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Hi All Well this is my first writing in our blog. We've been in Cabo San Lucas for about a week on the hook off a 5 star hotel, We were waiting for Sarah, Dave's daughter to fly down for a weeks vacation. So after picking up Sarah, Dave took her by the Lands End to see it and then we both sailed about 20 miles east to a "being constructed marina" Puerto Los Cabos. It is being developed as a somewhat mega yacht sport fishing marina. So us little cruisers are let in for $40.00 a day on the unfinished part. No Power in the unfinished part. If you want power it/s $110.00 a day. It's going to be a nice Marina when done. There are definitely no derelicts in this Marina. Last night we ... read more
Cruise Ship we're anchored next to.
Navy Gunboat
Dave, Sarah, and a cactus

After delivering a boat to LA from BC in September, I spent a couple weeks travelling around California. Seeing the sights of LA, San Diego and San Fransisco bay area. Then a quick trip home, before I re-joined my old boat in San Diego, and we prepared to head south. Stopping in Guadalupe (shark island), and seeing a 15ft. great white shark from the boat was amazing. Then we stayed in Cabo for a few days... which ended up being very long days with the late nights we inevitably had. After getting that out of our system, we took the guests up the sea of cortez, where we had some absolutely picturesque anchorages... while having a look at La Paz and Loreto. Our last stop was Puerto Vallarta... which was another new stop for me, which ... read more
Boldy worlds
Apoise reunion

Cabochick? Yah that's me! What can I say. I know Cabo. I've been lucky enough to travel to this part of Mexico for over 30 years now. For those who don't know, Los Cabos is located at the tip of the Baja pennisula - which is 'the Capes' for the espanol-challenged. The entire area of Los Cabos includes two main towns called Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo which are connected by endless beaches and the fourlane highway called 'the Corridor'. For me, the town of San Jose del Cabo has always been a little oasis amongst parched dusty desert. Queue the music! ...and if you need a little help with a selection...Chelo Silva sets the mood nicely! Settled back in 1730 as a Jesuit Mission and Fort, San Jose del Cabo was Baja’s ... read more
Chilling at Chileno playa
beloved estuary in town
boulivards in SJD

Yes, Merry Christmas from Mexico! After some persuading, I agreed to K's suggestion that we travel to Baja California for the Christmas holiday. We went to Los Cabos, which comprises two towns 30km apart at the southern tip of the peninsula, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. It's almost 1,000 miles by road from San Diego so we didn't drive! Quiet We stayed in the old town of San Jose del Cabo, which is much quieter than Cabo San Lucas and mercifully free of timeshare touts. (Well, except for two Londoners we overheard at a restaurant on our last morning). It also doesn't have bars called Squid Roe and The Giggling Marlin. 'Nuff said. Los Cabos is south of the Tropic of Cancer, so the December temperatures were in the 80s, a welcome relief ... read more
Christmas at San Jose del Cabo
Nativity scene
Cabo San Lucas

This is a post of our two trips to Cabo. The top section is from November 2004 and the bottom section is from October 2006 (WIP).... read more
2 Bedroom Ground Floor
On the Deck

Relaxing around the campfire, the aroma of boiling beans wafts from the cast iron pot. Crushed red peppers, italian seasoning, black pepper, Lawry's seasoning salt and ample amounts of garlic combined with pinto beans, slow cooked over a camp fire to mexican perfection. I made a solar cooker today to enable us to utilize the sun's rays to cook our simple meals. It cooked the beans to an edible softenss, but we decided to finish them off on the camp fire. I think the solar cooker has the potential to do a thorough bean cooking if we soak the beans over night and start cooking in the morning. Cooking beans was only one of the many simple pleasures of the day. We did some amazing whale watching as we ate our breakfast on the sandy beach. ... read more
Running from a Large Wave
Reading at Sunset

Sitting on a deserted beach, I listen to the waves lap agianst the sandy shore as I contemplate our journey thus far. We've traveled several hundred miles to a beach 12 miles south or Loreto in Baja California. The trip is going smoothly so far, we ususally knock off a few hundred miles on driving days and when not driving have been doing a lot of reading, playing chess, playing horsehoes, skim boarding, surfing, spearfishing, relaxing and cooking beans and rice. The first night we camped beside a dirt road a few miles off HWY 1. The environment was suprisingly lush for Baja due to the ample rain recieved this year. An assortment of orange, yellow and purple flowers dabbled the the green hillsides. Some of the Boojum trees (a strange plant remenicent of a Dr. ... read more
Boojum Bloom
Horny Toad

El Turista is back! So Spanish lesson number 1: We have to say "El Turista" even for men!!!! So I won't make that mistake again... AND WOOOOAAAAW I discovered something with the maps!! It's actualy very precise with the satelite photos, so the actual 2 last points on the map are the exact location of the brotel and of the hotel I am staying now!!!! And to reasure the ones that need to be, NO MY MONEY WAS NOT STOLEN!!! I just spent a lot on whale watching. In fact Mexico is quite expensive. Especialy here in Baja California, even transport, food, and basic acomodations is expensive. Hopefully I'll find cheaper things to do later on. And by the way, for my second day of whale watching, in San Ignacio, we crossed an interesting dessert with ... read more
Cactus 1
Cactus 2
El Turista a la playa

Hello every one! Today was a beutyfull day for a hike, the north east winds where blowing mildly fresh which was a real good way to keep cool while doing the Hike by the waterfalls in Santiago, the people had a great time, as we took the Ramirez family for a good refreshing swim at the natural pool at the bottom of the Sol de Mayo waterfall. I regret to inform, that every one got home safely, and they are having some cold beers back at their hotels. Check out the view from up top. read more

The weather has been terrible in Cabo the past few days, but today was the exception, we did a Hike in the Cabo Corridor, with a very nice and sunny day. read more

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