" We are sailing" - 29th May 2012

Published: May 30th 2012
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We are in the Bermuda Triangle so I hope that we do not just disappear. Today we will spend all day sailing to reach St Thomas on Wednesday.

We are down for breakfast at around 09:00, but have cut down of the food intake so we just have fruit and fruit juice – the 3 meals a day are beginning to take their toll not only on the waistline, but by feeling permanently bloated! We also start to realize that we have a number of options for breakfast as regards restaurants. We have been going to the restaurant on the 15th floor, we now realize that there is a restaurant in Central Park on the 8th floor where our cabin is, so decide to go there tomorrow.

Di has been unable to find any magazines to read, so we head for the ships library, where she finds a book that she fancies and books it out.

Today is still warm, but a bit cloudy and breezy, so rather than sit by the pool Di suggests that we go to The Solarium, which she discovered yesterday on one of her walks around the vessel. This place is great. It is a large glass enclosure at the bow (front) of the boat, which has spaces between the glass so you can still sunbathe if you desire. It is really spacious, has nice wicker seats with footrest. The Solarium also contains a restaurant, Jacuzzi and swimming pool!

We sit their feet up, cocktail of the day and read until lunchtime. At Lunch the restaurant is just a few step behind us. We have a light lunch I just have soup. We are saving ourselves for dinner; which tends to be a real good menu. We do however have a bottle of wine. I purchased a 12-bottle package before I came away, and I will have to pick up on the consumption if I am to use up the 12 bottles before the end of the cruise.

We spend the afternoon people watching, reading and blogging. We went back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. We then went for a pre-dinner cocktail, the waiter remembered my name, and how does he do that out of all the hundreds of people he meets in a day? – Some days I can barely remember my own name?

Next to where we have drinks is a bar that "takes off"every so often and slowly travels up about 10 storeys, and then returns to its original floor - could be confusing if you had had a couple!

We dine alone but sit next to a couple from Adelaide and have a chat with them

After dinner we go to Central Park for a drink “outside”. We then turn in as I am planning to get up early to do some exercise before we dock at St.Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

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