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Today we go on the Caribbean Cruise We are down for breakfast at about 08:00 and we eat outside overlooking the ocean, watching the world go by. We are in the sun and it is really hot, by the end of breakfast we are just about melting. We go up to our room and finish packing and check out of the hotel at around 11:00, despite my initial impressions of the hotel I now quite like it. We get a taxi to the Cruise liner terminal. When we see the ship “The Allure of the Seas” it is enormous, there is so much of it above the sea-line, it looks like it is liable to topple over- hopefully not! As with our limited previous limited experience for checking in for cruises – it is organized chaos, ... read more

We are now free of the Great Railway Tour itinerary, so we can make our own! Di is up at 06:45, (me a little later!!). We decide to have breakfast in the hotel and we get a table on the terrace overlooking the beach.It is about 09:30 when we have breakfast, and is really enjoyable. The hotal is really nice, a lot better than our first impressions when we originally arrived yesterday evening. I guess it is more "chic" than luxurious, with it's glass wall swimming pool and cavity glass walls with jelly fish swimming in it!! During breakfast we see a Vintage American Car Rally driving up the beach boulevard, We can't seem to get away from car rally's!! After breakfast we go to the pool to do some sunbathing and swimming. At around noon ... read more
Jelly Fish Wall
Car Rally
Dipping Di

North America » United States » Florida » Miami May 25th 2012

Today we fly to Miami from San Francisco. We are up at 06:30, even though our airport shuttle does not leave until 09:10. We get packed up, I am still blogging - trying to catch -up! We go down to reception and check-out.We have a twenty minute wait for the airport shuttle. Both Di and I have chosen shorts and sandals in which to travel - could be a mistake! The weather has gone a little cooler and our feet are freezing - I think that I have frostbite in some of my toes. The San Francisco weather is a little strange, somtimes it is foggy and really cold, sometimes it is really sunny but windy and can still be a little cool, other times it is really warm - and all of these can be ... read more

North America » United States » California May 24th 2012

We have now finished the Great Railway Journey across the USA. Today is our extra day in San Francisco before we fly down to Miami on Friday to pick up the 7-day Caribbean Cruise in Fort Laudadale We spend some time sorting out our suitcases for the cruise so that we have a fresh start with all our clothes clean. After which we go up to the pool on the roof of the Golden Gate Holiday Inn where we are staying. It is quite a warm day and the pool seems to be sheltered from the wind, We sunbathe and read - taking it easy. At around noon we go down to reception to say good-bye to the "Railway" Group" as they head off back to the UK. Di then goes back to the pool. I ... read more
The Golden Gate Holiday Inn
Di "patiently" waits for the Sausalito Ferry

Today is a free day! Di is up early to get all the laundry done in the hotel washroom. I have a bit of a lie-in.We catch-up on a few things, and then head-out at around 10:30. We have decide to make today a shopping day, I need some things for the cruise. We skip breakfast and walk down to the shopping area which is called Union Square. We spend quite a lot of time in Macy's. There are two separate stores, one for men and one for women. We spend 2-3 hours shopping. We then decide to go to Fishermen's Wharf for lunch and catch a tram that takes us right down there. We eat at a real nice restaurant that overlooks the Bay called "The Francescan". We have a good lunch. I have Crab ... read more

Although we did not get to bed until after midnight, we are up and in reception for the start of the San Francisco city tour, the mutiny of the night before has gone away after a good nights sleep! We set off with a guide who is a real comedian. We visit all the various districts of San Francisco and all the places of interest are pointed out. We stop at a typical San Francisco street that is built on a hill. Lombard Street is open to traffic, but the cars must slalom down the hill. The guide tells us that at one time an out-of-town bus driver tried to take his coach down the road and they had to cut it into three pieces in order to get it out!! We then make a short ... read more
Lombard Street
The Palace of Fine Arts
Di at the Bridge

We are up early at around 05:00 and get packed up and put the cases outside the room for the allotted time of 07:00. Di goes off to rustle up some breakfast and returns with Coffee and Danish. (We are beginning to get tired of cooked breakfasts – plus we are getting expanding waistbands). I spend some time updating my blog and Di reads her magazine until it is time to meet the rest of the group in reception for our train journey to San Francisco. A group photograph is organized in front of the Queen Mary; we then make the journey from Long Beach to Los Angeles Union Station through the rush hour traffic. We arrive at the station with time to spare, board the train and settle down for the journey. We have hardly ... read more
California Beach
California Beach 2

We are up at around 05:30 after we have folded away the beds, and shower and dress. It is 06:30 and the train is just stopping at Barstow, it should have stopped there at 03:30, so we are approximately 3 hours behind schedule. Although the tour guide reckons there is an hour of slack in the schedule and we should be only 2 hours late in getting into Los Angeles We eat breakfast in the dining car at around 06:30. The train eventually arrives at Los Angeles Union Station at around 10:00, approximately 2-hours late as predicted by the tour guide.The guide that will take us on a tour of LA meets us. We board the coach and hit the log jam that is the Los Angeles traffic, it was even worst today as there was ... read more
Chinese Theatre - Hollywood
Di in Hollywood
Queen Mary Cabin

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon May 19th 2012

Today we are back into the old routine with a 08:00 start. We are going to the Grand Canyon. We take the coach to Williams; which is about a 45-minute drive, some of it along the famous “Route 66”. We arrive at Williams and go to a Cowboy shoot-out between the “Cataract Creek Gang and the Marshall, with a bit of audience participation. (This group of cowboys will show-up again later in the day!) The train journey from Williams to the Grand Canyon South Rim takes about 2-1/4 hours. The scenery through the window of the train is not too interesting. There is some entertainment on the train – Clarence Clearwater; a Native American Indian sings us some old Indian songs. We arrive at 11:45. The first sight of the Grand Canyon is truly awesome; it ... read more
Grand Canyon 2
Grand Canyon 3
At the Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff May 19th 2012

At last a free day!! – time to chill out, time to catch up on the laundry and ironing, and sort our cases out which have become more and more disorganized as time has gone on. We skip breakfast and get all our laundry completed and are organized again ready to carry on with the tour. We talk about going into Flagstaff, but decide to take it easy, and stay around the hotel. I organize a helicopter in the Grand Canyon for tomorrow. We then go to the outdoor pool, the weather is warm even though there is a bit of a wind blowing. We make use of the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi, and read by the pool. We then get changed and book a table in the hotel restaurant for an early dinner. We ... read more

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