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North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale September 1st 2012

It’s been quite an interesting month here back at sea. For those of you who don’t know; I finished my third year of school in the end of July and am now a licensed marine officer! A few weeks after the last exam (which was oral) I found myself back on the Oasis of the Seas. The nicest thing about coming back to a ship which I had been on before was how easy the transition was. Being able to focus on getting familiarized with the new job and do so without getting lost was rather convenient. Not to mention seeing quite a few familiar faces! I started out on day watch, which was a great way to start out, but inconveniently it removed all my chances of going ashore. The first few weeks were pretty ... read more
Beautiful Sunrise at Sea
My room
Beachin it!

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale August 12th 2012

The weather called for storms again but when I looked at the radar they seemed far inland. I prepared my flag for shore diving and off we went heading to the second reef. I swam on the surface almost to the end of the pier but my legs started getting the stress from all the weight: camera, 4 pounds on the flag, 3 pounds on my ankles plus the regular weight. I figure I could dive to the second reef. Well, I got distracted like usual, and once again never made it to the second reef. We were in the middle of the two reefs in an area with rocky bottom and sand. I saw a beautiful clam feeding away I held it with my hand and took it to Steve for him to shoot. It ... read more
Juvenile Scorpion Fish
Damselfish Eggs: Different view
More eggs

We got up at 3:45 am. Out flight leaves at 6:20 am! Uncle Don was at our house by 4:30. He is as excited as we are even though he is not going. Our flight was 3 ½ hours to Atlanta, we have a 2 layover. We got some lunch which was terrible; the service was atrocious. Our flight left on time and we arrived at 5pm. Jason picked up Alan’s van and then picked us up. His flight arrived 15 minutes before us from Las Vegas. We are staying at the Hilton in Ft Lauderdale for two nights before heading to the Beach house in Ramrod Key. We arrived at the hotel, unpacked and headed to Skyline for some chili. We ate too much! We were going to swim but the pool was closed so ... read more

Our adventure to Australia begins at Fort Lauderdale Airport, June 30, 2012. We are flying to Dallas then to L.A. In L.A. we will meet with two other groups to continue our trip to Sydney Australia.... read more

Traveling to Australia with 8 high school students from Fort Lauderdale Florida.... read more

I have my fave which one is yours?... read more
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June 12th arrival to Miami. We woke up from a crappy nights sleep due to our fire alarm in our room going off regularly throughout the night. We packed up and headed towards the reception so we could check out, and after talking to a guy we kinda had spoken to over the previous days we told him we were heading to Miami south beach. Our luck was in. He was actually driving his German friend down there. So in we got into this car with people we barely knew and hoped we would get there. We got there, just about after some extremely erratic driving and he dropped us right outside the Miami hostel. We said our thanks and headed in. We were 3hours early for check in so left our large bags in the ... read more

11th June To be honest Fort Lauderdale hasn't been what we expected. We heard it was a bit of a party place. This wasn't true. We did get warned by our friend (Siera) but it was always in the plan so we went anyway. It was pretty much lying on the beach for 5 days, eating at our burger spot and watch the football. It's not a bad life really. We are looking forward to a good 10 days in Miami drinking and causing chaos. The previous day we watched one of the matches and the bar had been pretty full with a good atmosphere. I turned up in my Derby County football shirt ready to rip into some frogs (the French) but we turned out to be the only ones watching the game. No atmosphere ... read more

9th June fort lauderdale After the biggest fail of a night out, solely being rich's fault I woke up to a few very pathetic, apologetic Facebook messages from rich. Some people throw up when they have drunk too much, some people get angry, happy or sad. Rich falls asleep. This wasn't good when we walked about a mile at 12 at night in the middle of a road in fort lauderdale. He wouldn't move. I even got questioned by some women on why I was taking photos and videos of him. I stated " because he is a nob". There was no way we could go on and out. It was too far to walk and any walking for rich would of been an effort. Well, more of any effort me as I would have to ... read more

7th May travel to Fort Lauderdale The original plan was to get up at 6.30, get some food, check out of the hotel and be at the greyhound bus station ready to go an hour before we were meant to leave. Getting to the station an hour before was a lesson we learnt the hard way back in Atlanta. The alarm went off as planned however we, in a half awake state made the decision to get the 12.45 bus instead. A few more hours sleep later we got up checked out with 1 hr and 45 mins till our bus was leaving. The decision was to go straight there or grab some food first. Long story short, we missed our bus again !!!! The food and taxi took forever to come and we may of ... read more

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