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Published: January 13th 2014
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Had our first, 'hang around the pool day' a couple of days ago which was very relaxing. There's 55 condos in our complex but usually we are the only people at the pool. There's also a better breeze over at the pool as sometimes we find it too hot to sit on our deck. Weather has been just great, hot and sunny every day, 28 c - 30 c, with a forecast of more of the same. Damn, it's nice here.

Is it just me, or is one of the highlights of a vacation all the wonderful food? We found an amazing restaurant called Blue Fish a couple of blocks away. A hidden gem in the back corner of the mall with Applebee's. It didn't look like much but always seemed busy when we walked by. I always said I would never eat Sushi in Mexico but couldn't resist a few bites of the Ahi Tuna Sashimi that Ian had ordered, it was fabulous, and so fresh. We also had a couple of tacos, shrimp and tuna - both were really great, no idea how they get so much flavour on something so simply presented. Again, we think this is the best we've ever had. Something tells me this place will become one of our regular lunch spots.

Yesterday, Sunday, the day off for many here and lots of places are closed, so we hit the air conditioned movie theatre, they have some movies in English with Spanish subtitles, we caught Captain Phillips. What a great movie about pirates off the coast of Somalia. If you get a chance - see it, definitely worth watching. We were both speechless as we walked out of the theatre.

We popped into Villa Valentina for an early dinner on the way back, we shared some chicken and the Catch of the Day - Yellow Fin Tuna on a bed of wilted spinach and mushrooms. The fish is so fresh and wonderful here, we just can't seem to get enough of it!

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