremantle Prison, cos there are some very tormented souls still doing time there..and at the fremantle arts centre is the old lunatic asylum with one of its padded cells still on display (I think).

Your budget should cover it as long as you alternate the splash out times with some cutting back on the expenses time. Sounds like an awesome trip 😊 Reply to this

13 years ago, January 3rd 2011 No: 3 Msg: #125757  
B Posts: 42
Thanks! 😊

Yep, pretty pricey!! we've traveled to sydney before, and climbed the bridge and walked the sky walk.. bascially did everything almost! and we enjoyed it that much that we wanted to travel all the way around! The basic rough budget i've worked out so far, which was $15,000 each included, all entry into places, all hotels, all flights, all transport to and from places, all food to eat. The only thing it didnt include was spendong money.. not sure how much we'd need ? i'm thinking maybe $10,000 each?.. To have a REAL good time.. im assuming.. nothing worse than going on a awesome holiday and running out of money!! =(

Hahaha, we did think about the croc diving, as well as shark diving in sydney.. but although i love crazy experiences i feel really.. ehh..i dunno lol.. when we went to sydney.. we have pre-paid/booked the bridge climb so there was no way i was backing out (it was amazing though) but we didnt pre-book the sky walk climb, and it was amazing but i didnt think i'd do it, but i did.. so maybe when were there i may change my mind and be like ok lets do it.. but right now its on the maybe list for me.. my partner i think is keen :S

Yep yep, doing the fremantle night tour. they have a package of 3.. night tour, the jail, and then some under ground thing.. not sure if id do the underground thing as i do get VERY costaphobic(sp?) .. but the night ghost tour is a must.. i've done the one in sydney, done the only in SA.. and were doing the port arthur one when we go to tassie 😊

oo might check out the fremantle arts centre? thanks :D

thanks for the ideas! :D Reply to this

13 years ago, January 3rd 2011 No: 4 Msg: #125812  
G'day mate,

About Tassie..

Where are you flying out from? If it is Launni then go to Port Arthur first.. It is around 1 hour or so from hobart..

And if you are flying from Launceston then maybe see Hobart, Port Arthur, check out Wine Glass Bay and the Tassie Devil park is close by then onto Launceston.. How long you have in tassie?? I am from there so can help you out if you like..

Diana my finacee visited me for a few nights and here is what we got up to Diana's visiting home 😊 but mostly visiting the family but you can skip those pictures 😊

The wild west coast is also amazing but depends on your time limit.. Reply to this

13 years ago, January 4th 2011 No: 5 Msg: #125835  
B Posts: 42

um.. we leave melbourne and arrive into Hobart.. we were going to see hobart stuff for 3 days.. then see Launceston for 7 days..then go to Port arthur for 4 days..

Oh cool awesome!! Tassie is like.. all spread out.. its not big but its not like sydney were its all near one spot.. we had troubles thinking how we were going to do it, we thought about tour buses, but it turns very expensive very quickly.. so we thought the easiest way was to hire a car?.. then we can drive to launceston from hobart.. and then launceston to port arthur etc.. or is this unrealistic?.. i didnt think you could catch planes that short distance? And i wasnt sure how long it would take to drive..

this is what we wanna do in tassie:

(Hobart) Mount Wellington. Bonorong wildlife park. General look at Hobart

(Launceston) Beaconsfield Mine and heritage Centre. general look at launceston. Cradle Mountain National Park---Day tour. Tasmania Zoo. holly bank treetop adventure.

(Port Arthur) Gold Pass tour of Port Arthur. 2 days + ghost tour

Thanks, ill check out the blog 😊

Reply to this

13 years ago, January 4th 2011 No: 6 Msg: #125863  
Yeah hiring a car is by far the best option.. When you fly to Perth where are you flying from? Hobart or Tassie?

From Hobart to Launni is three hours by car so not far at all. Port Arthur is about one hour from Hobart. Port Arthur is about 2 1/2 from Launni..

In my opinion Hobart is way more attractive than Launceston as well.. But having a look through your itinary it seems to be fine.

Just check where you fly out from to Perth.. If it is Launceston then maybe do Port Arthur right after Hobart but if your fly to Perth from Hobart it doesn't really matter.. Maybe from Hobart drive up the middle of Tasmania and on the way back (if you fly out from Hobart) to Hobart do the coast road and include Wine Glass Bay?

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13 years ago, January 5th 2011 No: 7 Msg: #125910  
B Posts: 42
ummm we havent worked that out yet, but i figured were we flew in, which was Hobart i think..
im thinking we land in hobart, do hobart, drive to launceston, do all that, then drive to port arthur do all that, then drive back to hobart to get on a plane..

Is Launni Launceston? Sorry, never heard of that before 😊

cool, thanks! ill keep in mind! 😊 Reply to this

13 years ago, January 5th 2011 No: 8 Msg: #125925  
Yeah launni is launceston 😊 just a nickname..
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