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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bellingen December 28th 2013

Well we have left Mike's daughter and family after 3 weeks staying with them. I think they need an award or do I mean we need one as we laid a block patio, build a gazebo and also laid a lawn of fake grass and whilst doing this looking after a fabulous 20 month old little girl (or Mike's granddaughter to put it correctly) called Sophia. So we make a 7 hour ride down past Coff's Harbour where you might remember a few weeks previously there was a young lad who died from a shark attack so I think we might keep away from here. To be honest though driving through Coff's Harbour on the Pacific Highway all I can say is a bit of a posh Blackpool. If you like Blackpool then visit if you ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Spring Hill December 9th 2013

So after driving for ever or it seems forever on the Pacific Highway which let me tell you is a bit of a con as you do not see any water at all. We went through so many road works it was unbelievable I think they are completely rebuilding the Pacific Highway. We arrive in Byron Bay which we have been to before on our previous trip and it is still as chilled out as before - we stopped for a spot of lunch in an organic cafe - mind you to try and find anything not organic in Byron Bay would be difficult. So back in the car and another few hours before we arrive at Mike's daughter and family (Jenni, Steve, Sophia and little Alfie (the dog)). Well do you remember I said I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Coffs Harbour December 2nd 2013

Have added a photo of the surfing santa's for you this is SO WRONG unless you live on this side of the world and it is SO RIGHT, ha ha Well woke up at around 5.30am so my thoughts that I would be over my jet lag has just shot me in the foot. Well we have a 6 1/2 to 7 hour road trip to get to Mullaway which is north of Coffs Harbour where a few days ago a young lad was attacked and died by a shark attack. Seeing as we are staying on a shack on the beach me thinking need to be careful getting in the sea. Well we have come just north of Coff's Harbour and to be honest it was so commercialised thank goodness we are not staying here ... read more
Our little shack

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD December 2nd 2013

Well we touched down in Sydney early this morning. Previously I decided the best thing to do was to book into a hotel at the airport thinking they would let us check in early. Well number one plan down the pan as they say we cannot check in until 2pm. This is not good as we feel like shit and it is only 7am. So bags left at reception and off into Sydney we go. I have decided (yes you are probably saying what have you decided oh wise one, ha ha) that as we are hiring a car for approximately 4 weeks and would need a sat nav to help negotiate Oz it would be cheaper to buy one then hiring one at $17 a day - so off on a mission we go. In ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour December 1st 2013

Well after a long flight watching a few movies and sleeping a bit we have touched down in Singapore for refuelling. At this moment in time I do not know what time it is or what day it is - I am totally confused! I think the passengers around me were quite glad about us touching down for refuelling as I was going to start a game on which ones were being thrown out first to bring down the weight of the plane if we were going straight on to Sydney. You could see the relief on their faces as they did not know whether I was being serious or not (let me tell you I was being serious - if you know me and have seen me in a lift with a lot of people ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester November 30th 2013

Well the journey has started. We are in the lounge at the moment in Manchester Airport and I already am stressed. When they checked my bag through they did not put priority sticker on - does this mean that it will not arrive in Sydney with me - who knows! The worst part is Mike did get the priority sticker on errm not fair or what. We should touch down in Heathrow at around 8ish and then on to the Sydney bound plane at 9.55 and then the real journey starts as we do not touch down in Sydney until Monday at 7 am (Sydney time) - long time on a plane or what. I have just thought by going to the cinema a lot recently this could be a bad move as will need to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Ribble Valley November 26th 2013

Well we are just packing now to go to Australia and are so looking forward to the journey. Have got our itinerary sorted and quite a lot of our accommodation booked most of it via Airbnb. What would we do with out this site. Anyone travelling should try to stay in one of the houses, rooms etc from Airbnb as you see real life and not the clinical hotel room life. It feels funny that we are off on a road trip again but exciting as well - keep reading my blog and any messages /comments will be welcome.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 24th 2013

Well it is the end of our trip to Whistler. Has it been good Yes and No. Yes as the snow when it came down was perfect and have never skied in so much powder. No because I have never been away and felt so awfully ill. Is Whistler all it is cracked out to be - this is a hard one to answer as the slopes are so wide and do not have a lot of skiers or snowboarders on so yes. However, you have to remember if you are coming here that it was purpose built for the Olympics and as such has no sole. I have met a great lady called Christine and have really enjoyed skiing with her through thick and thin. Christine is here for a few more days with her ... read more
Told you wide slopes with no one on
13cm snow fell - what a picture

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 18th 2013

Well I have completed 3 full days of skiing now and only landed on my backside around about half a dozen times. Mike decided to give it a rest yesterday as his legs were really aching and if you see the slopes in Whistler you know that is a good decision. I went right up the top yesterday and to be honest frightened myself half to death as it was high - all I could say is it felt like the mountain edge was calling me over - not pleasant at all. I chickened out and caught one of the gondolas part way down before I started skiing. We are both still coughing and sneezing which to be honest is taking the edge off this break but we are trying our best not to let it ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler March 13th 2013

So we arrive at the hotel 11.15pm local time (6.15 am English time) after a 2 hour transfer in a taxi and all I can say is I am absolutely knackered even after sleeping practically the whole flight. I think this cough is getting the better of me. So I wake at 3.30 am and Mike is not a happy chappy with me at all - how can I help it I have slept nearly 24hours! The hotel is fantastic and we have a room which overlooks the slopes it is an amazing sight. I can now see why the hotels boasts ski in ski out facilities. I think we are going to check out the hotel today and the surrounding area and get our ski pass ready for skiing tomorrow. Well we checked out the ... read more

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