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We grabbed a taxi to El Centro for $8, instead of killing ourselves walking all the way there. We had driven around it briefly when we had our rental car the other day, but now time to explore in more depth. Shops and stores line the streets, tourist trinkets like T-shirts, vanilla and woven goods. Tons of restaurants, cigar and tequila stores, and lots and lots of artisan goods. There's a district of a couple of blocks completely dedicated to art - paintings, sculptures, pottery and blown glass. There's a town center square still with a few Christmas decorations lingering on and a large yellow church that originally served as a mission. As usual, there are people on the streets outside their stores trying to lure you in, "We have what you need, just have a ... read more
City Hall
Church Interior

So I finally looked at a map to figure out where exactly we are, which is directly South of San Diego, California, near the very bottom of the Baja Penninsula. It would take about 20 hours to drive that distance. While we are on the Sea of Cortez here in San Jose del Cabo, if we drive a bit further South to Cabo San Lucas at the very bottom of the peninsula, then it becomes the Pacific Ocean along the West. It was cloudy again today, 24 C very pleasant, so we went for a fairly long walk, about 4 km in total. For those of you who know the area we went past the Mega and down along the hotel zone past the Barcelo. There was an open house happening in a Villa along the ... read more
Villa Valentina
Eggs Benny

It was a very lazy day today which we spent mostly just relaxing around our condo, laundry, tidying up, reading. It felt like Sunday although it was only Saturday. We have wonderful views of the ocean from our condo but we are not quite waterfront, those places are across the highway about a block away and would cost substantially more than what we paid. Our pool is lovely, the infinity type, but its pretty small, there's a few white plastic loungers and chairs with cover pads. Overall, our condo complex is fine but pretty basic and nothing fancy. So we've decided to adopt the large orange waterfront hotel across the street called the Bel-Air, we popped through their grounds on our walk back from town but yesterday we toured it in detail. It's really nice, their ... read more
Pool with swim up bar
The orange bldg across the street
The beaches

No ringing in the New Year at midnight when you have to get up at 3 am to catch a flight. Somehow we always end up with these early mornings, I never sleep more than an hour or so the night before we travel. We had to fly backwards to Houston to catch our flight to Los Cabos so ended up spending 5 1/2 hours in the air, a long way. It seems like every flight is completely full these days, but our second flight was only 1/3 full, to our delight, we each ended up with our own row to lay down! Nice! By the sounds of Ian's snoring, he managed to sleep for a while. We arrived on time in the early afternoon to a beautiful sunny hot day (26 c). We sped through ... read more
Chicken Stand
Los Cabos

To a mere bystander, Day of the Dead sounds rather ominous. But here in Mexico, this particular day is a celebration of life, through death. As the entire region prepares for Días de Los Muertos, streets and homes are spruced up, markets bustle with activity, the stalls are decorated with colourful symbolisms of death, everything from those beautiful Juan Torres sculptures, to marzipan bones, to little skulls made of sugar. Flower stands overflow with cempasúchsil, the orange marigold with a scent and colour so intense, the Aztecs used it because they believed it would guide their beloved ones back to their homes and alters. Here in San José del Cabo, up the bump street, my nose catches another drifting scent, the intoxication of freshly baked bread fills the air. On offer at the local Panaderia, the ... read more
Muerto Mariachi
Shop Decorations
Interesting carvings

Yet again, I'm slacking off in my writing. I know I've been back a week now, but the final edition of Mexico 2012 is better late than never. I hope you enjoy my rambling recollections. 3/24/12 How time flies by ever so fast. Sadly, tonight is the eve of my last full day in Mexico. I fly out on Monday, but Steph has to work so tomorrow is really the last time we’ll get to hang out until I come visit again. I suppose, my current life as a student requires that I leave this misconstrued “fantasy” world for the life of stress, work, and studying back in the States. I am most definitely proud of my country, but I am the first to admit we have our priorities in such a wrong place. Although I ... read more
Mission de San Jose
Organic pizza

Buenas noches! Sadly, it’s been entirely too long since my last entry. Looking back at the previous entries, I am reminded not only of the good and bad times abroad, but also of how thankful I am to document all of my adventures and mishaps along the journey. I write now from the cozy casita of my friend Steph in San Jose del Cabo, Mx. I flew into the southern tip of the Baja peninsula last Thursday, less than 24 hours after finishing my last exam and turning in the final paper of the quarter. This vacation was definitely in the “mandatory” category of my life. After a long, but unremarkable journey from home to Baja, I waited in Customs lines for well over an hour, praying that Steph’s boyfriend, Saul, hadn’t abandoned the airport pickup ... read more
Driving up the coast
Sunset at 9 Palmas
Not a bad view from the john

Being in Toronto drives me insane... reality is good but most of the time it sux... the travel bug is making me itch... and there I was... finding myself jumping in on an opportunity to travel the moment I saw it... I told myself before that travelling would be a little hard since I moved out on a new condo last Oct 2010... i dont know what it is... but exploring the world is just in my blood... and taking myself out of my very own passion was the most difficult thing ever! So I decided to take the risk, touch my savings, take a week off my 2 jobs (even though one of them was new and btw I am not payed for my vacations), and hopped in on that plane knowing only one thing.... ... read more
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23 February 2011 So we are awake to enjoy our first day in Los Cabos. We went downstairs for our free breakfast of hotcakes, eggs, frijoles, chilaquiles and coffee. We had our swimming gear on and were ready to go to the beach. We loaded into the car and drove to the Marina in Los Cabos. We heard Nikki Beach, was the place to go, but quickly found out that it was a name of a bar and the beach was actually called something different. If I remember the name, I will try to edit this sentence with its actual name—I do know its starts with an “M.” So, we found a parking space for 40 pesos or free with a validation from a bar in beach. We saved the ticket for the validation and went ... read more

In case anyone else doesn't understand Spanish like me, cabo means cape in English. This area at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula is called Los Cabos or The Capes. Well we were scheduled to fly home yesterday, but the airplane had a mechanical problem and our flight was canceled. We waited in line for over 1-1/2 hours to get to the ticket agent to see what options we had. It was now about 4 PM and they could put us on a flight to LA and then connect to an 11:30 flight from LA to Chicago, getting in at around 6 AM. We both just decided to stay here and take the same flight that we were scheduled on the next day. We had left our resort at 10:30 AM and it was a ... read more
Pool Bar
Having a Miami Vice

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