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We are now free of the Great Railway Tour itinerary, so we can make our own! Di is up at 06:45, (me a little later!!). We decide to have breakfast in the hotel and we get a table on the terrace overlooking the beach.It is about 09:30 when we have breakfast, and is really enjoyable. The hotal is really nice, a lot better than our first impressions when we originally arrived yesterday evening. I guess it is more "chic" than luxurious, with it's glass wall swimming pool and cavity glass walls with jelly fish swimming in it!! During breakfast we see a Vintage American Car Rally driving up the beach boulevard, We can't seem to get away from car rally's!! After breakfast we go to the pool to do some sunbathing and swimming. At around noon ... read more
Jelly Fish Wall
Car Rally
Dipping Di

Deb sent an email out at 7 am on sunday pointing out that the ocean was like glass. What is that mean? Flat? or like a mirror? Really? hmmm …that is very unusual. (Don't ask me what I was doing on the computer at 7 am on a Sun!) Then she sent me the link to the webcam and that was it. All the original plans totally changed. We did 3 hr and a half searching for macro creatures. My first sight was a searobin. I have never seen one there. Good start. My favorite secretary bennies were everywhere. I love it when they make the crazy look. Deb showed me an orangy one and Steve a yellow one. I go crazy for those. I tried to get a shot of one of the 7 gorgonian ... read more
Aplysia Parvula
SEcretary Blenny

Sunday, March 4th Today is “Boarding Day” for the cruise. We stayed in the Fairfield Suites last night and it was nice. This seems to be the high-priced season for Florida hotels since it cost quite a bit more than last May. But Janet found some discounts on the internet, and it is only for a little while, so we can overlook the price. Two especially good things about the hotel is that we can park the car here for free while we are on the cruise. They also have a shuttle (reasonably priced) which takes us to the ship today and will bring us back at the end of the cruise. So that solves a couple of problems. They also have a simple (but warm) breakfast, so we started the day with full ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale October 22nd 2011

I must say, that the past month has been rather uneventful. No reroutes for hurricanes, and the weather is starting to cool down. Today it’s only 17C, the coldest temperature I’ve experienced since I left Vancouver behind in sub zero temps 6 months ago. I think it’s fantastic, and It’s oddly humorous to see people wearing sweaters, toques, and complaining that it’s too cold. That said, even though we haven’t had to reroute for any bad weather, but I have seen some rather interesting weather this past month. A few weeks ago it was blowing 40 knots all day while in port, the ship across from us was actually using propulsion to keep themselves from being blown off the pier. As soon as we left the port the winds picked up to over 50 knots and ... read more
Lighting in Cozumel
Breeches Buoy

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale October 7th 2011

Went to visit Florida for the first time over labor day weekend. flew into Fort Lauderdale. Our second day went to key largo & isla morada, and got to see Florida for ourselves. Florida is a beautiful place, the weather was great, hot & humid, we stayed in forth lauderdale at the Hilton Marina, what a great place. Our second day we went to a safari in the Everglades, an eye opening experience. Fort lauderdale beach is very large, but the ocean water is warm with no WAVES. yes no waves. The food is very unique to the region, we ate local food only.... read more

Today got off to a leisurely start. We slept in and then had a nice breakfast in the hotel. The shuttle to the port did not leave until 12:30, so we had plenty of time to repack the suitcases and explore around the hotel area. The temperature here in Florida is in the mid-80s and slightly overcast, but nothing chilly or rainy like it had been back in St Louis. But then we were off to Port Canaveral and ready to start the cruise. The hotel provided a 12:30 shuttle service to Port Everglades and that got us to the ship by 1:00 with a minimum of effort. The luggage was off-loaded from the bus onto a container for the ship and they were eventually delivered to our cabin – no effort on our part. However, ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale April 30th 2011

I’ve been onboard for a couple weeks now and figured it was time for an update. Getting to Miami was crazy, the flight had a layover in Dallas (which is a really nice airport btw). But American Airlines is the worst airline in the world; I had to pay for my luggage, no food on the plane (included or to buy), and for some reason the airline decided to delay my connecting flight to wait for all the other late planes to arrive and the people to get onboard. As my flight to Dallas was early, and the connector was late I ended up being in the airport for 6 hours, and stuck on the tarmac for another 2… The only good thing about this whole experience was an incredible display of lightning we flew past. ... read more
Boardwalk and Aquatheater
Tied up in Nassau, Bahamas
Central Park

La remontée vers Fort Lauderdale en agréable compagnie de Clémence et Roger Malette ne s’est pas déroulée sans émotions. En débutant avec un câble qui commençait à s’enrouler autour de l’hélice et l’intervention d’Yvette et le plongeon de Roger ont évité ce qui aurait pu être beaucoup plus sérieux. Par la suite, un autre ancrage nous a causé des soucis alors qu’un front froid a traversé vers minuit avec des forts vents et une marée agressive contraire à la direction des vents. Résultat, on doit enlever la deuxième ancre et s’assurer pendant un bon moment que l’on ne chassait pas. After a short night, they say boating is only pleasure; during breakfast, we seemed to be drifting and decided on lifting the anchor and moving on, but the anchor didn’t not want to leave its nesting ... read more
1103034-Blackfin Marina, Marathon
1103041-Blackfin Marina, Marathon
1103054-Port de Miami

I can't believe how much we've gotten to see and do in Miami in a short time. This afternoon, we met up with Andrew's cousin, Megan, for lunch at an Indian restaurant in downtown Miami. The food wasn't the best I've had (bharta is my favorite food, but theirs wasn't anything spectacular), but the company was the best. We enjoyed our meal together and then took a stroll north in search of a coffee shop. We found a cafe around 23rd and each ordered a coffee. We sat outside, sipping our drinks, sharing stories, when two black labs darted across the busy downtown streets toward us! The shop keeper came out and called them over. He started petting them, and they seem friendly, but then they tried to run back out into the street again. Drivers ... read more
Here's the Humane Society in Ft Lauderdale!
Aminta and the Chubby Girl Dog
Here I am with the Slender Male Lab

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale January 30th 2011

Hi All, thanks for joining my blog, i'm looking forward to sharing the next 9 months with you!!! 28 January I departed at around 8pm on Friday from Johannesburg, SA with Delta Airlines to Atlanta, Georgia (17 hour flight!). From Atlanta to Miami only took 1h and 30 min on the connecting flight. 29 January Juan and Brandon picked me up at Miami airport on Saturday morning. They took me through to Fort Lauderdale and showed me the yachts that they work on, they are amazing, both privately owned yachts, it looks like a hotel/house inside. They took me out to FL, we went to Rock Bar, right across from the beach in the main road. What an amazing vibe!!! We had frozen margaritas while listening to spanish music in the background surrounded by palm trees. ... read more

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