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I commenced my journey in March 2012 planning to work and travel around Australia - the greatest country in the World. I hope you enjoy my stories and because of my love of photography I will have plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure.

This is something I hope to do for a long time. Your ideas or opinions are most welcome and if perhaps you are considering visiting some of the places I have been I would be happy to help with any tips etc. All you need do is ask. Safe travels and enjoy the journey - both yours and mine.

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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome February 29th 2016

DAY 7. Broome was a miserly 220 km’s down the road so I headed off at 0940. On the way out of town I checked out the Boab Prison Tree it was very interesting and well worth the short time it takes to visit. As you enter Broome and drive past the airport on the right, straight ahead at the first roundabout is the Visitor Centre so that was my first stop. It was a well laid out and tidy VC with staff very helpful and knowledgeable and happy to give lots of advice. I’d heard a bit over the last couple of years about The Roebuck Hotel – The Roey. It sits smack bang amongst it in Chinatown the CBD and it sure did deliver, even at this quiet time of year. Thursday nights are ... read more
Boab prison tree
Gantheaume Point
Manta ray at Cable Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby February 24th 2016

DAY 5. Halls Creek was going to be my next stop it’s only about 440 km’s down the road so I headed off at 0825. Some beautiful landscapes again to be enjoyed in these parts mixed of course with stretches of nothingness, Australia is a huge country so we have our share of it. I did not pass much traffic at all along this stretch. I booked in to the Halls Creek Caravan Park. It was very quiet at this time of year, the office lady explained and gave me a few tips on what to see in the area. It was very early in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to set up camp before dark so I took off exploring for a few hours. Old Halls Creek township was a place of ... read more
Nice swim hole
The rains are comin'
One of many car wrecks in the area

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra February 22nd 2016

DAY 3. Was I busting to get a move on? You bet! It was light but before sunrise, not however before the flys reappeared though. I made tracks at 0605. I was planning on smashing out a few more K’s today the theory I had before leaving the Coast was at least Katherine by night 3 and any further would be a bonus. This was going to be about two thirds of the trip covered and I would just cruise through the remaining trip to Broome over the next 5 - 7 days. Micro sleeps - nasty things! The day went well. Today was a lizard day I have never had this many cross the road in front of me in any one day during my travels. 9 in total, 8 of 3 different species and ... read more
Mathison Rest area
Mathison Rest area

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Camooweal February 20th 2016

Day 1. I was keen to get an early start. No alarm required she’ll be right. Wide awake at 0400! Well that’s too early so I tried to talk myself into going back to sleep of course that is impossible. Oh except for one case – involving me. If I may digress for just a bit. It was my last job before hitting the road maybe in August 2009 and hell yeah it was funny at the time. Back then I worked with 2 blokes good blokes Bruce and Chris. We had commenced at this particular place virtually at the same time, it was a new business opening up on the Sunshine Coast. Anyway it was early on in the piece and we were entering stock into MYOB. It was getting repetitive and monotonous! This had ... read more
Another challenge
Dinner - Chicken KEIV
Avon Downs police station

Well the day December 19 has arrived and we’re off again – this time by plane not towing the van. The weather was clear with not a cloud in the sky. Our flight left from Brisbane so all up from door to door it was maybe a 7 hour trip, that journey with the van would take generally 5 to 6 days. We scrambled out of bed at 0530 allowing us plenty of time to make our 0940 flight. An uneventful trip Southbound along the Bruce Hwy at 160 kph was exactly what we had hoped for. Actually we didn’t do 160 we stuck to the speed limit but I just wanted to startle my daughter and her fiancé (as they read this) who drove us down – I bet it worked! Now I have no ... read more
Dry season look
Wet season look
Lights of Brisbane

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park September 18th 2015

As I mentioned in my Adels Grove blog I was going to do a small and separate blog for the birds of Adels Grove and surrounds, this is it. The pick in this lot is the elusive Purple Crowned Fairy Wren. Only the male gets the purple crown and this is around mating time – Spring time. Boodjamulla National Park is definitely one of the most popular spots to see these wrens. Because of this many birders come specifically to this area in the hope of capturing a view. Birders and I reckon I can safely say are very passionate, all of them, about their hobby/interest. I only managed to see and photograph just the one a week before finishing work there. To say I was pleased is a massive understatement. I am pretty happy with ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Boodjamulla National Park September 18th 2015

What an awesome place but a fair old way from civilisation, that however is one of many reasons for its great appeal. For those not in the know Adels Grove is located in North West Queensland. It is about 340 k’s NW of Mt Isa and about 160 k’s SW of Burketown, the Northern Territory border is maybe 80 k’s to the West. See We arrived just before mid April and had expected to be there until probably late September. The turnoff from the Barkly Highway at Julia Creek was only one lane wide most of the way, every now and then they had 2 or 3 kilometres of double lanes for overtaking purposes. The road was in reasonable nick but a bit bumpy but that’s no surprise hey? The bitumen ends about 30 k’s ... read more
Boodjamulla NP gorge
Upper gorge lookout

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 2nd 2015

So we’ve bought the new van and we aren’t due to head off for another 2 months – best we take it on a road trip then. I did with my son Daniel, just the two of us and we had a great time. Byron Bay is as good as anywhere ……… so Byron it is. Dan and I have been there together twice, the first time in January 2002 and then a couple of years later. On the first occasion he was 17 but in Australia you need to be 18 to consume liquor on licensed premises, this meant he could not “party” with me at night. So after we had dined on a delicious evening meal and checked out just some of the abundant talented street buskers performing he retired to the motel while ... read more
Views from Cape Byron
Cape Byron lighthouse
Bandy Bandy snake - deceased

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay November 25th 2014

Hooroo Emerald it was 0615 and we were looking forward to tonight’s stop as it was to be coastal at our good friend Bobs place in Burrum Heads about 640 km down the track. We’d not been to this area before and we were definitely looking forward to getting a break from the hot Australian interior. Burrum Heads is a small town located at the mouth of the Burrum River and you get to enjoy views of Hervey Bay and the top end of Fraser Island. It is only a tad over a hundred k’s south of Bundaberg. Not much development happening so it has the look and feel of a destination that is relishing its opportunity to live in the past, not rocket in to the future like many other quaint villages have and are ... read more
Old cars on display
Burrum Heads
Old car

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Emerald November 20th 2014

Finally left at about 1100 not in any hurry as first planned stop for the night was Mataranka. Picked up supplies in Katherine and stayed the night at the caravan park just near Bitter Springs where we were greeted by a very friendly young joey, you could sense he expected some type of food from us – this as always was not to be the case. If people do feed these critters they start relying on it and it becomes difficult for them to fend for themselves or they can get a bit too pushy when they don’t get their way. After setting up we went for a short stroll and took a dip in the Thermal Pools. Cooked up a couple of nice fat rib eye on the bone steaks for dinner – Yummo! Chatted ... read more
43 degrees that's hot damn hot real hot

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