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Bernard Humphrey

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 6th 2012

Today we go home! Di is up early and gets packed. Her plan is to have one last day of sunbathing before we head off to the airport. But she is thwarted by the weather as the thunderstorms have replaced the sunshine. We spend the morning getting packed up and Facetiming. At 12:30 we check out of the hotel and get a taxi to the airport. We have to hang around at the airport for about an hour before we are allowed to check -in.We have a drink at the bar as we wait, eventually we are allowed to check-in. We go through to the security check, where we get held up for what must be 45 mins. There was something amiss with a family's luggage, but none of the security staff seemed capable of making ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Everglades June 5th 2012

Today we go to the Everglades. I booked the tour with the hotel concierge when we first arrived at the hotel. We are due to be picked up from the hotel reception at 09:45. We are picked up a little late and taken to downtown Miami, and loaded onto a smaller coach that will take us to the Everglades. It takes about 45 minutes in the coach and we arrive at Gator Land. We are given a tour number and have to wait around for about 30 minutes before our number is called and we board the air boats, these are the boats with ahuge fan at the back that propel us through the swamps. Some of the time we need to wear ear plugs as the boats tend to be rather NOISY. The ride takes ... read more
The Gator show
On the Beach

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 4th 2012

Not much to report for today we are basically taking it easy by the pool. We skip breakfast as we still dont feel hungry. We are down at the pool for about 09:00 and spend the morning sunbathing and swimmimng. At lunch we eat at the Nautilus Cafe beside the pool. We decide to share a Chicken Sandwich, when it comes we think that they have made a mistake as we both have a massive sandwich, but we are assured that it is a half portion!! We also get a bucket of beers and sit and cool down for a while. The afternoon is again spent by the pool.It is really warm!! In the evening we go for a walk along the top end of Ocean Boulevard. Neither of us feels particularly hungry so we go ... read more
Downtown Miami
Art Deco Hotel
Palm Trees

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 2nd 2012

We are up early and gather our things together, we are off the ship before 07:00 - everything goes smoothly and we grab a taxi and head for Miami. This is about a 40 minute drive and costs $100. We check in at the hotel at around 08:00. Of course the room is not ready at this time in the morning, but we are given keys to access the various parts of the hotel (Swimming Pool etc) and are told that our room will be ready at around 11:00 and they will call us on our phone when it is ready. We are in a "City View" room, Di asks if there is any chance of a Beach view room. We are informed that this is possible, but it will be an extra $100/night - we ... read more
Hotel Pool
Palm Tree walkway to the pool

This is the last day of the cruise, tomorrow we leave the ship at Ft Lauderdale, and we will head to Miami to spend a few days there. We have breakfast at the Solarium yet again. One thing that I have noticed about our American cousins is that they find it difficult to walk anywhere without grasping some form of drink- it’s almost like some form of “comfort blanket”. In the morning a cup of coffee seems to permanently stuck in their hands, this changes to beer or soda in the afternoons. I also notice that after breakfast they leave not only with the mandatory cup of coffee, but also with a bowl of food in addition to their breakfast. I assume that this is to ward off any chance of starvation in the 100 yards ... read more
Bucket of Beer
Beached Whale

Di is up early again, and finally manages to get me out of bed. We then go for breakfast at the Solarium and set ourselves up in those comfy wicker chairs for a days sunbathing, the weather forecast is for sunny and breezy – 81 degrees F. We have two days at sea now as we make our way back to Ft Lauderdale, which is about 1,100 miles. Although this is the biggest liner in the world, it just trundles along at around 28 miles an hour. This was brought home to me the other night when I was stood on the cabin balcony watching the seabirds. A black-headed gull that was flying parallel with the ship; quite easily overtook the ship, and it is not renown for being one of the fastest birds around!! We ... read more
Solarium Pool
View from flying bar

We ate breakfast at the Solarium and then went ashore. Once we had passed through the terminal, we headed for the water taxis. It is just $6 for a full day pass. We get the water taxi to the beach, which is just 10 minutes across the bay. We are at the beach early; it is just 08:30 when we arrive there. We have a wander around the beachfront, it is a nice wee place and the people are very friendly. St Maarten is an island that is half governed by the French and half governed by the Dutch. Sounds like a recipe for disaster! We are in the Dutch half of the island, which is really cheap. Yet again there are rows upon rows of jewellery shops. A lot of passengers from the ship spend ... read more
Di with "Allure of the sea"
"On the Beach!

I am up at 06:30, we are suppose to go walking around the ship, there is a track on the 5thfloor, but Di refuses to go, so I set off by myself. I do about 6 circuits of the ship 2.4 circuits = 1 mile. We have breakfast in “Central Park” at the café, we are still trying to eat a bit more sensible, and have fruit juice and a toasted cheese and ham bagel – it is pretty good. Meanwhile the ship is edging its way into St Thomas harbour, we go up top on the ship to watch and take photographs and videos. We decide to wait a while before we go ashore, and sit in the Solarium for a while, we debate whether or not we want to make the effort to go ... read more
Back to the Ship!
Room with a view

We are in the Bermuda Triangle so I hope that we do not just disappear. Today we will spend all day sailing to reach St Thomas on Wednesday. We are down for breakfast at around 09:00, but have cut down of the food intake so we just have fruit and fruit juice – the 3 meals a day are beginning to take their toll not only on the waistline, but by feeling permanently bloated! We also start to realize that we have a number of options for breakfast as regards restaurants. We have been going to the restaurant on the 15th floor, we now realize that there is a restaurant in Central Park on the 8th floor where our cabin is, so decide to go there tomorrow. Di has been unable to find any magazines to ... read more
Royal Promenade
Waitin for pre-dinner drinkks

We are up early and go down for breakfast at around 08:00 Today we are in Nassau in the Bahamas, so we have decided to spend a day at the beach. The boat will be in Nassau from 07:00 with “all aboard” at 14:30. We walk off the ship, but as we get to the Cruise terminal, we are bothered by guys trying to get us to take various tours of the island. We push on through the town; it is still early morning so places are still opening up. We are heading for the beach; we pass the Colonial Hilton Hotel. But we are not impressed with the area that seems to be a bit rundown with a lot of properties are derelict. We eventually arrive at the beach; again we are not too impressed ... read more
Nassau Beach
Nassua Police Station
Mickey Mouse Ship

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