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Oceania » New Zealand March 17th 2011

Up at 0700 again, shower, quick breakfast and we are off. We were going to look at the hot springs at Te Puia, but the GPS sends us in the wrong direction, when we do eventually find it the entrance is for a full day Maori experience, we don’t have time for that so we give it a miss and set out for Taupo. We headed out along highway 5 (The Thermal Explorer route). We passed through areas of geothermal activity where we could see pockets of steam erupting; we even went through a place called Earthquake Flat. (Some things that I have noticed in travelling in Australia and New Zealand is that in Australia they tend to be blasé about the dangerous wild life, e.g. box jelly fish, sharks, crocodiles, poisonous snakes and spiders etc. ... read more
More hills
Long & Winding Road
Napier Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua March 16th 2011

St Pat’s day and also the same day that Di and I first met, many years ago! We are up at 07:00, we are moving on today, somewhat reluctantly as Pappamoa is a good site and the weather is still great. Nonetheless we set off for Rotorua, it is only 65km and it takes us about an hour. As we arrive on the outskirts of Rotorua, we start to get the “rotten egg” smell from the hot springs and geysers that bubble up sulphurous gas. We arrived at the site, which stands on Blue Lake (Tikikapu). We checked in at the site. It is fairly quiet with not much going on apart from swimming in the lake. We are told about Maori Village where we can go in the evening for ceremonial rituals, cultural performances and ... read more
Lake Rotorua
Blue Lake (Camp site)
By the lakeside

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty March 16th 2011

Day 2 of “Chill-out” Up at around 07:00 and breakfast at around 09:00 We then went for a walk along the beach, and introduce Di to my new friends the Seabirds. We got back about 12ish and even though it was not long since breakfast, we were both famished, So we had a Cheese and Ham Salad. We then spent the afternoon sunbathing and went to a local bar at around 16:30 and picked up a Chinese take away, which we ate outside the camper van. We got the beds assembled by 20:00, we intend to have an early night at make an early start tomorrow as we are moving on to Rotorua ... read more
Cheese & Han Salad
Crocodile Dundee eat your heart out!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Plenty » Tauranga March 15th 2011

Today is a ”chill out” day, as we are remaining at the Pappamoa Beach We get up at around 07:00 and go to the shower block to shower. We have agreed to use the shower and toilet in the campervan just for emergencies as neither of us fancy the “slopping out” bit. We had a late breakfast at around 10:00 After breakfast we went for a walk to the supermarket, which is nearby, to stock up on a few things. When we got back, I went for a walk along the beach and Di did some laundry. The beach goes on for “miles”. I had decided that I would walk towards Mount Maugani; I figured that it was about 10 km away. I walk about 5 km and the Mount is getting no nearer. I think ... read more
My friend the Cormorant?
"Torpedo Fishing"
Chicken Salad

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town March 15th 2011

Up early after an early night and a good night sleep. Into the showers early before the rest of the site wakes up, then breakfast outside the van. Still sunny, we have been lucky so far We set off at about 09:00, we have decided that we will fuel up first thing everyday, as the petrol stations do not appear to be as available as we are use to. I programmed the GPS for a gas station at Whitianga. We arrived there and fuelled up and then parked and went for coffee/ hot chocolate. I have a pastry, I am really getting into the pastries and cakes, like date scones etc. Today is really good date, walnut and apricot cake!! We set off again. Progress is slow with steep winding narrow roads. But the scenery is ... read more
Hotwater Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 12th 2011

This was the day that we picked up our camper van, which would be our home for the next three weeks as we explored the remainder of the North Island and the South Island. We got up around 07:00 and start to pack. We had breakfast and then headed out to the supermarket to pick up some supplies for the camper van. We then headed out to the Kai depot at Albany where we will pick up the van. It took about an hour, with all the terms and conditions being explained, and instructions on how to use the GPS. Then on to the van and how to empty the loo, how to dispose of the waste, fill up with fresh water etc.etc. A lot to take in but I will get the hang off it ... read more
Coffee Stop

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 11th 2011

Up early at 07:00am. We need to leave the house at 08:45 We are catching the bus into Auckland, to get a ferry across to Waiheke Island, where we have a day's tour booked. We get some breakfast and head out to the Park & Ride. We are lucky and get a bus straight away. We arrived at the Ferry Terminal in good time for the ferry, and have time to get a coffee on the seafront. We boarded the ferry, it is pretty crowded looks like a lot of people are heading out to the island from Auckland for the day or the week-end. We docked at Mariatia Wharf on Whaiheke Island.We meet our guide for the day, who turn out to be a bit of a character We set off to explore the island ... read more
Our Guide
Owhanake Bay
Palm Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island March 11th 2011

A day of rest! I am up late, about 10:30!! Tracey made a load of bacon sandwiches for breakfast (I will need to do some dieting over the next three weeks or I wont fit in my plane seat to get home!) We have designated today as a rest day, we are not going out anywhere. Diane sits out on the decking reading her book, and I am indoors catching up with my Travel Blog and doing some route planning for the 3 weeks when we have the Motorhome - I now have a rough idea of my route - which helps!! Gary and I went for a walk in the evening, and we stayed in for dinner - A nice relaxing day. Tomorrow we resume and have a full day tour of a local island ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 9th 2011

Up a bit later today - around 09:00 - I don't feel like I have really come to terms with the last time change! Today the itinerary say that we will tour the Auckland City Centre. We have breakfast and set out for Devonport, which is located at the North Shore. We parked up the car and just made a ferry leaving for Auckland Harbour, the journey takes around 20 mins and on the way there are great views of the Auckland skyline.We got off the ferry and made our way along Queen Street. Auckland has all the hustle and bustle of a major city, Sydney on a smaller scale. We are making our way to the Sky Tower, the tower is 328m high and is the highest structure in the southern hemisphere. The lift takes ... read more
Sky Tower reflection
Harbour Bridge from the top of the Sky Tower
"Sky Jump"!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia March 9th 2011

Up for breakfast at around 07:30, another sunny day Breakfast is included in our package so we make the most of it. We also have a late check-out for 12:00, but being as we have the day planned we decide to check out early. We pack up the car and head off. Firstly we make for Kerikeri to look at he "Stone House" alongside the Kerikeri river. The house is the oldest stone building in NZ, and contains items that would have been bartered in earlier times such as blankets and muskets. We then head off to Haruru Falls, Gary and I were considering a walk from the falls back to the Waitangi Treaty House, but it will take about 2 hours and 40 minutes and we do not have the time to spare.Gary stopped at ... read more
Haruru Falls

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