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We'd never been to Mexico. Which is funny because we'd been so many other international places, you'd think Mexico would have crossed my mind at some point. It really hadn't. In my mind it was resorts and partying, and largely unsafe. (Ok, I was wrong). Also, we live in California and I grew up surrounded by Mexican American culture and amazing food. So I never really felt the need to explore Mexico. My parents really enjoyed their trips, though, so I finally just asked if we could use their timeshare for a long weekend. We got up early and headed to the airport, only to discover on the way that Alaska Airlines had cancelled and rescheduled us to a later flight. It was only an hour later but it was no longer direct. Thanks. So we ... read more
Arrived with the Sunset
Beer, please!
The Pool, as seen from our balcony

So here I am back in my happy place for a little R&R before the New Year. Oh and believe me, I needed it. After spending my summer locked up amongst the criminally insane who like to eat their prescription glasses and smother themselves in feces, I am done. As you might know, I love Cabo (hence my handle). My family have been coming to San Jose del Cabo for over 50 years. Back when I was a kid, we would spend our winters here camping on the endless beaches only to slip into the sleepy fishing pueblos for occasional provisions. It was paradise. I remember how gigantic conch shells littered the shores, stingrays cartwheeled in the surf at sundown, burros were an acceptable mode of transport, and you could walk for miles along the sandy ... read more
Did you see my Ass
Federalies in camo
Another Tequila Sunset

Leaving from mile 53 on the east coast north of San Jose del Cabo, we ventured across the mountains on a 40 km trail to the west coast. A trail it was, wash outs, no signs, no GPS that worked, we had to get out of the car to lessen the weight, push, pull or pray. The sign on the main highway said revacucation beneficiary 277,000 pop. Would you think that the habitation would be plentiful . But Not we where on are own for the 4.5 hours it took us to go 40 kms . But we also were driving a Nissan March rent a car. Good thing we could almost pick it up. An adventure we 4 will never forget. Neil, Pam, Gary and Judy.... read more
The wash
Ranch regal

Just on the North end of San Jose Del Cabo a dirt road barely passable by car goes up the shore line North . Along the way numerous towns, of Canadian and American beautiful homes as well as the odd Mexican shanti. The ocean is a wonderful aqua blue surf with high splashing waves. A Gem hidden away behind the scenes. Later on return to Los Barriles the annual Rotary club parade.... read more

Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the "aquarium of the world" due to it's large concentration of sea creatures ranging from tiny reef fish, great white sharks, enormous Humboldt squid, and whale sharks as well as five of the world's seven types of sea turtles and several types of whales. John Steinbeck also visited the area and described the area around Cabo Pulmo "clinging to the coral, growing on it, burrowing into it, was a teeming small piece of coral might conceal 30 or 40 species and the colors on the reef were electric." We headed to breakfast after being sleep deprived the previous night due to our work schedules and sleeping for almost 12 hrs despite some roosters crowing in the distance. We met with our dive group and launched off the ... read more

As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.” -Herman Melville And we are off once again, this time much shorter and much closer to home than we have been doing but nevertheless one of those life list trips we have been looking forward to now for years. We left Tucson at 0900 with layover in Phoenix and arrived in San Jose Del Cabo at 1300. What a short and painless trip and we didn't even have to leave our timezone! As we were making our initial descent my eyes were glued out the window, tracing the contours of the coast. There were several times where I thought I was imagining seeing whales, but I was skeptical as I always see ... read more
Our dream retirement beachfront home

The mother of all storms hit Los Cabos this year. A category 4. It was horrific. I was on the other side of the continent when hurricane Odile landed and I felt helpless as I received play-by-play posts from family, friends, and the media, until the cell phone towers toppled and Cabo was cut off from the world. Like anyone who regularly visits this region, we all have the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) updates on our phone handy. Because every June through November about ten named storms form in the seas around Costa Rica and head straight for the tip of the Baja. Some make landfall, some divert left or right. It's just a part of life. (Insert your own views on global warming and storm intensification here) This particular season had been a ... read more
Agua por favor
Okay, maybe there is an exception to the rule
The Big Odile

There is lots to love about San Jose del Cabo. If you find the area too quiet, you can always hop a bus to busy Cabo San Lucas and be there in about 20 minutes. We didn't take in golfing, fishing or tours, but there is plenty of that here if that's your thing. CLEAN & PRISTINE - this is out third time to Mexico and this area is by far the cleanest and most pristine we have seen. I loved Cozumel last year and would also go back there but this place is just a cut above. Streets are clean and litter free, gardens manicured, zero unemployment, things here seem just a little better economically. It is common to see work crews out sweeping and raking public streets and areas. I can walk around by ... read more

A typical day starts with waking up to a beautiful sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. We can watch the sun coming up from the comfort of our bed as we leave the French doors to our bedroom open as well as the curtains on our patio doors fronting the condo. On many days we have been fortunate enough to be entertained by a couple of whales spouting and breaching out in the bay. Other than whales, there's usually only a couple of small fishing boats, no big boats or cruise ships coming and going, just water as far as you can see with the sun's rays reflecting across. Yes, it's going to be another beautiful day. After a leisurely cup of delicious Mexican coffee and cup of Red Rose tea on the deck and a ... read more
Tuna Sashimi
Sunomo Salad
Mi Sushi

We went a little later in the day saving our energy by laying around the pool, this time we arrived downtown by bus around 4:30 pm when things were already in full swing. We couldn't believe how many people came out for the Art Walk on Thursday evening in San Jose. The streets are closed to vehicles and are packed with pedestrians just strolling around. Galleries offering open wine bars, tequila shots and appetizers - did I mention that this is all free? Definitely something not to be missed. We started in the town square where some various exhibits were set up, then wandered from gallery to gallery around town, about four or so square blocks. We watched an artist decked out in Mexican embroidery making bead work sculpture set in wax - pretty cool. We ... read more
Amber Necklace Purchase
Town Square

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