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The weather has been a little funky, very cloudy, some cold wind and a little bit of rain, which is a extreemly unusual thing to happen this tim eof year, but then again, theres been weird weather all over th world, seems like were just slowly destroying it... hope not. I havent been real busy as far a s water activities, but thers been a few hikes, like today, we went to the Waterfalls at Santiago, the weather was nice for doing the hike, quite cool, so it was easyer than normal, water was real chilli, no one wanted to go into the natrual pool or take a dive from the waterfalls edge, instead we visited the zoo, and then headed home. Once again, another succesfull tour, everyone is safely back in their hotels. read more

Today We went to do some hiking over to the Waterfalls at "Cañon de la Zorra", the weather has been real good for Hiking, were at 25 Celsious and a mild wind was blowing to keep us cool trough the hike, vegetation is still very abundant, although is not a crazy jungle like it was in the summer, the water was quite chilli as we dove in to the natural pool where the waterfall is. The Warick's were the familly that came along on tour 2 adults and 2 boys in their youger teens, the boys loved jumping of the waterfall, and they also had a good kick from the Zoo at Santiago. Once again a Safe and succesfull tour, every body back in their hotels safely. read more

Yes our bags have arrived from their trip to Alaska with coconut airlines (thanks Rich). Have meet some great people and eaten true Mexican food and my new favorite drink the pinacolada. Wonderful. We are packing up our backpacks today and moving on to Todos Santos. This will be the first time we have had the packs on our backs so it will be very interesting how long I last. We are traveling with some Canadians today and they actually know less Spanish than I do. Think we will hang around with them because it makes me sound very fluent indeed. There has been a festival at this town since we arrived off the plane, so it has been one big party. Music, dancing, food, more food and drinking. Keep sending your messages we are receiving ... read more
The famous arch

Hola to all you comedians and thanks for the messages! (A special hello to Greta!) We really enjoyed your aussie humour especially because it is in English. Yes it’s true, we have done nothing but drink and eat. We have moved quickly from the 5 star restaurants down to the street stalls. Last night we enjoyed dinner under a plastic tent in the local plaza with a couple of young Canadians. Plastic table, chairs and tablecloths amongst all the excited Mexicans there to enjoy the sounds of Alejandra Guzmal and companions (a very popular pop singer ). We partook of tostados both the vegetarian and the meat varieties very yummy and healthy followed by the global drink - coke. Dinner cost us about $2 each but then Carol’s new habit shot the budget to pieces. She ... read more

Well we are finially here after our long flight but our bags are still in transit (hopefully they are, we think they have gone via Alaska). Had them up till LA and now they are who knows where. Oh well could be worse!!! It is very different over here but I have an open mind to new adventures. Had a great meal last night and I actually spoke to the waiter in Spanish. I'm even impressing myself with the Spanish I'm learning in the short time we have been here. Forgot to mention the margeritas were great with the meal last night might have a few more tonight (sorry Geri just said we definitely will). Just to let you know the messages you are sending are coming through and it's great to still have contact. Geri ... read more

Old folks from the 60's and 70's still flock to Buena Vista to take advantage of some of the best wind in the world.... read more

Casa Ballena (see, to Spa Buena Vista and look for the name of the house) 45 minutes North of the airport at San Jose Del Cabo at KM 105 is the dirt road turnoff to Spa Buena Vista. Take a right and stay on the sandy road past the Hotel Buena Vista and turn right at the large garage with green trim then go up a little hill and turn left on Galeon. On the left is Casa Ballena with its blue trim. We bought this home in 2000 with good friends. It is 100 yards from the Sea of Cortez and the Bahia de las Palmas. In February and March windsurfers flock to the area. One can dive with Mark and Jennifer Rayor ( year around but the water is around 62 degrees during ... read more

The celebration of the lives of Carol and Paul Locklin drew 60+ friends and relatives. Now we can get down to planning the next trip to Buena Vista ( Ballena) and to Arroyo Seco, NM ( Julia and Holden are headed to Australia (See, ODN). Good luck! Jim and Connie... read more
Katie and Diana

I didn't spend long in San Jose, just the best part of a day. The town itself was really beautiful, old spanish style architecture. The cathedral was particularly attractive, I got my required amount of attractive Mexican architecture on the visit... The beach at San Jose was very impressive, the sand bank rose up very steeply from the sea to form the beach. The waves were so powerful and broke at such a short distance from the beach that some rebounded and headed back out to sea. There were signs everywhere saying "no nadar" - no swimming, the currents were very dangerous and could have meant being swept out to sea. I stopped for lunch, which turned out to be deep fried nachos with chicken. The deep fried nachos were not what I was looking for ... read more
More attractive buildings
Dead Fish

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