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North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale February 3rd 2014

Two glorious sea days filled with whatever I want to do or nothing at all. A little poker, a little trivia, reading, happy hour, a dip in the pool and hot tub a lecture on pirates, all good with plenty of nap time. Had some rocking at night and I love that! Like being back in the cradle. Tonight is Super Bowl and the ship is going all out with big screen TVs, Super Bowl parties, special drinks, Seatails and Broctails and plenty of places to view the game as well as in your own cabin. My plan was better. Stopped at the Crow's Nest for a farewell drink with my Happy Hour buddies. The five of us became like a little club and I looked forward to seeing them each afternoon. Then it was time ... read more
Caribbean Moon
Find the Iguana
Zeiderdam engineering

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale January 30th 2014

21stJanuary 2014 FORT LAUDERDALE Distanced travelled 4270 Nautical miles Arrived at Port Everglades on a warm sunny morning with temps of 72F/22 Fort Lauderdale named after Major William Lauderdale who commanded the first detachment who built the first fort. Known as the ‘Venice if the USA’ because of the great number of waterways. The port is the gateway to Everglades National Park and its unique eco-system and array of wildlife. Most trips off the ship were to the Everglades combined with some shopping. Our trip was on our own to South Beach and the Art Deco area of Miami. The coach trip from the port to Miami took us through the industrial areas to the business district and the playground of the rich and famous e.g. Star Island Arrived at South Beach with about 5 ... read more
Congress Hotel

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale January 24th 2014

Sailing, Sailing.....Over the Bounding Main. It's time to share with you our upcoming, new, exciting adventure. Tomorrow, we board the biggest cruise ship - Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas" - and set sail on our first Caribbean Cruise. Our first cruise ever! Yahooooo. Yipeeeeee. The cruise will be utterly fantastic - how could it possibly get any better? Well, it can & this is how: we are going on this cruise with our wonderful friends, Sam & Sandy! Whoopee. Zoweeeeee. This traveling duo have gone on 34+ cruises so it is like we are sailing with the ultimate, top-notch, professional cruisers. They will guide us through this exciting experience like two Captains on the Love Boat. We can't wait! Our cruise lasts for a week, returning on Feb. 1st. We sail from Port Lauderdale, go ... read more
A City on a Boat?
Fun & Food

Our ship arrived in the early dawn and we could keep an eye on her from the balcony. It had rained during the night but the sun was out though in the distance I could see a water spout and rain. We had a light breakfast and packed up. Things had to be rearranged because of the water we bought but finally we were packed up and ready to go. Gerry and Georgina stopped by to take pictures. They are a wonderful, warm couple from Canada, somewhere in the Maritimes, and Gerry has a wicked sense of humor. The shuttle ride took about 10 minutes. We met Ken and Bobbie in the waiting room and while standing in line I saw Teresa and Bob Sinatra. This will be the third cruise we are on together and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale April 27th 2013

..... Continued from last night.....We arrived at The Patio Cafe not really sure if this is the place. It looks like a private gathering, tables set up on blacktop. Where is the restaurant? We see a Food Truck parked behind some this point the hostess has approached us, so we decide to "go for the experience". The guest before us brought his two huge yellow Labradors in with him. He had to practically choke the one dog that tried to run away. Ken told the hostess not to sit us near the dogs. She looked offended. I personally think it is cruel to bring dogs to a restaurant and expect them to not want to join in and partake. They can smell all the yummy food better than we can. They are expected to sit ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale April 26th 2013

Got up at 5:30; only did one snooze. Too excited to sleep. Ken made coffee while I showered. We watched some news while we drank our coffee and ate our blueberry whole wheat eggos. Ken took a shower while I finished packing last minute stuff. I know we are taking too much stuff; it's so hard when you are going to a different climate. We each have two carry-on size roller bags, Ken has backpack and I have my purse. Not too bad. It's a beautiful spring day in Atlanta. I have so enjoyed experiencing my first real spring in many years, but I also am experiencing the side effects of this spring. Even today I have sinus pressure and hope I am not getting sick. I dropped Ken off at check in with all the ... read more
The Aqua Hotel

We based ourselves on Hutchison Island near Jensen Beach & Stuart for a few days. A big thank you to our hosts, Laura (LJ) and Joe Vanderwerker for welcoming to their beach side condo. LJ was in charge of the itinerary which included a trip to Fort Lauderdale. The highlight had to be the Bonnet House and Garden, 35 acres of beachfront property where artist Frederick Barret built a "plantation-style" home that his friends and family enjoyed as a casual winter retreat for years and years! The home and gardens are chock full of art, artifacts, globally influenced collectibles, and botanicals! The Barret's easy, casual lifestyle is remarkable. They had no need to put on airs. Tickets for a docent tour by the charming, John, for the four of us totaled $64. An addition $2 each ... read more
The Inner Courtyard at the Bonnet House
This "Dry Fountain" at Bonnet House & Gardens
River Walk's Briney Pub & Parking Garage

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale January 29th 2013

We’re hanging out in a friendly efficiency motel in Ft. Lauderdale while the boat is torn apart. There were a few things that didn’t get done in Rhode Island and one leak that developed on our trip, so Jon had planned to stop here for a week or two. Our friend Rod, who keeps his sailboat in Ft. Lauderdale, introduced us to Roger, who has taken care of all the details, from finding a marina to work in to finding a place for us to stay. We arrived at the Royale Palm Marina in Dania Beach on the 16th. When we anchored in Lake Worth on the 14th, Jon wasn’t feeling great, my knee was bothering me, and the weather forecast implied a rough ride outside to Ft. Lauderdale, so we decided to continue on the ... read more
Delray Beach Marina
ICW south of Delray Beach
Classic motoryacht

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale November 4th 2012

The past few weeks here in Florida seem to have flown by. Our days consist of e-mailing and calling captains and boat owners with resumes, biking around town visiting different docks, and beginning our yachting courses. Our nights are spent networking with yachties at local pubs and restaurants, and indulging in Joan's fantastic cooking. Last week literally started out with a bang. Ross and Claire decided to head out on their bikes early on Monday to visit the docks. While passing into the shade under an overpass on Broward Boulevard a few blocks from Joan and Rob's place, Claire was caught unaware when the curb on the edge of the sidewalk suddenly raised up. She was riding on the edge of the sidewalk to avoid hitting a telephone pole, and was temporarily blinded by the sun ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale October 14th 2012

Today is the last day of our vacation, so understandably it is the least enjoyable day. But all turned out well, so we did not have any catastrophes at the end of the cruise to ruin everything. Read on to hear the details. First, be advised that we have updated a few additional paragraphs to yesterday’s entry, so there are some more items for you to read there. We were scheduled for Self-Help exiting of the ship, which made us the first two groups to get off the ship. However we had to get up pretty early (5:45) in order to be ready. We went up to the Horizon Court for a “final breakfast” and said goodbye to Francis once more. They were not making custom breakfasts today, so we had mass-produced scrambled eggs and lots ... read more

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