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We are really starting to love it here in San Jose. It's definitely cleaner and more pristine than any other part of Mexico that we've seen. The weather has been perfect, I think we've had three drops of rain since we arrived. We really like the public bus system now that we have it figured out, which we took today to Playa Palmilla (Beach.) It's only a couple of miles from here towards Cabo San Lucas. We get off the bus at Pamilla Golf Course and start our walk downhill along a decadent golf course community towards the ocean. The sidewalk is beautiful with lovely gardens along each side. We peak over the fences to see the perfectly manicured golf course and homes in these gated communities. After about 3/4 mile, we come to the most ... read more
Playa Pamilla
Ocean front mansion

Six people asked us while we were standing at at the bus stop how to get to El Centro, I guess I will have to dedicate a blog to getting around by public transit here, but not today. We decided to explore a new part of town, we took the Inter Baja bus down Hwy 1 to Pescadore and went West from there by foot. We found a business area dedicated to mostly locals instead of tourists. There were some tourists there but mostly just in the restaurants, Ian and I were the only Gringos walking the streets. Normally in these local types of neighbourhoods it is commonplace to see trash littering the streets, but this area was surprizingly clean. We walked several blocks and came across a tortilla stand called Lulu's and picked up some ... read more
Los Guacamayas
Lunch - Skewers

We sat around the pool for a few hours, we had decided to head out to watch at least one of the football games, Seattle vs San Francisco. We walked over to Applebees who was advertising the games available, we were expecting it to be like any Abblebees, not high expectations, but at least decent. We came for the football and ordered their appetizer platter thinking we might have something else later. We were a little disappointed that the games were in Spanish, but we are in Mexico after all. Anyway, there were tons of people working in there but we waited and waited until finally someone came by to serve us. The food they brought was completely disgusting - we couldn't eat it. I thought I was going to be sick, I couldn't get the ... read more

We decided to take the bus over to the marina in San Jose del Cabo. We are half-way through our vacation now and feeling right at home in the area. While we were waiting downtown where we transfer buses, a nice man from Smithers, BC stopped and offered us a ride - bonus. The marina, called Puerto Los Cabos, was just lovely, smaller and quieter than the marina in Cabo, no stores or industry, just a pathway surrounding the marina, part paved, part not, lined with art including prints, sculptures, occasional benches and beautiful cactus gardens. A fantastic spot for any photography enthusiasts. What struck me the most is that no one else was there, we ran into maybe 4 people on our mile or so walk - nice. There were secured gateways onto the docks, ... read more
Container Restaurant
Marine Fork Lift

We can't start writing about all the things we've been doing and places we've been going because mostly, we've just been relaxing and taking it easy, working on our tans. We work our butts off at home so it does take a bit of time to shift gears when you are used to getting so many things done in a day. We're enjoying the slower pace of life, reading books and enjoying the area that we are getting to know very well. There was a beautiful full moon last night with a gorgeous red sky, this is a very nice place to relax. It really cools off here once the sun goes down, I find myself reaching for a sweater, good thing I brought one! We've been hanging around town, walking and taking the bus, we ... read more
Ian's walk to the Marina
Full Moon
Doorway to La Salsa

Had our first, 'hang around the pool day' a couple of days ago which was very relaxing. There's 55 condos in our complex but usually we are the only people at the pool. There's also a better breeze over at the pool as sometimes we find it too hot to sit on our deck. Weather has been just great, hot and sunny every day, 28 c - 30 c, with a forecast of more of the same. Damn, it's nice here. Is it just me, or is one of the highlights of a vacation all the wonderful food? We found an amazing restaurant called Blue Fish a couple of blocks away. A hidden gem in the back corner of the mall with Applebee's. It didn't look like much but always seemed busy when we walked by. ... read more
Blue Fish Restaurant
Yellow Fin Tuna Dinner

It was a bit cloudy, a good day to clean up the condo, do some laundry and catch a couple more movies on HBO. We get a whopping four whole English channels here, CNN, ESPN, HBO and Discovery. Mostly we catch movies on HBO when we do watch tv. We decide to go to the spa - Ian books himself a one hour massage, I book half an hour massage and pedicure. We walk over a few blocks to a little strip mall, the spa is nice and clean, new, quite high end and we were in for a treat. Our masseur must be part chiropractor, she rubs, twists and snaps, we've never had a massage quite like that before. Afterward, we both feel completely relaxed and moisturized as we walk back to the condo with ... read more

We decided to walk to the North End of the main beach today, it was a pretty good walk from here about 4 km. Again, we get another perspective of the beach resorts from the water side, basically one after another the whole way in this direction. They all look similar, some a little higher end than the others. At the very end we head up to the Holiday Inn and borrow their outdoor shower to wash off our feet to put on our shoes. We cut across their yard and jump the little fence to gain entrance to the estuary. It's pretty and peaceful, a lovely little find. We spot a large pelican fishing, he doesn't seem to have any trouble finding food. There's two kinds of ducks, neither like what we are used to ... read more

We live on a beach in Balfour so you'd think that going to the beach wouldn't be that exciting, but a beach in Cabo is very much different than a beach in Balfour. The sand is clean and very deep, not too rocky - only in a few spots. There's beach in both directions almost as far as we can see, we get a new perspective of buildings we've seen from the road. We find it easier to walk along the water line while the waves lick at our feet. The ocean water is colder than we remember in Cozumel but refreshing since it's a hot day. We walk south as far as we could go, we see some people swimming near the point and also see some whales spouting out in the bay. I've never ... read more
Cabo Main Beach
South End
Ian goes for a dip

Ian wanted more of those delicious home-made tortillas from the Municipal Mercado, so I knew what where we were headed today, we thought we'd take the bus. We walked to the nearest stop, which was quite a distance and a large green bus stopped for us, but it wasn't the Urbano (local bus) it was the bus coming from Cabo San Lucas, the busses we want start at the loop about 1 km away behind the Mega, so we walk the rest of the way. There's no published bus schedule or routes for tourists, I checked, I guess we're just supposed to figure it out as we go. We hop on a bus marked El Centro and take it as far as downtown, since that's what we knew, then we walk about another km down local ... read more
Cantina Sardina

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