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27th June 2022

Loving these posts!
Paula -- So enjoying yours and Mike's continental Europe gambols. I submitted my first travel blog as we are doing a bit of a road trip ourselves across America -- in stages! Will send you a link but thanks for introducing me to Travelblog!
1st May 2022

Good luck
Hope u survived the trek to top of t hill x
From Blog: What a day!!
30th May 2021

You Go Girl -- or You Went Girl
What a trip! We have lots of RVers around here and have thankfully just enjoyed daytime amenities with friends while retreating to our hotel room at night! Nonetheless glad you have a new layer of experience to share with your devoted blog readers!
23rd November 2019

Great recap of a great trip!
Paula summed up this journey very well. The best was getting to know great folks like Paula & Mike! From a fellow Royal Rambler and onboard yoga afficianado!
1st November 2019

Have a wonderful adventure you two x
31st October 2019

love the adventures. amazing about adv. sailing. https://www.taxiinreading.com/why-is-booking-a-taxi-better-than-hiring-a-private-driver/
18th March 2013

Glad to hear you are feeling better and are able to enjoy Whistler a bit better.
19th March 2013

Feeling better - NOT
I must admit I was saying to Mike I have never felt so bad and sleeping at least 12 - 14 hours per day. This is silly but at least we are getting a bit of skiing in. We skied today for a couple of hours and going to do the same tomorrow I think. Hopefully will be ok for 3 full days after that - lets see
14th March 2013

I told you that you should have just come to ontario to ski. But you have to see the Rockies once. Now you can check it off your bucket list. Next year come to me. lol. Hope you are both feeling better.
10th December 2012

gonna miss you guys. It was an awesome visit and thanks for my little usb lesbian. hahahaha
10th December 2012

Photos - hope they are ok
Miss you all too
9th December 2012

Final sweep
P and M although I have missed you both loads your blogs have made me feel a little in the moment and happy to know you are both safe and sound! You've done it kids, a round the world trip with little hassle hurrah! When we are away Steve always does a final sweep which made me giggle as it would seem mike playa that role too! Enjoy the flight back and see you week Friday x x
10th December 2012

Heathrow now
OMG we are back in good old Blighty
9th December 2012

Glad to see that you are having a great time! The whe journey seems unbelievable! Safe to say, I am really jealous ha! All the best! Kev
10th December 2012

OMG how are you mate
I heard you had left and did not think I would hear from you again. How are you kiddo and how is the Larkin family? my email address is mike.paula@me.com send me an email to let me know everything is ok
29th November 2012

LA Baby
Hey Lord & Lady F, Glad you had fun in LA..... I love Santa Monica Bouleaverd and am uber jel ...... Hope you had the weather for it. Enjoy Vegas *sighs* ...... Hope the fountain show is just as special. See you in a few weeks. JT from the block
30th November 2012

Lord and Lady F
Well we are back in LA for a day after we leave Las Vegas. Will we come back of course to LA not LV. Our time away is coming to an end but all good things come to an end but then there are new beginnings - see u soon
14th November 2012

So how was the trek. Two weeks tomorrow and its las vegas time woohoo. Im so excited. xxxxx
15th November 2012

Once we get wifi for a while without restrictions will face time
27th October 2012

too funny
I cannot believe you forgot to mention this... Paula, all this r&r is turning your brain to mush!
27th October 2012

Pink Bats
I know mush for brains, ha ha
26th October 2012

aaaaaw look at ole grandpa
23rd October 2012

Try local libraries and MacDonald's for wifi.
From Blog: Byron Bay
23rd October 2012

Thanks will do. Just gone to a local cafe and found wifi.
From Blog: Byron Bay

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