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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills April 2nd 2015

Australia, so far from home, so exotic, sexy surfers, beautiful beaches! We are so excited to start this new aventure! An English speaking country again, we never through this would be such a relief! As we were used to talk sign language in Asia, we started our days to talk English with hand movements to make ourself clear, which was totally not necessary anymore of course. We have been welcomed at Anne-Sophie and Damien's place in Surry Hills in Sydney. Anne-Sophie has been to the same school as us and is a friend of the big sister of Hélène. This occasion got us to know her better and has been a lot of fun. We would like to thank her and Damien for their hospitality and making our first days in Australia that good. We started ... read more
Arriving in Sydney
Saint Mary Cathedral
Queen Victoria Building

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills April 29th 2014

G’day! So i’ve been a busy bee since my last blog on Tuesday/ Wednesday. I survived the stupidly long flight and got to the hostel about 8.30am in the morning. Luckily the hostel allowed me to check in earlier so I made my way up to my room to find 3 people zonked out asleep, still inebriated from the night before. Not wanting to wake anyone up, I went downstairs for a few hours and got chatting to a Northern Irish guy called Charlie, who is on a working holiday visa too. Determined to keep myself awake until at least 10pm ( to adjust to the time difference) I decided to take a free walking tour around the city. This was a really great tour with lots of history and knowledge behind the buildings a tourist ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills February 26th 2014

Dear followers, I was a little quite the previous days, but I'm back with a new update ! I started my internship @ Alpha dot net, monday on the 24th of February. First I received some small project that required my Cisco and Troubleshooting skills. But now I'm allowed to take on the bigger ones ! If I have any question or trouble , the people around me are very supportive and allow me to grow my skills bit by bit. I also have flexible working hours, this makes it possible for me to arrange the last paperwork, like retrieving a Bankcard, get my health record taken care of, ... There occurred a few problems, when I tried to accomplish the previous named paperworks. First I went all the way to Redfern for a Medicare Center, ... read more
Central Metro-Station Escalators
cross Station

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills May 5th 2013

So Singapore came and went without an update so I'll backdate some entries now. The flights to Australia were a mixed bunch. On the first flight (13 hours) I managed to get a window seat next to a friendly Latvian girl I spent time chatting to in between watching several movies. The selection of films was much better than I expected, even though I had already seen most of them. First up was F. W. Murneu's Sunrise, which has been on my to see list for a while. Next was Bernie. An interesting comedy from Linklater and Jack Black. It had a lot to like, especially Black, but overall I'm not too sure. Finally there was Perks of Being a Wallflower. I'd heard good things about this but missed it at the cinema. The word of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills January 25th 2013

Notre séjour à Sydney est terminé. Depuis mon dernier blog (ça remonte loin), nous avons visité la ville encore plus. Nous sommes retournés à Bondi Beach et avons également été à celle de Cronulla. Bondi est beaucoup plus intéressante. La visiste du Australia Museum fut très intéressante avec les squelettes de dinosaures. Nous sommes montés dans la tour du Westfield pour avoir une vue complète de la ville. C'est là qu'on se rend compte de la grandeur de cette ville. On a fait notre première rencontre avec des kangourous et des koalas au Featherdale Wildlife Park. C'est un parc en plein coeur d'un quartier résidentiel. Très bien organisé et on peut nourrir des kangourous et flatter des koalas. Les autruches ont toujours l'air aussi suspectes. On ne sait jamais si elles vont vous attaquer et Philippe ... read more
Westfield Tower eye
St-Mary's Cathedral
Ville de Sydney

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills January 14th 2013

Nous avons maintenant une semaine d'écoulée à Sydney. Philippe a commencé son école. Nous avons donc nos après-midi de libre pour les visites. Philippe et moi avons visité le musée Maritime pendant que maman allait faire du shopping. Il faisait très chaud cette journée là, 43 degrés. Ce fut très intéressant. Philippe était très impressioné de voir le bateau du Capitaine Cook. Nous avons fait la visite d'un sous-marin et pour finalement se rendre compte que nous avions visité un sous-marin identique à Rimouski. Nous avons passé un après-midi à Manly Beach (30 minutes de bateau pour serendre) et avons terminé ça avec un petit drink dans un pub de la place. Pour faire plaisir à Philippe, nous sommes allés à Luna Park. C'est un petit parc d'attractions qui se situe au pied du Harbour Bridge ... read more
Philippe au parc
Luna Park
Manly Beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills December 18th 2011

So after a long night bus journey, i arrived back at the Big Hostel in Surrey hills, to be met by the friendly gang who work there again! I then head out to Manly beach by ferry which was a beautiful ride through the harbour with amazing views ofcourse, albeit it was not a day for beaching it. After a wander around the seaside town at Manly i bumped into my slovakian friends that I had met on the Whitsundays sailing trip. We had drinks back in Sydney down by the quays and later met up with my little spnish friend for a chinese meal in Chinatown. Cramming it all in on my last day, i did some Christmas shopping ready for my next stop in San Francisco, and ended the Oz experience by meeting up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills December 3rd 2011

So landed in Sydney after a 4 hours flight on quantas with very old air stewards! I got myself to the Big Hostel in Surry Hills, ad first impressions was very friendly staff and having landed in room 101, i already met some lovely people who suggested i go up to the roof terrace for a drink. Having left my stuff and made up my top bunk bed, i went up the fire escape stairs to the roof, only to find that there was no proper bar, but yes a fridge full of beers. So i spent a few hours up there meeting more people from all over, spain, france, brazil, germany, not forgetting the crazy irish and enjoyed a few tooeys! I had four days in Sydney so i ventured out on my little walking ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills November 20th 2011

Arrived in Sydney at 6 am in the morning on 15th and celebrated the fact we’ve been travelling for 2 months now by suffering from terrible jet-lag all day long (I would have literally sold my suitcase in exchange for a bed!!!). Went for a walk to check out the area where we stayed, called Surry Hills. It is pretty nice but.... Jesus! Such prices!! Buying food here, internet, renting a car, anything, is FAR more expensive then the UK. Thankfully we’re staying in a sort of apartment so we can cook our food as if we were at home. This part of Sydney reminds me vaguely of NY’s Brooklyn; with its fashionable and vintage small shops, picturesque little restaurants and convenient stores, it definitely has an air of suburb with a unique style and undeniable ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills April 26th 2011

I know the first thing that you are thinking as you read this is probably, bloody hell why is this entry so late. You’ve been home for 1,455 days, why that’s 44 times longer than the time you were away for! Why are you bothering to write it now? More importantly, why am I wasting my time reading this entry now when I have already heard a million stories about this holiday? Stop wasting my time Mikey, you jerk. And I admit, all of the above points are totally valid and I accept all criticism for taking so long to write this entry. But this has been on my to-do list for over 4 years. I knew I would return to finish this off one day, and today is that day. It has been a heck ... read more

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