Football Day

Published: January 20th 2014
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We sat around the pool for a few hours, we had decided to head out to watch at least one of the football games, Seattle vs San Francisco.

We walked over to Applebees who was advertising the games available, we were expecting it to be like any Abblebees, not high expectations, but at least decent. We came for the football and ordered their appetizer platter thinking we might have something else later. We were a little disappointed that the games were in Spanish, but we are in Mexico after all. Anyway, there were tons of people working in there but we waited and waited until finally someone came by to serve us. The food they brought was completely disgusting - we couldn't eat it. I thought I was going to be sick, I couldn't get the horrible taste out of my mouth. Ian complained to the waitress who took our side plates away and left the uneaten platter on our table. For anyone who knows Ian - it is pretty easy for anyone to tell when he is not happy. Then Ian complained to a guy who looked like a supervisor who took the platter away. Then Ian called over the manager and complained again. We hadn't seen our waitress again, I think she was hiding out in the back but she finally made another appearance with our cheque in her hand - they charged us full price which was $20 for the platter - very expensive for here. Ian threw the money down on the table, with no tip of course and we walked out. Worst meal of the trip.

We made our way across the street to the Sardina Cantina, it was packed but we got a table outside. The Americans next to us were chain smokers, I can hardly believe that we used to smoke, seems like a lifetime ago now, almost 14 years. Everyone else on the patio didn't smoke and was fanning themselves with menus or holding napkins over their mouths but this couple didn't flinch and just kept lighting up. We felt sorry for the little dog they had with them, poor guy probably has lung disease from all that second hand smoke. When they finally paid their bill and left, people were cheering. We shared a fishermans platter with shrimp, calamari, scallops and fish - it was fantastic. The game was also awesome. In spite of it all, we ended up having a really fun time. Go Seattle Go.


20th January 2014

If you are still in Cabo please go to Gordo's Le Le for lunch or dinner. He will serenade you with Beatles music. It is very cool.

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