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Paula & Mike

We are oldies who love travelling in 2012 we travelled around the world after Mike taking early retirement and I took voluntary redundancy. As mentioned earlier we love travelling and have just come back from Japan. With all our travelling and staying in different accommodation we have put this to good use by purchasing a Grade 2 listed cottage and completely renovating it. The cottage is in the Forest of Bowland and we are renting it out as a holiday cottage Why not check us out?

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown November 24th 2019

When we arrived in Barbados to be honest it was not the best as a crew member was taken ill so we arrived early to get the crew member to hospital. So my first view was a big ocean liner which is not the most spectacular sight when you have come in on a tall ship, however, lets hope the crew member is okay now. Once we had disembarked I must admit I did not think well this looks like a paradise island not in the least I thought is this really Barbados - I thought all the a-list celebrities came here so there must be more than this. Ferida our host at our Airbnb though was so nice she had arranged for us to get into the cottage early as check in was not until ... read more
Changing of the guard
My favourite phot
A day at the races

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown November 23rd 2019

So I have been back on Terra Firma for a few days now in Barbados and I think it is time that I update you on my 10 days at sea crossing the Atlantic as I now do not feel a rocking motion of being on the ship. Before embarking on this journey I thought what the hell am I going to do with myself for 10 days whilst at sea and also do I have enough sick bags to get me through this ordeal! How wrong could I have been and if anyone would have told me that I would spend most of my time just looking out at the Atlantic with nothing to see most of the time but the horizon I would have said are you having a giraffe! I can honestly say ... read more
Royal Ramblers
Neptune awaits us Atlantic virgins
Annie being dunked

Africa » Morocco November 5th 2019

So we arrive in Safi - well first impression is it is a hell hole. We are moored up to what it appears at first sight is a cement works and the smell it horrendous. It appears the smell is from the sardines that have been caught. We are moored up in a real working port, so a smell of fish what do you expect. Anyway off went the coaches to Marrakesh and we decided to take a stroll into town. After going through customs to leave the ship we set off to find the town. We are told whatever you do please do not go down any alleyways. This in mind we set off. To be honest it must have rained quite hard in the night because the pavements if you can call them pavements ... read more
The fishing boats in Safi

Europe » Portugal » Algarve November 1st 2019

Well woke up had a fabulous breakfast ready for the day we embark (see my vocabulary is growing since watching all this reality tv, ha ha) the ship. We meet Helen and Albert at their hotel and have a drink (soft) before we set off to would you believe it something to eat - can you see a pattern arising here! Anyway, guess what I had, sardines and to be honest they were lovely - so now I can say had a glass of Portuguese wine and now sardines so I think I can now say I have been to Portugal!! We had a great catch up with Helen and Albert and like I said in my previous blog, isn’t it amazing that you just catch up for a drink and a chat with friends who ... read more
Graffiti in Portimao

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley October 30th 2019

So at the airport hotel and a quick hop and skip to Terminal 1 where we check in and meet Eric and Sue. No drama which was good until we get on the plane and the lady sitting behind me starts to cry! So like everyone else would, my ears prick up and I find out she is crying because she is scared of flying - lots of people are scared of flying so I just think she probably feels a lot worse than most - until I hear that she was in a plane over Central America and the plane took a nose dive suddenly and she fell out of her seat - this is when I check my seat belt is secured and think this is not coming off until I land - safety ... read more
The Lanes

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Ribble Valley October 29th 2019

Well I think this maybe a trip of a lifetime for us. We are getting ready to sail across the Atlantic which is such an amazing thought and on a Tall Ship, what more could you want. We have now sold both our holiday cottages which gives us back our freedom to travel which we both love dearly. I have decided as this is such an epic trip I am going to keep a blog of the adventures. We start our adventure in Lisbon so this is where I will start the blog tomorrow. We are also being joined by friends Eric and Sue. We met them on the Star Flyer which is another Tall ship in 2017 when we sailed from Athens to Malta. I must admit I have always said under no circumstances will ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg August 7th 2018

So for our last night in Moscow I thought we would go further afield and into the suburbs of Moscow. I looked up on the internet and found a really nice little place called One Teaspoon. I got all the directions how to get there from the metro and even pin pointed where the place was on the map. Did everything go to plan - hell no! Did we find it hell no! I think I need some orienteering lessons or some new glasses as I honestly thought we were in the right place but could we find it NO. So what did we do but stop for a drink or two before returning to the area we knew very well Red Square, for a little bite to eat and more drinks. Anyway, as you know, ... read more
Hermitage Saint Petersburg

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 6th 2018

So my birthday did not finish as expected, President Putin did not send a undercover agent to pick me up for a meal in the Kremlin - I am sure it was because a major event was happening and he just could not spare the time in his busy top secret world. Anyway we decided to go to Gorky Park which to be honest was a BIG mistake I really did not want a birthday meal of eating a pizza or burger in a take-away (yes you guessed it Mike forgot to book a restaurant). Anyway we decided that we would walk back to the district named as Red October - yes that's correct Red October and no Sean Connery was not there waiting to wine and dine me for my birthday either (things are going ... read more
Kitai-Gorod Station
Dorogomilovo Station

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 5th 2018

So yesterday we saw so many things and were so blown away. Last night we went on a river boat. Now to give you some context whenever we go to a city and it has a river we always and really always take a river boat to see the sights and gain further information about the city we are staying in. Well all I can say is a Moscow river cruise is not like another river cruise I have ever and I mean ever taken before. We board the boat just like we always do. We go up top as you do and then all we hear is Sting, Rag and Bone Man etc any commentary on what we are passing i.e. the Kremlin NO just music - big lesson make sure any trip you make ... read more
Russian breakfast including caviar
Peter the Great

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 4th 2018

So it's day 2 in Moscow and we have a private tour booked - why are you having a private tour I can hear you ask! Well if you have ever been on a tour with me you will know the one person who asks so many questions and you are thinking not again!! Well that's me so that is why we have a private tour just to save everyone else the misery of another question. Before this we have booked breakfast in the hotel which is a novelty for us as I normally say no way let's eat like the locals. Anyway would you believe the breakfast room is situated around a fountain and that is not the best bit whilst eating your breakfast from an around the world buffet who walks out but a ... read more
Bolshoi Theatre
St Basil Cathedral

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