West on Pescadore

Published: January 21st 2014
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Six people asked us while we were standing at at the bus stop how to get to El Centro, I guess I will have to dedicate a blog to getting around by public transit here, but not today. We decided to explore a new part of town, we took the Inter Baja bus down Hwy 1 to Pescadore and went West from there by foot. We found a business area dedicated to mostly locals instead of tourists. There were some tourists there but mostly just in the restaurants, Ian and I were the only Gringos walking the streets. Normally in these local types of neighbourhoods it is commonplace to see trash littering the streets, but this area was surprizingly clean.

We walked several blocks and came across a tortilla stand called Lulu's and picked up some fresh flour tortillas. A couple streets further Ian bought some tamales from a man selling them off a cart. Following that, we found a little hair salon for Ian to get a hair cut, again, quite a nice salon, clean and more modern that what we'd expect.

We stopped for lunch at Los Quacamayas, a very authentic Mexican restaurant we had heard about from a guy in our complex. There is definitely something to be said when you're hearing roosters crowing next door while you're eating your lunch - gives new meaning to the words, 'fresh chicken' on the menu. Before we even ordered anything, we had a plate of cucumbers, grilled jalepenos, grilled onions, fresh salsa, guacamole and a trio of other sauces on our table. After studying the menu in detail we settled on some steak and pork tacos as well as one of their house specialties called Skewers with pork (called El Pastore.) The skewers were not what you'd think, basically the pork was originally skewered I suppose, then chopped up with bacon, peppers and onions, and loaded with melted cheese served with tortillas. Ian says this was his favourite Mexican meal so far. I agree it was good, but our waiter was not very pleasant and since we had to fight to keep the flies away from our food and I couldn't figure out how to turn the light on in the ladies room which was pitch black when the door was closed. In the end, I just had to leave the door open a crack and go for it. I have to say I liked some other restaurants a little better.

This a good area to explore if you want something more authentic or if you are just sick of the touristy stuff.

Our limited selection of four tv channels and the repeats on HBO finally got the best of us, so we gave in and signed up for Netflix, and yes, it does work in Mexico. At least we have some decent shows to watch for the last 10 days of our stay. We are both getting addicted to the series, Orange is the New Black - if you haven't seen it yet, get it, it's awesome.

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