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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ikebukuro June 11th 2015

Well we have decided that we would like to see Tokyo by water as we normally try to do this when we get to a city and last time we were here we did not even think about it. So looking at all the literature we decided to do the Tokyo Cruise - so off we go on the train (we are real commuters now you know) and get to the Asakusa boat station to be told we cannot get a boat until around 1.15. That meant we had to use up a few hours so we decided we would go and get something to eat. We found the market at Asakusa and recognised that we had been here before - it is a bit touristy well a lot when you see rickshaws lining up to ... read more
Unfortunately this was not our cruise

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Hachioji June 10th 2015

So day 2 in Tokyo we decided to go to see Yoyogi Park which I have read is a tranquil place which I thought would be a great idea for day 2. We went to the Meij Jingu Inner Garden and the flowers were amazing and such a spiritual place to sit and ponder for a while. Once we had finished pondering we decided that we (well lets be honest, I decided) would find the flag ship Prada store - well it was designed by Herzog and DeMeuron (who were the architects for the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing) so we had to go didn't we. Anyway after walking what seemed like miles and miles we found the store - what a let down they did not have the pale blue bag I have been coveting ... read more
Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
Tortoise being taken for a walk!!!!!!
Flowers at our table at the Tea House

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ikebukuro June 9th 2015

So we arrived in Haneda airport and we are so jet lagged it is unbelievable you would not think we had got some sleep on the airplane. So we get out JR rail pass at the airport and off we trot to try to find the hotel. Getting to the hotel was a doddle but then they said we were booked into a smoking room - err no this is not good with Mike's asthma so we asked if they could change it and guess what yes if we upgraded. Too be fair it was not a lot and we got a lot bigger room so win win for everyone. If you have ever been in a hotel room in Japan you know they are really quite small. Well it does not end there as we ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Courchevel February 13th 2014

Well started day three skiing well. I was parallel skiing and a quite a high speed and was really pleased with myself. Then on the last leg of the end of the lesson what happens I do not know. All I remember is tumbling down the mountain with one ski still on which is the leg I now have in a full leg brace. So after the fall I could not get up as my knee was so painful that I could not even stand let alone ski down the mountain. So it was decided to call for the blood bucket which is a skiing paramedic with a stretcher at the back. After Frank (the paramedic) puts my leg in a blow up brace we manage to get me onto the stretcher and down the mountain ... read more
One leg brace

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Courchevel February 11th 2014

We both had a ski lesson yesterday. Mike had a private lesson and I went to ski school. As mentioned previously Mike booked me into ski school all week - I think it was to give him a break from my nagging, ha ha. My ski school lesson was great and I felt I had moved mountains (like the pun!!) so was really on a high. Mike also enjoyed his lesson and to be honest he probably learnt more in his private lesson than I will in 5 days, however, I suppose in ski school there is a bit of camaraderie so that is a bonus. So this morning we ski down from the chalet and go on one of the runs. Well all I can say is I felt I had gone back weeks and ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Courchevel February 9th 2014

Well we have arrived in Courchevel for a cheeky weeks skiing. So we decided to stay at the airport the night before as we had a really early check in time. I was not looking forward to getting up at 5am to check in at 6pm, but to be honest this part of the journey went well and we checked in no problem with no queue, so Jet2 I must apologise for my thoughts on how bad the check in process would be. So through check in and we find that Terminal 1 has changed so much since we were last there. Going through security was a bleeding nightmare the queues were amazingly long. You now go through a machine and it lets you through one way straight for your x-rayed luggage and another to be ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda January 10th 2014

So we decide to take a tram to St Kilda's as it is described in Lonely Planet as a most famous seaside suburb and has Melbourne's most hottest properties. All I can say is that going to a beach which is so full of people that you have to make a detour to get to the water is a bit much. Also sardines in a tin came to mind on the sand - do not think beach holidays are for me unless I can find another beach like we found in Vietnam called Jungle Beach where we were the only ones on the beach - think that is the life for me - I must be getting to be a recluse, ha ha To be fair we had a brilliant meal in one of the restaurants ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra January 10th 2014

Well it has been a few days since I have blogged - so what have we been doing? We went to the cinema which was a present from Mike's girls. The cinema was called Hoyts and we did the Director's cinema experience - so you are probably saying what is so special about this? Well I can tell you it is weird but in a good way, you have a private lounge and there is a bar in it and the waitress gives you a menu. Menu I think why will I want that I am only going to see a film but then the waitress asks us do we want drinks and something to eat whilst we are watching the film and do we want it at the beginning, middle or end - this is ... read more
Botanic Gardens
The View from the Skydeck
Painted Pianos

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra January 2nd 2014

Well we have had our last night in Sydney and had a really nice Thai meal - yes Thai meal - think I should have had a good old Ozzi meal but do you know what, I don't fancy kangaroo, ha ha. We packed our things and after a good nights sleep up we got and left our bags at the reception to get some breakkie and catch a cab to the airport. Am I sad to leave Sydney? To be honest, no I do not think so, I have been here now 3 different times for a quite a number of days on each visit. I have probably not seen half of it but do you know what I think it is time to see new places and experience things that I have not seen ... read more
Look at this house in Melbourne
One of the Lanes in Melbourne

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Haymarket January 1st 2014

Well after waking up early to wish Chris my son a happy birthday and happy new year as he is in the UK, I decided to get a couple of more shut eyes - plus my brain was still hurting from the alcohol. When we did decide to rise and shine we decided as we were still delicate that we would watch the news to see the new year being brought in around the world - well London you did us proud. I think next year that is where I should see the new year in. We went down to the harbour around 3 pm and there were so many people some still trying to find their way home from the night before but everyone seems to be in great spirits. We had booked a lunch ... read more
Under sail

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