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North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale March 11th 2012

Landfall in Florida - Sunday – March 11th FYI … the previous Blog Entry has been updated with a few more details from last night- things which occurred after we had posted that entry. Good morning from Port Everglades Florida. The ship was tied up at the pier when we woke up this morning. Practically everything had been packed last night, so we only had to get dressed and head off to breakfast in the Horizon Court. The original disembarkation time was pushed back from 7:10 to the new time of 8:05, so we had a more leisurely process this morning. But after a final breakfast, we picked up our bags from the cabin and went back to the Casino where we had our Life Boat station on the first day. There was a ... read more

Central America Caribbean March 10th 2012

Cruising at Sea - Saturday – March 10th Hello from somewhere southeast of Florida, cruising gently on our way back to Ft Lauderdale. This is our last full day and is a bit disappointing because we know we will soon have to leave the ship. We have had a great time, despite some of the actions to prevent anyone from catching the norovirus. First, let me mention that yesterday there were problems getting the photos posted to the Blog, so those have been corrected and you should be able to see the Grand Turk photos. We slept in this morning, partially because they made the Daylight Savings adjustment last night, so this morning came an hour earlier, therefore the clock said it was later than expected when we woke up. We went up to ... read more
Cooking Demo
Dinner Table
Milan & Edwin

Turks & Caicos Islands - Friday – March 9th Hello from Grand Turk. Actually there is a whole morning of events to report first, because we did not arrive until about 1:00. That is 1:00 Eastern Time, so we gained an extra hour last night and got to sleep in. That was good because we did go to the late night movie and saw The Artist - it was kind of strange, but Janet really wanted to see it. We did get up early enough to go to the sit-down breakfast in the Da Vinci Dining Room. The special for today was Eggs Benedict (which Janet really wanted), but this is a Friday in Lent, so we settle for cheese omelets (Janet’s had mushrooms too). We sat at a table for 8 and met ... read more
Entry to Grand Turk from Pier
Coastline near Lighthouse
Space Capsule & Airport

US Virgin Islands - Thursday – March 8th This morning we docked in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. This is a protectorate of the US and uses US dollars. By contrast, Sait Maartens used Dutch Gilders, and Saint Martins used Euros (actually they both accepted US dollars too). Anyway, the cruise last night was not too long, so we went slowly and smoothly and the ship was docked by 7:00 AM. The Virgin Islands were also named by Christopher Columbus in 1493 for Saint Ursula and her virgin followers. Up to and including the 17th century, these islands were captured and controlled by many European powers, including France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. By the middle of the 19th century the abolition of slavery took hold and "free labor" was hard ... read more
Coast of St Thomas
Ruby Princess at Pier
Janet & David

Wednesday – March 7th Welcome to St Martins. But already we are ahead of the story. Last night we were watching Movies under the Stars. After about 30 minutes it turned into Movies under the Raincloud. So we did not watch the horse movie after all. However that marked the beginning of a kind of rough night at sea. Apparently we caught up to those storms again and the strong winds made the seas rough and the ride was kind of bumpy. But we arrived in St Martens at 10:00 AM on schedule. We had gotten up and packed our stuff for today’s excursion, and then went up to the buffet for breakfast. While we were eating they started cancelling shore excursions again, but NOT ours this time. There had been quite a few ... read more
View from Bus
Janet at Orient Beach
View of Beach

Tuesday, March 6th Today we are cruising at sea all day, so there is nothing specific that we had to do at particular times. We went to the sit-down breakfast in the Michelangelo Dining Room and had a very good and leisurely meal (not practical when we need to zip off to a morning excursion). But today it was nice and restful. Each time we meet new people, and frequently compare travels stories. Then Janet went to a Trivia session. There were 3 teams who needed another person and she said the bidding started at $10 for her to join them. Unfortunately her team did not win the prize, so they did not pay her the fee. Meanwhile David went to a lecture on Duplicate Bridge. They are supposed to play bridge games this ... read more
Fruit Carving - Teddy Bear
Pool Area

Monday, March 5th Last night our ship (the Ruby Princess) zipped across the ocean and arrived at Princess Cays in the Bahamas, despite leaving a couple of hours late. During the night they went faster than normal so it was a little rougher than usual, and we noticed the bathroom door would actually swing open or shut at various times in the night. However, this morning we have caught up with the cool front that had been in Florida, and therefore the temperature is just barely 70 degrees and the wind is blowing about 25 miles per hours. We had set the alarm for 7:30, and we went up to the Horizon Court for the buffet breakfast. The food was good with a wide variety of choices. However we have discovered that NOTHING is ... read more
Directions from Princess Cays

Sunday, March 4th Today is “Boarding Day” for the cruise. We stayed in the Fairfield Suites last night and it was nice. This seems to be the high-priced season for Florida hotels since it cost quite a bit more than last May. But Janet found some discounts on the internet, and it is only for a little while, so we can overlook the price. Two especially good things about the hotel is that we can park the car here for free while we are on the cruise. They also have a shuttle (reasonably priced) which takes us to the ship today and will bring us back at the end of the cruise. So that solves a couple of problems. They also have a simple (but warm) breakfast, so we started the day with full ... read more

Thursday, March 1st FIRST DAY OF OUR VACATION! Today has arrived at last. The bags are finally packed and loaded in the car. We actually have some luggage for the cruise and another bag for our days of driving and also for after the cruise. This means the “cruise bags” can stay packed until we get on the ship and they can just stay in the trunk of the car until we get to Ft Lauderdale. While on the cruise, the other bags can sit in the truck. Once we get back after the cruise, then we can clean and reuse some of the items but will also have some Cardinal shirts for wearing to the ballgames. Anyway, we are finally on the road and have gotten as far as Marietta, Georgia. There was ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Florissant February 27th 2012

Welcome to this episode of “As the Garvin's World Turns”, or maybe it should be “Where in the World are Janet & David?” This is the fifth of our cruise travel blogs and once again we are going somewhere new and exciting (for us) - the Eastern Caribbean. Planning for this trip began last summer, when we thought back about the very cold and snowy previous winter. We felt it would be a good idea to take a short winter trip somewhere warm, so we could act like traditional “snowbirds” (retirees who go to Florida or Arizona in the cold part of the year). It turns out that this winter had been much milder, but we are going ahead with the vacation anyway. This was initially supposed to be a brief “bridge trip” between our lengthy ... read more

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