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Bob Kribs

I worked over 40 years with the dream that some day I would have the chance to enjoy the freedom of retirement at a relatively early age. I was fortunate enough to achieve it in 2005. God Bless America!

Many of the states I've visited and three countries (Korea, Fiji and Mexico) I was fortunate enough to visit on business related trips (mostly for entertainment!).

I'm going to start these blogs with my trip of a lifetime, my road trip to Alaska and back.

Maybe it was one too many mountains to ride. All I know is when I reached the Utah border near Grand Junction, CO, I didn't want to go further west with the thought being that the farther I went, the farther I would have to get home. I didn't reach the point of no return because it was closer to home to turn around. I called Jan and told her how I felt and she agreed, telling me to head for home. So I turned around and rode along the Gunnison River and Black Canyon back to Gunnison, CO, where I spent the night. I'm disappointed that I didn't have what it takes to complete the whole trip, as ambitious as it was, but I did get to ride all over the state of Colorado, and ... read more
Black Canyon
Black Canyon
Black Canyon

North America » United States » Colorado » Salida July 7th 2019

Even God rested on the seventh day. And boy did I need this day of rest. If you're going to spend an extra day somewhere, Salida is a great town to do it. I took care of my chores, took a four hour nap and this evening went downtown for a nightcap. I went to a very good restaurant called Currents that Jim and I had dinner in last night. There was a very friendly bartender working named George and two stools down from me was a young man telling George about his problems today. The young man was named Dave and George even commented how rare it is to have three guys with old fashioned plain old names. It turns out Dave is on a motorcycle trip from Flagstaff, AZ to central Nebraska to visit ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Salida July 6th 2019

The blog title is a quote from a mountain man in one of my favorite movies, Jeremiah Johnson. When we left our hotel in Estes Park, we headed over to the Stanley Hotel to take a couple pictures there, It's a beautiful old hotel and was the site of the filming of The Shining. The view from the hotel is gorgeous. Our mission for the day was to ride through Rocky Mountain National Park westbound and then ride south on the western side of the mountains to the town of Salida, CO. I'd been telling Jim that Rocky Mountain National Park was just spectacular and it didn't disappoint. He loved it. Everywhere you look the views are of majestic snow capped mountains. It's a good thing that everyone who is driving through there are happy to ... read more
The Stanley Hotel
View From Stanley Hotel
Entering The Park

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park July 5th 2019

Well we didn't get the early start we hoped for. What a shock! I'm the slow mover in the mornings and always hold up the parade. At least it was still cool when we did finally leave around 8:30 AM. We headed north on I-25 to Colorado Springs and our destination was the U.S. Air Force Academy just northwest of Colorado Springs. We made it to the academy and they let us in even though we didn't have a few of the requirements they have for motorcycle riders on base. We had helmets, but didn't have reflective vests and boots over the ankle. Jim went first to the guard shack and had a conversation with the young airman guard at the gate. He schmoozed him with the fact that he is an old Air Force veteran ... read more
Air Force Academy
Air Force Academy
Air Force Academy

North America » United States » Colorado » Pueblo July 4th 2019

We went to the Boot Hill Museum this morning, but it was too early and it wasn't open yet. We wanted to get on the road kind of early because it was predicted to be 100 degrees in Pueblo, CO, our destination for the day. We didn't want to wait around for it to open, so we got a picture in front of the entrance building. What we could see from outside actually looked pretty neat, you know, an old west town with store fronts and the Long Branch Saloon. They probably have Miss Kitty, too. After that quick stop, we mounted up and headed west on good old US 50. Navigating our way was pretty easy. It was pretty much just get back on 50 and head west. This may come as a surprise to ... read more
Colorado Selfie
Welcome to Colorful Colorado

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City July 3rd 2019

We rolled into Dodge City on a hot, dusty afternoon. The streets were empty because the citizens of this fair city knew that something was going to happen. All the usual suspects were drinking in the Dodge Hotel. The Kribs boys were hungry and decided to eat dinner at the "I don't care" know, "where do you want to eat? I don't care." Wouldn't you know that two stools down at the bar was Black Bart and he was in a fighting mood. Someone was going to end up at the Boot Hill Cemetery tonight. Where's Wyatt Earp when you need him? He's long gone and the Kribs boys would have to fend for themselves. They didn't come to Dodge City with malice in their hearts, but if anyone else was going to start something, ... read more
Emporia Veterians Memorial
Emporia (2)
WWII Sherman Tank

North America » United States » Kansas » Paola July 2nd 2019

I'm guilty of not stopping or looking for interesting spots on my trip from St. Louis today which ended up being about 280 miles to this small town southwest of Kansas City. I just was pushing to get here to meet Jim and didn't want to prolong the ride. So, not much interesting to say other than Jim left Fayetteville, AR a little early to beat a rainstorm coming in. He beat me to Paola by almost 3 hours. At least he had a nice air conditioned motel to wait for me, unlike an infamous failed snowmobile mission dreamt up by a friend of mine to meet his buddy at a trail intersection in the middle of nowhere at a specific time after riding 150 miles of trail. Tomorrow we head to Dodge City, KS and ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 1st 2019

I got a fairly early start-7:00 AM, not bad. We said our goodbyes and even my grand nephew, Noah got in on the act. The route I took was designed to get me as much riding in Illinois on US 50, so I went straight south on two lane highways to Olney, IL where I headed west on US 50. It made the trip to South County St. Louis considerably longer. It was 360 miles to the hotel. I got in at 3:00 PM. It was a fairly uneventful trip with the only crummy time having to ride the interstates to get around St. Louis. I caught a couple light showers and put on the rain gear for a couple hours, no big deal. It was overcast the whole way so that kept the heat from ... read more
Noah Wishing Me Well

North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park June 30th 2019

My brother, Jim and I are doing a long adventure trip together. He lives in Fayetteville, AR and, of course I live in Orland Park, IL, a Chicago suburb. We plan on meeting in Paola, KS (near Kansas City) on July 2nd. Jim rides a Honda Goldwing Trike and I ride a Can Am Spyder, another three wheeler. We will ride to Colorado and ride for a couple days through the mountains there. After that part of the trip, we will part ways and Jim will make his way home and I will continue on to California. We are going to ride as much as possible on US 50 westbound. US 50 is one of our country's earliest coast to coast highways and in Nevada it is the "Loneliest Road in America." Once I get to ... read more
My 2015 Can Am Spyder, Rita

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 21st 2019

Our separate flights home weren't until later in the afternoon, so we didn't have to rush too much in the morning. We went down for breakfast in the hotel and enjoyed a nice leisurely meal there. We soaked up the last of the excellent view and around 11:00 AM we said our goodbyes in front of the hotel. Brett & Katie's flight was a little later than ours so they saw us off. It was a wonderful vacation and another special time with our little grandson, something we don't get to do as often as we like. We'll have to do something like this again.... read more
Going Home
Going Home
Going Home

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