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Bob Kribs

I worked over 40 years with the dream that some day I would have the chance to enjoy the freedom of retirement at a relatively early age. I was fortunate enough to achieve it in 2005. God Bless America!

Many of the states I've visited and three countries (Korea, Fiji and Mexico) I was fortunate enough to visit on business related trips (mostly for entertainment!).

I'm going to start these blogs with my trip of a lifetime, my road trip to Alaska and back.

North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park October 18th 2018

When I awoke around 7 AM, there was an inch of snow on Rita and the temperature was 27 degrees. Although it didn't look like anything was sticking to the pavement, I didn't want to take the chance that I might encounter some ice on the highways. So I hung around the Gateway about as long as I could and decided to get on the road at 11:00 AM. The weather forecast for home was a high of 51, but the temps were going to drop to the high 20's at night so I didn't want to wait so long that I would run into those temps at the end of the ride. So I knocked the snow off the bike, saddled up, checked out of the lodge and headed south on US 45. The road ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes October 14th 2018

Today I made a fairly uneventful but enjoyable ride from Big Bay to the Gateway Lodge in Land O' Lakes right on the Wisconsin/Michigan border. I stopped in for a beer at Hoppy's about 40 miles from Land O' Lakes. I was hoping the owner, Jane, would be there so I could say hi, but she wasn't in because it is Sunday. All day it was in the upper 30's. When I arrived at The Gateway Lodge: it was snowing pretty heavily. It's supposed to go down to 24 tonight. Yikes.... read more
View From My Room at the Thunder Bay Inn
Hoppy's-Kenton, MI

North America » United States » Michigan » Marquette October 13th 2018

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them and I always enjoy your comments) I've been to Big Bay quite a few times, but always on a snowmobile. On snowmobile trails you ride from the town of L'Anse on the Keweenaw Bay in an arc along forest roads through the Huron Mountains direct to Big Bay, which is about a 50 mile ride through the forest with nothing in between. I figured this would be a spectacular ride now with all the color. I started out leaving Copper Harbor on Brockway Mountain road which takes you over Brockway Mountain, the highest point in the Keweenaw Peninsula. What a beautiful vista in all directions. I can only hope the pictures show it decently. The weather was even cooperating. The temperature was around 40 and we even got some ... read more
Brockway (16)
Brockway (17)
Brockway (18)

North America » United States » Michigan » Copper Harbor October 12th 2018

I waited quite a while this morning for the temperature to get above 32 and by 11:00 AM, I decided I had to get on the road even though the temperature was only 29. It had gone down to 27 last night. There were still some light snow squalls going on, but for the most part, the highway was just wet. I did run into a bit of ice at one point and the Spyder wiggled around a bit which was disconcerting. I also ran into a bit of slush at a couple points in the middle of the lane. Other than that, it was an enjoyable enough ride. All I can say again is thank God I brought my snowmobile bibs. Without them, I would have frozen or I just wouldn't have been able to ... read more
Just North of Land O' Lakes
Copper Harbor (5)
Copper Harbor (7)

North America » United States » Michigan » Ontonagon October 12th 2018

I wrestled all morning with the decision to ride today or just lay low at the Gateway Lodge. After having a late breakfast, I started thinking that with the snowmobile pants and all the other gear on it wouldn't be too bad to ride. It was about 36 degrees and passing snow showers all day and WAS kind of iffy. If the temps should drop below 32, it wouldn't be good to be on the road. About 2:00 I decided to give it a go. It's about 75 miles to Lake of the Clouds and with all the right clothes on, it was comfortable to ride. Lake of the Clouds is in the Porcupine Mountains in the northwest of the Upper Peninsula right near Lake Superior and the whole area is beautiful in all seasons. The ... read more
Along US 45
Along US 45
Along MI 28

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes October 10th 2018

I made it to Land O' Lakes this afternoon after a 420 mile ride. I left home at 4:45 AM to beat the lousy Chicago traffic and the weather was perfect, temps in the high 60's and no rain. That lasted about 150 miles and then the rains came. I wore my rain gear when I left home because I knew I would run into it. Well, it lasted throughout the balance of 270 miles to Land O' Lakes. Some was heavy and some was light, but never did it completely stop. Traffic was light so the riding wasn't too bad. About 30 miles south of here the temperature dropped into the mid 40's and it was 44 when I arrived. I saw a lot of pretty color in the trees the further north I went, ... read more
Made It

North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park October 9th 2018

I'm heading out early tomorrow morning on another solo adventure. The weather is probably going to be the biggest challenge with rain tomorrow and pretty cold temps up in the north country. Three wheels makes it a lot more safe and doable, though. I'm going to ride as many two lane roads as I can and just use the interstates to get away from Chicago and bypass other large towns. Let's hope the color is at it's peak and I get some clear weather to get good photos.... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale July 27th 2016

Before saddling up and heading for home, we had to have the mandatory Carbondale breakfast at Mary Lou's. Mary Lou's has been around since 1962 when she opened her tiny grill right along the Illinois Central RR tracks. I remember eating at the original grill back in the early 1970's. Mary Lou's is a Carbondale and SIU institution and it is filled with pictures from SIU over the many years. There probably isn't an SIU student who didn't eat at Mary Lou's. We had a nice breakfast there all of which include the mandatory biscuits and gravy. I still think Mary Lou's is the best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. After over eating for breakfast, it was time to head north on US Hwy 51. Before the Interstates, 51 was the main north/south highway in ... read more
Words of Wisdom
Mmmmm, Bacon.
Mary Lou's

North America » United States » Illinois » Carbondale July 26th 2016

Since it is about 600 miles from Chicago to Heber Springs, AR, we planned to break the trips down and back into two legs each way. I have found that trips of about 300-350 miles are about the optimum riding distance in a day. When you ride the byways rather than the super highways, it always takes longer to get where you are going, but that's kinda the point of road trips, seeing all the little towns and countryside. Our destination for today is Carbondale, IL in the far southern portion of Illinois. This area is called Little Egypt because of the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers at the southernmost point of the state of Illinois. I think it's because of the similarity of the delta to that of the Nile River Delta in ... read more
Showing the Toad Suck Harley Shirt
Preparing For The Rain Ahead
Piggott, AR-95 Degrees

North America » United States » Arkansas » Conway July 25th 2016

Jim and Don were going home today to Fayetteville. They got on the road for home around 11:00 AM. We said our goodbyes at the top of the drive down to the cabin. Jim and Don headed north and Jim Hunt, Mike and I headed south. We were going to Searcy, AR to go to a Yamaha dealer to check into a problem Mike has been having. Mike has a Yamaha Roadliner and has been getting buffeting in his head at highway speeds. We were going to see if they had some kind of answer to the problem possibly with the windshield. Unfortunately, the Yamaha dealer in Searcy was closed on Monday. Our next destination was the Harley Davidson dealer in Conway, AR, the Toad Suck Harley Shop. We went there specifically to get Jim to ... read more
Don's Copper Custom Harley
Getting Ready for Departure
One Last Pit Stop

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