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David & Janet's 2012 Trips

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale October 14th 2012

Today is the last day of our vacation, so understandably it is the least enjoyable day. But all turned out well, so we did not have any catastrophes at the end of the cruise to ruin everything. Read on to hear the details. First, be advised that we have updated a few additional paragraphs to yesterday’s entry, so there are some more items for you to read there. We were scheduled for Self-Help exiting of the ship, which made us the first two groups to get off the ship. However we had to get up pretty early (5:45) in order to be ready. We went up to the Horizon Court for a “final breakfast” and said goodbye to Francis once more. They were not making custom breakfasts today, so we had mass-produced scrambled eggs and lots ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean October 12th 2012

Hello one more time from the Island Princess. We continued today on our cruise back to Florida. Earlier today they reported that we were about 50 minutes off the coast of Cuba. Anyway we should arrive on schedule. This morning we slept in until almost 8:00 – tomorrow will be a much earlier morning – so we wanted to be well rested at the end of our cruise. We went up to the breakfast buffet and had our usual breakfast. I guess we haven’t described that process as much as the dinners, so here’s our chance. Each person starts with a platter which is much larger than a full-sized dinner plate. There are virtually every kind of breakfast item you can imagine and you can take as much of everything as you want. Then you can ... read more
Fruit Carving in the Galley
Baked Alaska Parade

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean October 12th 2012

Hello from the Island Princess – somewhere in the Caribbean and unfortunately, heading home. We have two sea days left and we are going to enjoy them for as long as it lasts. We slept in this morning without any wake-up call and completed a good night’s rest. Somehow yesterday had been kind of tiring so this is a good day for doing very little. We had a little breakfast in the Horizon Court, and this time Janet got to try their “Texas-sized French Toast”. She initially asked for 2 slices, but changed to just one slice after she saw how large it was. David had his usual Ham & Cheese Omelet but added a Belgian Waffle today. We went down to the Captain Circle representative. This is basically someone to ask whatever questions you have ... read more

Central America Caribbean October 11th 2012

Today we arrived in Aruba as our final port-of-call of the cruise. Aruba is a comparatively small island, measuring only about 19.5 miles by 6 miles wide at the widest. There are only a couple of high points on the island. Aruba has a very dry climate with only 16 inches of rain annually. The interior is dotted with lots of cactus and the windswept divi-divi trees. There are picturesque sandy beaches along much of the coast (all beaches are public, even in front of the exclusive hotels), where both low-rise (6 stories or less) and later high-rise hotels and condominiums have developed in the past 20 years. Most people speak English, but the locals actually have a language of their own called Papiamento, which is a combination of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, African and English. ... read more
Colorful Waters of Aruba
Janet on ferry
Inside Semi-Sub

South America » Colombia » Cartagena October 10th 2012

Welcome to Cartagena. This is the first time we have ever been South America. We can check off a new continent from our to-do list. The ship docked a little after 7:00 this morning but our tour did not start until after 9:00. So we did not have to get up especially early and we were able to have a leisurely breakfast. The Horizon Court was pretty busy but our evening waiter (Francis) found us a table in his section anyway. Since it appeared that many people were heading out early, we gathered our stuff and went to tour area about 8:30 (half an hour early). We got to sit comfortably for awhile and then headed off for our tour. The first thing that we recognized was that it was a little warm, but very humid. ... read more
Cartegena from the ship at Sea
Dancers & Musicians

This was the Signature Event of our cruise – going through the Panama Canal! This was quite an amazing day. I guess ships go through here all the time (40 were scheduled today) but this was our first trip through the canal and it was really special. The Canal Pilot arrived on the ship at 5:45 and David was up, dressed, and out the door by 6:00. It was a little cloudy on the horizon so sunrise over the Pacific wasn’t real clear. David grabbed a quick breakfast and headed for the highest deck on the front of the ship. He should have skipped breakfast because he was about 3rd or 4th back in the crowd. Fortunately except for the front row, most people were moving around and David got close enough to get some pictures ... read more
Bridge of the Americas
Cruise ship entering Canal
Our Ship (left) Canal Edge (right)

Hello from Fuerte Amador (Fort Amador), here at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. This is a special day being the 8th anniversary of us becoming grandparents. You see, today is Alex Chinn’s 8thbirthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX! We anchored in the bay, along with a couple of dozen other ships waiting to go through the canal. However we are staying here all day and will not go through until tomorrow. Fuerte Amador is actually a man-made peninsula made by building a long causeway out to two islands (it gave them something to do with part of the material dredged from the cana)l. It also provides shelter for several marinas of private boats from either visiting tourists or wealthy locals. Janet’s cold developed into quite a persistent cough much of the night, so she did not ... read more
Island Princess in the Bay
David at 3D Movie
Ship entering lock

Oceans and Seas » Pacific October 7th 2012

Hello from the Island Princess, cruising in the Pacific again. We are back in the Central Time Zone after resetting the clocks last night. Before we describe today’s activities, let’s explain that we have added photos to yesterday’s blog AND have added some additional thoughts to that entry which we did not remember last night. There is even more to say about Costa Rica, but your will have to settle for what’s in the blog now. Oh well, one more thought. Costa Rica turns out to be directly south of Pittsburgh. A lot of people would have thought it was further west, but that’s what the guide said. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Also where we were is almost the geographic center of the Americas (tip of northern Canada and tip of southern Chile). Also, just before we sailed ... read more

Central America Caribbean October 6th 2012

Hello from Costa Rica. WOW what an excellent day in port! Let’s start with a little background information first. The country was named by the Spanish Explorers based on rumors of gold and vast riches which could only mean that this section of Central America was the costa rica - the "Rich Coast." Costa Rica occupies a unique position, lying between two oceans and two continents. On both coasts, tropical rainforests rise to the mountains of the interior, many of which soar over 13,000 feet above sea level. On the Pacific side there are brown sand beaches. Puntarenas is the cruise ship gateway to Costa Rica. Just down the coast is a smaller port called Caldera, which is exclusively for commercial shipping. October and November are the rainiest months, with the Pacific side ... read more
Gondola at Rain Forest
Overview of Rain Forest
Janet of Nature Walk

Central America Caribbean October 5th 2012

Hello from a much smoother Pacific Ocean. We continue to head south today, but today the weather is sunny and warm, and fairly smooth sailing today. So we are happy to have a better weather report today. Last night was the Presidential Debate and it was available to watch on the big movie screen on the pool deck or on one of your cabin TV channels. As a small political comment, about 1/3 of the people were scheduled for their regular dinner serving, and almost half of us were in the Princess Theater watching a show (more on that later), so apparently there weren’t too many people glued to their TV. And that’s assuming nobody was using any of the other lounges, bar, or other shows. One of the shows each morning is something call the ... read more
Breakfast Dining Room
Janet and the Knitters
Janet at Wine Tasting

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