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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia March 7th 2011

We are up at around 08:00, it is another gloriously sunny day.We packed an overnight bag and packing an overnight bag ready for our visit to the Bay of Islands and have breakfast. We had planned to set off at 10:00, but it was more like 11:00 when we set off on the SH1 heading north.We head in the direction of Whangerei (pronounced Fangerei in Maori- a bit like the doric at home in Aberdeen!). We stop off at "Hundterwassers Loo" on the way. These are public toilets in Kawakawa that were designed by an Austrian born artist and ecoarchitect Friedensreich Hundterwasser. These are the most photographed loo's in New Zealand. Lots of wavy lines decorated in mosaics and brightly covered bottles - bizarre!. We carry on for a while longer before stopping at Waipu (Pronounced ... read more
Waitangi National Reserve
Bay of Islands
Dinner at Alfresco's

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 7th 2011

Up at around 9:00, after a late night to bed. It is initially a bit chilly in the morning but warms up as the sun comes up. Gary and Tracey have an itinerary planned out for us which involves an overnight stay in Paihia in the Bay of Islands which is about 200km from Auckland, We will set off tomorrow morning. Gary cooked us a full English Breakfast on the barbeque, This includes bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms etc.etc. By the time we are having this is s more of a 'brunch' meal-really good After breakfast we set-off to explore the local area. Firstly we went to Browns Bay.We had a wander around the the town centre and took a short walk along the beach. We then motored up to Torbay and had a wander around. Then ... read more
The Tor
Long Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 5th 2011

Up at around 07:00 and finish off packing. Down for breakfast - poached egg and bacon, we are booked in for Bed & Breakfast again. The cases are picked up at 09:15 and we check out at 09:45. We have a departure time from Hamilton Island of 10:55 for Melbourne. The weather is back to torrential wind and a wee bit blowy. Our luggage is picked up and we check out of the Beach Club and are taken over to the airport in good time for the flight to Melbourne. The flight is full and takes just under 3hours. At Melbourne we go to te International departures and check-in for our flight to Auckland, New Zealand. The flight is full, but we are back to travelling Business, so we have plenty of room. I watch some ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays March 4th 2011

Up early again - our last day on the boat.!' Down for breakfast at 07:00, but we are told to pack our bags before breakfast and leave them in the library, as the girls will make a start in cleaning the rooms. We did as we were told and packed up and went for breakfast. The captain sets off while we are eating breakfast, this is the first time we have been eating on the move. This is not a problem as the vessel is unbelievably stable, and we have felt very little movement the whole of the voyage - so Di's fears and the need for sea-sickness pills was unfounded. We then had to settle our bar tab for the cruise, the wine on the vessel was quite reasonably priced so this is relatively painless. ... read more
The Crew
Dinner at Romanos

Oceania » Australia March 4th 2011

Up at 06:00 again. Di is this time worrying about me going snorkelling after seeing the sharks last night, and starts to ask where I keep the insurance policies! We go for breakfast at 07:00, the special this morning is poached egg and bacon - really good!. Then it is off to get ready for snorkelling. We are dropped off on the beach and told to remain in a certain area. The snorkelling is good and I see a Stingray and a number of exotically coloured fish (there is a chart on the vessel for identifying fish and putting a name to them, but I am not too good at this - I'll never get my "fish-spotting" badge!). The snorkelling is not quite as good as yesterday, there are small particles in the water and a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays March 4th 2011

We are up at 06:00. I ask Di how she has slept; she says that she has not as she has been worried about the walk to the beach. We have been told that to get to the beach involves a 600-metre walk through the rain forest with the slight possibility of coming across snakes and spiders, of which Di is too fond! (Although she says that she did not sleep I did hear her snoring in the night!) We go for breakfast at 07:00 (breakfast is served from 07:00 until 09:00). As well as the usual cereal, toast fruit and fruit juices, they have a special every morning. This morning it is Vanilla Pancakes with blackberry couli. I try the special – it is great. At 09:00 the vessel makes off to the beach, which ... read more
Whitehaven Beach
"Does my bum look big in this?" (No but your belly does!)
Back from snorkelling

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays March 3rd 2011

We are up at around 7:00 and go for breakfast at around 08:00. When we return to our room the luggage has been packed up and moved to reception. We checked out and got a courtesy car to the marina to catch our ferry to the mainland (Shute Harbour) We then got a bus to take us to the Abel point marina to check-in for the sail, but we are sailing with Whitsundays Sailing Adventure, and we find out that we need to check in at the office in the main street of Airlie Beach so we have a 10 min walk back to their office in town. We check in and find out that there are only a total of 8 people on this sailing! It is about lunctime now so we take the opportunity ... read more
The Pacific Sunrise
Our cabin on the vessel
Di getting unpacked

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hamilton Island March 3rd 2011

The rain continued through the night, but it stopped in the morning We ate breakfast at the hotel. Our package here is for Bed & Breakfast, which is good. After breakfast we spent the morning on the beach, with a brief interlude at the pool beach to cool down and take a beer. It starts to rain at around lunch time, so we go back to our room. I download photos and videos onto the laptop and charge up the cameras ready for our 3-day Sail. The weather clears up and we decide to go back to the pool. As we are going back we notice a couple are getting married on the beach just outside our room. Di thinks that it is a little sad, as there is only the bride and Groom, Registrar and ... read more
Beach Wedding
At the Cocktail Party

Oceania February 26th 2011

Early start as the car picked us up at 05:55. It’s not raining!!! We hope that this is an omen for some better weather!! We made our way back down the Captain Cooke Highway to Cairns. This time we could see a bit of the scenery in the half-light, with the Coral Sea on our left and the hills of the tropical rain forests on our right. With it being early morning there was still low cloud and mist in the valleys to our right. We pass some kangaroos at the side of the road. Out to sea we see a number of small islands just offshore. We arrived at the airport at around 6:50, in good time for our flight at 7:55. We takeoff early, the plane is a prop job, a Dash 8 and ... read more
Catseye Beach
Lunch at the Yacht Club

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas February 26th 2011

Its raining again Sunday - day of rest We went to get our laundry dry before we move on to Hamilton Island early tomorrow morning. We then went into town to do a little shopping and visit the Port Douglas Sunday Market, it is mainly local produce and very little as regards souvenirs etc. We have skipped breakfast and we decide to take an early lunch at the old Court House. We then got the Sunday paper, mags and some munchies and went back to the hotel for a snooze and "slob-out" and watch some TV movies. We are getting tired of the persistent rain now. We have walked through so much water that we are starting to develop webs between our toes. With all the water about the mosquitoes are also making a comeback and ... read more
Port Douglas Market
Incredible tree root system

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