I'd Walk a Mile...

Published: January 8th 2014
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Ian wanted more of those delicious home-made tortillas from the Municipal Mercado, so I knew what where we were headed today, we thought we'd take the bus. We walked to the nearest stop, which was quite a distance and a large green bus stopped for us, but it wasn't the Urbano (local bus) it was the bus coming from Cabo San Lucas, the busses we want start at the loop about 1 km away behind the Mega, so we walk the rest of the way. There's no published bus schedule or routes for tourists, I checked, I guess we're just supposed to figure it out as we go. We hop on a bus marked El Centro and take it as far as downtown, since that's what we knew, then we walk about another km down local streets taking some turns here and there to the Mercado. It's a little off the beaten path and a little difficult to find. We were actually stopped in Walmart by a fellow who was asked us about where the best places are to buy food, he had a rental car but he couldn't find it at all. Anyway, after a few turns down some of the local streets, we found it, we knew what it looked like so that helped. I think the ladies in the tortilla stand are starting to get to know us, I do have to say they are the best tortillas, very unlike what we get at home. We wait as the lady makes them fresh off the grill for us. I notice no tourists around, just locals and as usual, Ian and I are about a foot taller, we definitely stand out in the crowd. Armed with our hot and fresh package, we head off again, disagreeing between us which direction to go. We decide to head uphill.

We find a main street about a block away and get our bearings, then walk about another km or so over to Walmart where we stock up on some other groceries and catch a taxi back to the condo for 70 pescos, about $6. Funny how navigating this community by foot has come down to stores: Walmart and Mega.

We decide to go out for dinner today to a little restaurant nearby called Cantina Sardina, it had great reviews on Trip Advisor, so we walk again, this time not as far. We share a bowl of clam chowder and a halibut dinner with Caper sauce with a ton of steamed veg and huge baked potato, way too much food for one person, good thing we shared. We both agreed this was the best tasting meal we've ever had in Mexico. The place itself, nothing fancy at all. Pleasantly full, but not overstuffed, smiling and happy we walk back to our condo - it was definitely worth it!


8th January 2014

Sharing meals
Portion are too large these days no matter what country. My husband and I always share meals. Looks like a cute place to dine.

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