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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 11th 2005

The rainforest was amazing. Once again I braved the spiders and went trekking through the jungle and over the wobbly canopy walkway. Karl nearly stepped on a huge snake (yes - he screamed like a girl) but the scariest moment was when we visited the Orang Asli tribe and they taught us how to make and use a poison blow pipe. Let's just say they weren't the friendliest tribe we've met. Also went on a fantastic night safari and saw leopards, poisonous snakes and a bear cat. We had a long journey back to KL where we spent a final night at Les & Wendy's (huge thank you to you both!). The next morning we took the train to Singapore for a few slings. Singapore seemed almost futuristic after the rest of SE Asia, and we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 10th 2005

Geo: -31.4138, 115.999test... read more

If you get a chance to head over to Western Australia you must visit Rottnest Island. ( Meaning Rats nest as coined by the Dutch When the discovered the island) Its only 18 km from Perth and is a small enough to walk around in a day but can keep you entertained for at least a few. The ferry left from Fremantle and is only $53AUD return which isnt too bad. Once on the island you can hire bikes or just walk around as you please. It definetly boasts some of the most amazing white beaches ive ever seen and are alot of the time completly empty for ultimate seclusion. There are camp sites as well as a hostel and cheap bungalows for 4-8 people. The most amazing aspect of the Island is the animal ... read more
Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle March 5th 2005

Fremantle has got to be the cultural centrepoint of the whole of Perth. It has excellent cafes and classic pubs and is still the major port harbour for Perth. Its great just to have a walk around visiting all the excellent markets and seing the old Fremantle prison where all the convicts were housed. The port itself always has a large number of would be fishermen that always seem to have their buckets empty yet you cant help wanting to sit there aswell in hope of catching that elusive red snapper that just never seems to bite. In the end it doesnt even matter because sitting in the sun and having a couple beers in the fresh air is more than enough. Something about seaside towns that give it a kinda nice charm no matter ... read more
Freman tle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth March 2nd 2005

Well im in perth and considering i lived here for 5 years coming back wasnt really travelling. But i did decide to go north to see the Pinnacles. Initially believing they were very close to Lancelin they were actually about 150 kms north and ended up sleeping in the car overnight but it was definitely worth it! I dunno, a layman would say they are just a bunch of tall limestone rocks in a desert but not many places exist like this and so the unique beauty was definetly there. Another astonishing aspect of this side of the world is the lack of well... anything.. There is just roads and bushes and more roads, the towns are meagre and have a few people in them but really is an extremely isolating experience. Not to say ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth February 28th 2005

Hi, Well it's one week to go until I fly out. Just thought I'd put in some photo's of the combined going away / 30th party. It was a pretty big night judging by the kingsize headache I had the next day/s. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get photos of everyone for one reason or another....probably due to those cock-sucking bloody cowboys (note mum - they are drinks not actual cock sucking cowboys!!)). I hope everyone had a great night.....I sure as hell did. I only wish we had video footage of Scotty break-dancing, Dazza & Pete pulling off some big moves and Vickster cutting up with some Kath & Kim interpretations.....classic. Anyway I wont forget that party in a hurry. Seeya Ren ... read more
Freaky shot
Mal, Clint & Kristal
The Lads

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth January 26th 2005

How can I describe Perth? Like a laid back Adelaide is my best attempt. It's a nice place to spend a few days so we wandered round the town and went to visit Fremantle for a wander, great fish and chips and an interesting visit to the old prison. There's sooo much to see in WA that we hired a car and headed south from Perth to Bunbury to visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre. We did discover a lot about dolphins but unfortunately we didn't see any. We continued on to Busselton to see the longest pier in the southern hemisphere. The following day we visited a couple of the local caves - firstly Ngilgi Cave with the full fibre optic lighting treatment, guides and information boards, followed by Giants Cave where we were given a ... read more
Diamond Tree
Wave Rock
Dusk At The Pinnacles

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth December 5th 2004

Geraldton To Perth This is our last day on the Nort-West trip. Most of the time on the truck is spent with exchanging contact details and sharing further travel plans. Before we arrive in Perth we have a stop at the Yanchep National Park, where we have lunch, watch the Koalas and get introduced to a bit of Aboriginal culture. All of us are very tired and exhausted and longing for a long shower and a good night's sleep without being forced out of bed at six in the morning. ... read more
Me and the boys
Me and the girls

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 4th 2004

Exmouth to Geraldton Not much to report about this day. We have to leave early again as we have to make 850km today. It’s my turn to ride in the passenger seat of the truck and to engage our driver in conversation to make sure that he does not fall asleep. This turns out to be very interesting as Scott and I get to share some parts of our life’s stories. In the evening we arrive at the Batavia Backpacker’s, which is situated in the building of the old Victorian hospital. A nice building, clean and simple rooms and again a big communal kitchen where we prepare our dinner. After dinner we have a couple of beers and experience some real Australian pub games. Around midnight everyone is ready to hit the beds and we retreat… ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth December 3rd 2004

Warroora Station via Coral Bay to Exmouth Again, we have to get up early this morning as another long stint up north is waiting for us. As Christina’s and my room is right next door to the communal kitchen we wake up as the first people from our group start preparing breakfast. I remember that I made the foolish promise to cook pancakes for everyone. Well, this means playing the chef for 15 people… The first problem I come across: The eggs are frozen. *hmpf* That freezer unit on the truck seems to be operating in either one of two modes: Antarctic cold or Australian heat – we experienced that already on the previous days, having fun with frozen cucumbers and tomatoes. Scott has the great idea of melting the eggs in a water bath however ... read more
Warroora Station
Thorny Devil
Thorny Devil

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