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Bob Kribs

I worked over 40 years with the dream that some day I would have the chance to enjoy the freedom of retirement at a relatively early age. I was fortunate enough to achieve it in 2005. God Bless America!

Many of the states I've visited and three countries (Korea, Fiji and Mexico) I was fortunate enough to visit on business related trips (mostly for entertainment!).

I'm going to start these blogs with my trip of a lifetime, my road trip to Alaska and back.

North America » United States » Florida » Miami Beach February 17th 2015

Having grown up in a big city, I generally don't visit big cities on vacations, so when Marilyn suggested we spend our last couple days in Florida on South Beach, I wasn't so sure about it. Now I'm really glad we went. It was beautiful there. On the drive from Hawks Cay to South Beach, I wanted to see if we could find the location where they filmed the classic movie, "Key Largo, " with Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore. It was directed by one of my favorite directors, John Huston. I'm crazy for old movies, and this is one of my all time favorites. I remembered having seen some kind of sign about it on our drive to Key West a week ago. Since it was also lunch time, we ... read more
Caribbean Club
Bogie and Bacall
In the Caribbean Club

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 15th 2015

Capt. Steve got us back to Stock Island Marina right on time at 3:00PM and we made the one hour trip to Hawks Cay. Jan and I stayed here for ten days a couple winters ago and really enjoyed it. It's on its own little key called Duck Key. Also friends of mine from my golf course, Old Oak, Angelo and Kelly were married here last year and everyone who attended loved it. We were booked into the Sunset Villas area of the resort. It was a two story condo with LARGE bedrooms or maybe they just seemed that big after 4 nights on the boat. Our back porch had a very nice view and we brought our drinks out there to watch the sunset. After the sun set, we all felt too tired to venture ... read more
First Sunset at Hawks Cay
First Sunset at Hawks Cay
At The Pool

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 15th 2015

Day 5: Kit Ship's Log--Weather: Partly Cloudy, Temps Forecast around 70, Wind north at 15 knots--Sick Bay Report: Dan recovered from cold, Marilyn NOW has the head cold, Capt. Steve back pain slightly better. Last Day at Sea. Since this would be our last day of sailing and we had to drive to Hawks Cay Resort near Marathon Key this evening, we told Capt. Steve that we wanted to get back to the marina around 3:00. That meant we would only get 2 delicious meals from Kathy today. Capt. Steve suggested that we sail to the south to get a full sailing experience since the north wind we've had all week persisted. Marilyn now has Dan's cold just as he has gotten rid of it, as I note in the log. Poor girl. First she has ... read more
Kathy Helming the Boat
Sea Turtle

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 14th 2015

Day 4: Kit Ship's Log--Weather: forecast to be partly cloudy, high around 70 with northerly winds and 2 foot seas--Sick Bay Report: Captain Steve still bent over with back pain, Dan's cold almost gone, Bob's right shoulder still hurting and useless. It's Valentine's Day! This morning during our daily briefing with Capt. Steve, we all decided on going back to Stock Island for the evening. Tomorrow would be our last day of sailing. Capt. Steve had other suggestions, but we wanted to walk around on land again. Kathy provided another great breakfast before we got going. We were able to go under sail again. It really is peaceful. On the way, we passed by a very pretty island where they filmed the old TV show, McHale's Navy, starring Ernest Borgnine. It's one of the shows I ... read more
Relaxing On Deck
On Deck

North America » United States February 13th 2015

Day 3: Kit Ship's Log--Weather, Partly Cloudy High in Upper 60's, 3 foot seas forecast--Sick Bay Report: Capt. Steve Suffering With Back Strain, Dan's Cold Improving, Bob's Shoulder Still F'ed Up. (Procrastination being one of my faults, I'm writing this after spending a week snowmobiling in Land O' Lakes, WI) When Capt. Steve climbed out from the galley this morning, he was bent in half and he was moving very slow. Evidently working in the cramped area of the head the day before gave him a serious lower back spasm. Fortunately, I was carrying some muscle relaxer pills prescribed after the deer accident and I gave him one every 8 hours for the next two days. They offered a small amount of relief at the very least. His job was going to be pretty tough to ... read more
Nearing the Snorkeling Area
The Brave Marilyn Snorkeling
Off to Picnic Island

Day 2--Kit Ship Log--Weather: Partly Cloudy High around 70, Wind and Seas to get High-Sick Bay Report: Dan Still Has Cold, Bob' s Shoulder still Unusable. As explanation for those who don't know, my right shoulder is screwed up from a snowmobile accident in which I hit a large deer a couple weeks ago. It was better a few days ago, but for some reason, the pain flared up again. After a breakfast of huevos rancheros, we received our weather briefing from Capt. Steve. The forecast was for increasing winds from the north and seas of 3 feet in the afternoon. If we were to go to the Dry Tortugas, we would be returning the following day and that forecast was for even rougher seas. So after some discussion, we decided we would sail back to ... read more
Leaving the Marquesas
Crew Getting Ready to Help Deploy the Sails
Captain and Crew Raising the Sails

North America » United States February 11th 2015

Day 1-Kit Ship Log----Weather: Cool, High of 74 Degrees, Wind North at 15 Knots--Sick Bay Report: Marilyn Breathing Better, Chest Pain Relieved. Dan Laid Low With Head Cold. Bob Right Shoulder Unusable From Deer Accident--Off to The Marquesas (The blogs are coming in late because of sailing for 5 days with no internet and two days at Hawks Cay Resort with no internet connection) For some reason that escapes me now (Hmmmm), we were running a little late this morning and arrived at Stock Island Marina around 10:00 AM to meet our sail boat and crew. Our sailing vessel for the next 5 days is named "Kit" and is a 38' Catamaran. The captain is Steve Krug and the first mate is his wife, Kathy, who is our chef for the trip. They've been running ... read more
Off We go

North America » United States February 10th 2015

We made the trip from the Ft. Lauderdale airport to Key West in probably the slowest time on record. No problem with the road or the weather, we just had to make quite a few stops including lunch at a waterside grill on Key Largo. We were going to be staying in a nice hotel downtown just off Duvall Street called The Lighthouse. I guess you really know you're getting old when you arrive in Key West at 8:00PM and everyone agrees that we would just hang out at the hotel pool and have a couple drinks. Unfortunately, Marilyn was having shortness of breath from the humidity, so it was just as well. Quite the party people we are. The next day was a different story. We had to pick up our necessary drugs at CVS ... read more
Vacation Mode
The Buzzard's Roost
Lunch at the Buzzard's Roost, Key Largo

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale February 8th 2015

Tomorrow we start our first "adventure" trip with Dan and Marilyn Flaherty since our trip to the Bahamas last winter. Not too many people would call a trip to the Bahamas an adventure trip, but every trip we make with Dan and Marilyn is an adventure, trust me. This trip should be more interesting, at least for me and hopefully for all four of us. I've been on a sail boat only once on Lake Michigan on a friend's boat many years ago. Ever since I learned to fly at Southern Illinois University, I've wanted to learn how to sail. I think I'll get a pretty good lesson on this trip. We're chartering a 38' Catamaran along with the captain and his wife. They are based on Marathon Key and will be meeting us at Key ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park October 15th 2014

All I seem to be doing is complaining about the lousy weather, but 5 straight days so far is getting really depressing. We checked all the weather forecasts and radar for the ride home and there was no rain showing up. Of course when we saddled up at the motel, it started drizzling again. My wife, Jan, her sister Kim, my brother Jim and I all went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale back in the '70s. I've been back several times over the years because my daughter, Heather went to SIU also. I've also been down here on a couple motorcycle trips a bunch of years ago. So, I have a lot of fond memories of the university and the town. Since the weather prohibited us from going through town to see what a couple ... read more

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