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North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff May 17th 2012

No trains again today, as we take the coach to Flagstaff, which will be around 350 miles trip.We have our driver Bob again and leave at around 07:45. At the hotel last night there were people stayingwho were taking part in a rally of vintage cars from New York to Alaska. Quite a few "Brits' were taking place with MGB's, Jaguar's etc..There was also an Australian in an ozzy-built Leyland?. They are due to finish in Alaska on June 7th. The road is long with many a winding turn which leads us to.......Cortez which is on the on the edge of the Meta Verde park - on old indian ground- not much more to say about the place....... We then arrive at the "Four Corners Monument" which is where the borders of four states come together;Colorado, ... read more
Trans-America Car Rally
4-States Monument
Two-Rocks (Cafe)

North America » United States » Colorado » Durango May 16th 2012

Today we are scheduled to go and ride the Narrow Gauge Railway from Silverton to Durango. We have breakfast at the hotel and set off on a coach at 08:30. The coach will take us to Silverton, we will then ride the railway from Silverton to Durango and the coach will pick us up in Durango and take us to our hotel. It is a warm sunny day when we set off. The first stop is at a small boom town from the Gold and Silver prospecting days called Ouray. It is known for its hot springs and is sometimes called "Little Switzerland". We stop for a coffee and we also visit an authentic Western Saloon. We set off again and start to climb up through the mountains, there are some terrifying drops on the side ... read more
Western Saloon
Di with Bob (The Driver)
Yankee Girl

Early start today, we need to have our cases outside the room by 06:00!! And are to meet the rest of the group in reception at 07:00 We get up at 05:00 and finish off our packing, get the cases outside the room and go down for breakfast at 06:00. The hotel has put on a special buffet breakfast for us for $18:00 After breakfast we head to reception to find that the train has been delayed by an hour, so we wait around catching up on the newspapers. We eventually get onto the coach and are taken to the “makeshift” railway station where we have another short wait; we stand outdoors to get some of the early morning sunshine. We board the train at around 09:30 and leave around 10:00. Just after leaving and getting ... read more
Colorado River 2

Today we have a full day tour of the Rocky Mountains We awake early and have breakfast at 07:30. The coach picks us up at around 08:30 and we are heading for the Rocky mountain National Park. Pur first stop is Boulder which appears to be a University campus town. We see pleny of "Prairie Dogs" along the way, which appear to be a cross between a stoat and a mongoose. We head for Estes Park, which is at the gateway to the National Park. We stop at the Stanley Hotel, which was the basis for Stephen King’s “The Shining”. The film was actually made in a hotel in California (Much to the annoyance of Stephen King). Although the bar in the Stanley Hotel does look very much like the one featured in the film. We ... read more
Prairie Dog
Stanley Hotel
Stanley Hotel Bar

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 14th 2012

We arrive in Denver early at around 07:00 after having an early 06:00 breakfast. We all alite the train feeling a little sleepy. A coach is there to meet us, and takes us on a quick tour of Denver before checking into the Warwick Hotel. We arrive at the hotel at arond 09:30, and have to wait around a little while for the rooms to be made ready. The hotel provides lemonade and cookies while we wait. We dont have too many things planned for the day in Denver so we plan a relaxing day. We have a wander around Denver. It is on a smaller scale to the other American cities that we have visited. It is well laid out and "sightseer friendly" as regards being able to walk around as opposed to using Metro, ... read more
16th Street Mall
Denver Hard Rock Cafe
Union Station Denver - under reconstruction

North America » United States » Washington May 14th 2012

We get up at around 08:00 (Diane a little earlier). I had intended to try to go up the Willis Tower (ex Sears Tower) this morning, but it is raining and I do not have the enthusiasm. I decide to have breakfast with Di and do a little shopping, and laze around before meeting in reception at 12:00 to check up and head to the station – same procedure as the last couple of times so we are all getting drilled in the procedure. After a short stop in the lounge we head to catch the train to Denver. The sleeper is similar to that which we took from New York to Washington. We settle in and pass the time by reading and I catch up on my blog, we have some wine from the dining ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 14th 2012

Friday 11th May We awake at around 05:00 we were passing through Indiana. I think the word “Sleeper” is a bit of a misnomer. Although you can lay down horizontal as if in a bed – the chances of getting a good night sleep are minimal. You get flung about as the train trundles along, and the train driver insists on tooting his horn every 30 seconds – I felt like putting his horn where the sun does not shine!! It also felt a bit cold in the night – must ask for an extra blanket on the next overnight sleeper! We put the beds away and get dressed and showered in time for breakfast at 06:00. Getting ready in these sleeper cars is always a bit of a challenge with the limited space ... read more
Chicago Union Station
Chicago Skyline
The "Bean"

North America » United States » Washington May 13th 2012

Today we have a free morning before we head off for Chicago. We eat breakfast at the Dubliner. We have a wander around Washington, heading first to Capitol Hill so that I can take some pictures of the Capitol Building, from there we head to some shops around Union Station and do some window shopping. (The other thing that we have noticed in Washington is how many people are formally dressed. I would guess that a lot of the people that we see around could be political representatives? – I am used to seeing the vast majority of Americans dress informally, but here suit and tie seems to be the “order of the day” for men, and “power dressing” for women) We meet up with the rest of the group at 14:45 and walk across to ... read more
Washington Union Station
Riding the train

North America » United States » Washington May 13th 2012

This is a free day in Washington. We get up at around 07:30, and are down for breakfast at the Dubliner at around 08:30 We plan our itinerary with the intention of not being too ambitious such that it becomes a chore We decide that we will visit Arlington Cemetery in the morning, essentially to see the graves of the Kennedy’s, in which I have always had an interest and also the Smithsonian Museum – but there are a total of 14 museums in the Smithsonian!! so we have to be a bit more specific, we decide on the Air & Space Museum. We use the Metro and decide to buy a day ticket for 9 dollars, and set off for Arlington, which is across the Potomac River in Virginia. When you see the rows of ... read more
JFK's Resting Place
RFK's grave
Wright Brothers Flying Machine

North America » United States » Washington May 13th 2012

Another early start, we are meeting up with the group at 07:30. We again breakfast in our room, and make out way down to reception to join the rest of the group. A coach takes us to Penn Station and the red caps (Rail Station Porters) take our luggage to the train The train to Washington leaves at 09:00 and takes 3 ½ hours. We arrive at Union Station Washington, and after a short delay we manage to unite coach, luggage and passengers. We are then taken on a tour of Washington that takes approximately 3 hours – we visit numerous memorials and monuments, and are pretty soon “memoriamed out”. Washington is completely different from New York – for starters there are no high-rise buildings. There is a statute that no building can be higher than ... read more
Philadelphia from the train
Washington Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

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