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Paula & Mike

We are oldies who love travelling in 2012 we travelled around the world after Mike taking early retirement and I took voluntary redundancy. As mentioned earlier we love travelling and have just come back from Japan. With all our travelling and staying in different accommodation we have put this to good use by purchasing a Grade 2 listed cottage and completely renovating it. The cottage is in the Forest of Bowland and we are renting it out as a holiday cottage Why not check us out?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Painswick December 6th 2020

Well Mike's aunt is going to be 90 and so we decided to pop down to Banbury and see her - of course she would sit in the garage and we would sit in the garden so socially distanced - had to wait until lockdown was over before we knew we could come here. However, on the way we decided at the last minute to do another leg of the Cotswold Way. So we decided to stay in Painswick where we finished our last walk on the Cotswold Way earlier on in the year. I thought Painswick would have some lovely little shops where I could finish my Christmas shopping. How wrong can you be, seems there are only 4 shops in the whole town and one of them is a small supermarket. Anyway, we set ... read more
My shoes
Mike looking for the view!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire September 26th 2020

So last day of walking today which feels a bit sad, however, my feet probably think thank god she will be giving us a break, ha ha. So we go and meet the lovely Marianne at her hotel in Birdlip where she said she did not like the accommodation but said the food was really good. So we get to the start of the walk which is a bit hairy walking past cars wizzing past you. This leg of the walk is mainly through woods going up and down hills. The first hill was guess what called Birdlip Hill which we descended and then got to Cooper's Hill. Well I can tell you Cooper whoever you are you were having a laugh when you made this hill. At one stage we were not walking it felt ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire September 24th 2020

So we meet Marianne at her hotel and set off for the start of the walk. The first day we have found the start with no issues or so we thought!! So walking along all we can hear are gun shots and not just one or two but loads and loads. We seemed to be walking towards the gun shots for an hour so we thought that the walk was making us human targets. We decided as there was so many gun shots that it must be a military base. So in our minds we thought at least they would be good shots - anyway just checked 3 shooting grounds in Cheltenham - I never knew Cheltenham was a gun slinging town! Anyway some fabulous scenery again on the tops of the hills. This was a ... read more
another fine view
Devils Chimney
Is this our next abode?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Winchcombe September 24th 2020

Well we met up with Marianne at the start of the walk from Winchcombe and got lost right from the start so this was looking like a real good day. Anyway we found the track and then we started the walk. We had lots of steps up hills which is great when you are up there as the views are amazing however then the heavens opened and the rain came a tumbling down! So being a true walker I put on my Kagool and carried on walking. Well this kagool looks good but to be honest that’s as far as it goes cause it does not stop the rain from penetrating so wet jumper it is which is not great. We get to one part of the track and this is the sign we see BEWARE ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Winchcombe September 23rd 2020

Well day two started well we drove to Stanton and left the car. If you read yesterday's post you would have seen we got lost in a tiny village looking for a bus and that was Stanton so you would have thought we would have known our way around this little village. NO we did not learn a thing and spent another 1/2 hour walking around this tiny village looking for where we needed to start our walk. Anyway we found the start and off we walk. What a lovely part of the countryside it is so picturesque and if you have never been around this part of the country then it should be on your list. So we get to one field and what do I see a sign saying "Bull in Field" this is ... read more
Not a sign you want to see before you cross the field!!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Stratford-upon-Avon September 21st 2020

Well I should have been in a villa in Portugal but hey ho even though Portugal on the 22nd August was given a travel corridor pass and I booked it then lovely Boris decided to take it off the corridor so thank god I booked everything through Trailfinders as they sorted everything out and, guess what, already we have been reimbursed! Go trailfinders!! So where would we go was my thought and as since lockdown I am now a walker I thought the Cotswold Way. Mike came to the rescue and found the Crowne Plaza at a brilliant price so off we went. With guide in hand we started from Chipping Campden to Stanton. Well all started well and the first part of the walk to Broadway is very picturesque and we met a couple of ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown November 24th 2019

When we arrived in Barbados to be honest it was not the best as a crew member was taken ill so we arrived early to get the crew member to hospital. So my first view was a big ocean liner which is not the most spectacular sight when you have come in on a tall ship, however, lets hope the crew member is okay now. Once we had disembarked I must admit I did not think well this looks like a paradise island not in the least I thought is this really Barbados - I thought all the a-list celebrities came here so there must be more than this. Ferida our host at our Airbnb though was so nice she had arranged for us to get into the cottage early as check in was not until ... read more
Changing of the guard
My favourite phot
A day at the races

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown November 23rd 2019

So I have been back on Terra Firma for a few days now in Barbados and I think it is time that I update you on my 10 days at sea crossing the Atlantic as I now do not feel a rocking motion of being on the ship. Before embarking on this journey I thought what the hell am I going to do with myself for 10 days whilst at sea and also do I have enough sick bags to get me through this ordeal! How wrong could I have been and if anyone would have told me that I would spend most of my time just looking out at the Atlantic with nothing to see most of the time but the horizon I would have said are you having a giraffe! I can honestly say ... read more
Royal Ramblers
Neptune awaits us Atlantic virgins
Annie being dunked

Africa » Morocco November 5th 2019

So we arrive in Safi - well first impression is it is a hell hole. We are moored up to what it appears at first sight is a cement works and the smell it horrendous. It appears the smell is from the sardines that have been caught. We are moored up in a real working port, so a smell of fish what do you expect. Anyway off went the coaches to Marrakesh and we decided to take a stroll into town. After going through customs to leave the ship we set off to find the town. We are told whatever you do please do not go down any alleyways. This in mind we set off. To be honest it must have rained quite hard in the night because the pavements if you can call them pavements ... read more
The fishing boats in Safi

Europe » Portugal » Algarve November 1st 2019

Well woke up had a fabulous breakfast ready for the day we embark (see my vocabulary is growing since watching all this reality tv, ha ha) the ship. We meet Helen and Albert at their hotel and have a drink (soft) before we set off to would you believe it something to eat - can you see a pattern arising here! Anyway, guess what I had, sardines and to be honest they were lovely - so now I can say had a glass of Portuguese wine and now sardines so I think I can now say I have been to Portugal!! We had a great catch up with Helen and Albert and like I said in my previous blog, isn’t it amazing that you just catch up for a drink and a chat with friends who ... read more
Graffiti in Portimao

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