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Looking for first hand perspective on riviera maya

I would like to hear from anyone who has just returned or is currently in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico regarding the Swine Flu epidemic
11 years ago, April 29th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #71360  
N Posts: 2
At this point I probably know more than necessary about the Swine Flu epidemic. I'm not looking for information on Mexico City or airline info or Swine Flu awareness info.

I want to hear from someone who has either just returned or is there right now. Specifically in the Riviera Maya. My girlfriend and I are planning on flying into Cancun on May 4th and staying in Tulum. My main concern is that everyday life has changed due to the outbreak panic. I'd rather not be somewhere where everyone is wearing surgical masks and businesses are closed.

I've already heard from a few sources in the area are that churches, banks and schools are closed in Tulum. As far as tourist destinations go I think that the Mayan ruins have been closed until further notice. I'm guessing that this means that Xel Ha and Xcaret are already or will be closed soon as well.

Basically, if life is going as usual in the area I would be more inclined to take the trip.

Any first-hand insight on any of this would be greatly appreciated. Reply to this

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