Maxim Asnong


Maxim Asnong

Hello, I'm a 22 year old student applied computer science in my senior year.
To complete my education I will take an Internship in Australia, in the New South Wales region.
I hope that my view on the world will change after exploring this beautiful continent.

Europe » Belgium » Limburg » Tongeren July 8th 2014

Dear followers, I'm already back in Belgium for two weeks now and got rid of the jetlag! I got used to the traffic lanes again, food and the hours of sleep. Through this platform I would like to thank all the persons who supported and motivated me during this awesome experience in Australia. I'm already planning catch-up's and sportive events to get rid of some unhealthy food I've eaten in my times Down Under. Currently I'm hunting for a nice job, I hope Australia brought me the opportunity to capture one ! Regards, Maxim... read more
National Park - De Kevie

Dear Followers, It's been a long time with no updates, but now I'm back with a hell of update! I only had 2 more weeks left in Australia and therefore planned a trip to the other outback of Australia, Alice spring in the Northern Territory. This place contains the well known icon Uluru ( the big red rock ). Luckily I already had some experience with the outback of Australia and prepared myself by buying some winter clothes and goodies. The follow-up trip would be to Melbourne, where I could drive along the "Great Ocean Road" and visit the rainforest. Are you ready guys, to hear my experiences? I arranged my trips, figured out some roads and quickly booked the tickets. On Thursday 12 June I headed off to the airport of Sydney to head off ... read more
A Lone Dingo
Alice Spring (2)
Beautiful lookout point

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD May 30th 2014

Dear followers, The internship is finished! I've really enjoyed my time with the colleagues, this internship was an extraordinary experience, Australia is an awesome experience! During this time I could always count on them, they tried to make my stay even more enjoyable. We had several fun moments, drinks, cake and I've seen the Uni's, played squash, had interesting chats and even went to a BBQ. It's awesome being part of such an amazing team! Therefore I'm sharing the pictures of the last day at alpha dot net Australia. Thank you for these moments! As part of this week I've also had my final presentation, I was quite nervous, but it felt alright ! In the weekend a friend in the hostel and I planned a no limit night out, we had a delicious lunch at ... read more
Cruiseship - Vivid.JPG
Opera House&City - Vivid (2)
Harbour Bridge

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour May 25th 2014

Hello followers, During this week a colleague from work took me out for an awesome game of squash, we played for approximately 2 hours. I obviously lost every-time because I've never played squash before ^^. Same for being on a bike, the ride on the bike was really relaxing after a busy day at work ;). On the 23th of May Sydney kicked of the lights - Vivid Sydney festival ! Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas that includes large-scale light installations and projections through to music performances and the holding of conferences and seminars on ideas and creativity. The festival is wide spread from a special Aquatique show on Darling Harbour till the main street lighted buildings at 'Circular Quay'! After seeing the Aquatique show at the harbour I've went with ... read more
Living in Sydney
Vivid-Darling Harbour

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Palm Beach May 17th 2014

Hello everybody, The previous weeks were very busy, a lot of deadlines and work, so a good relaxing trip to the beach had to be arranged! Saturday early in the morning a friend and I took the bus to Palm Beach, it was a 1 hour long drive early in the morning but we where up for a nice day at the beach. With the swimming short on Luckily the beach was not crowded at all, so we had a nice relaxing day, beautiful pictures where taken and bay-watch ones as well ! :) A lot of television viewers will know Palm beach is known from the Home and away series on television for being videotaped over there. Home and Away’s mythical village of Summer Bay couldn’t have chosen a more idyllic location.. When the night ... read more
Beautiful view
Baywatch Pose
Palm Beach (2)

Hello fellow friends, I'm competing in a video competition and made a compilation about my internship in Australia. Could you guys post and promote the following video on your Facebook, … page please. It’s for a PXL - international video competition ?. Share it and spread it to the world. Thank you very much, all of you for the support !! Oh and don't worry, my stay in Australia is not finished yet, so there will be more posts ! Greetz/Groeten/Salut, Maxim Asnong... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill April 27th 2014

Dear followers, I'm very tired, but I still want to post a new update about this thrilling road-trip to the outback of Australia ! I started off with packing 'my bag', because I was only allowed to take a carry-on backpack of 7kg with me. I rushed to the stores, bought a backpack a drinking bottle, new sim-card(other provider with better signal in these outback area's and some handy equipment. Easter holidays were kicking in, so I had to hurry to get the materials. Printed out all the documents of the navigation, attractive tourism spots, ... On paper: The complete trip was 1400km and 19 hours driving, with 5 fuel refills. Actual trip: The actual trip was 1900 km and 26 hours driving, with 3 fuel refills. After this I was fully prepared for the trip, ... read more
Mildura park & river (2)
Desert - behind the fences (6)

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains April 19th 2014

Dear followers, I'm back with an update about my trip to the Blue Mountains. I got up very early and went with a friend from the same hostel, to the pick-up point. At 7AM we were already on our way for a big adventure ! We almost had 2 accidents due to stupidity of other drivers, luckily the bus driver kept his head cool and avoided them. The day started with a visit to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, we were able to pet the kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, koala's, emus, ... all the typical Australian animals you can think off ! We got 1 hour to walk through the Park on our own and do whatever we want. It was an absolute unique experience to get this close to the animals in a save environment, therefore I'm ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Uni April 8th 2014

Dear followers, It's been a long time before, I placed an update. But these on going weeks are currently one of my busiest. The previous week started off with a birthday of one off my colleagues, the spirit in the company, "alpha dot net Australia", is very nice. We brought out a toast on all the good updates inside the company with some champagne and had a delicious cheese cake for the birthday. But life is not only roses and sunshine. I requested 2 days off at work, to be fresh for executing a big step in a project at work. These days also gave me the opportunity, to arrange my stuff. My room began to look a little messy and my shirts needed another cleaning. I started off my cleaning marathon, bought some food, drinks. ... read more
UTS Broadway vision
Chinatown with friend
Darling Harbour

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD March 24th 2014

Dear followers, The past weekend, I went out for a good taste in a whiskey bar, called the Baxter Inn. They have a wide range of whiskey's presented in a big bookshelf rack. They literately offer the best types of whiskey you can get and an unlimited offer of pretzels to combine with your drinks. This bar is a hidden gem, because it is reachable through a dark alley and it is situated at the back of a building. Then you have to proceed downstairs to a single door. And you are in for this delicious new experience! For pictures refer to the following page: url= Sunday , I had a relaxing day at Bondi beach. It was a sunny day with a nice breeze ;). Afte... read more
BaxterInn List

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