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North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 22nd 2016

Jim, Mike and I met up at Jackie's Pub in historic downtown Lockport, an old I & M Canal town. We stopped at a gas station to top off the tanks and get a cup of coffee before starting down the road. We are taking as much of the old historic US 66 roads as possible down to St. Louis. IL Route 53 is the Old 66 for about a third of the way through Illinois, so we headed south on 53 into the old historic downtown of Joliet, IL. We made a stop in Wilmington about 30 miles south of Lockport to see some US 66 kitsch, the Gemini Giant. This statue is at the old Launching Pad restaurant. Old Route 66 parallels it's replacement, I-55 pretty much all the way to St. Louis. The ... read more
Gettin' Caffeinated
At The Gas Station in Lockport

North America » United States » Illinois » Joliet July 21st 2016

Tomorrow Jim Hunt, Mike DeHaan and I start off on a new motorcycle adventure. We are heading to Jim's cabin on the Little Red River in Heber Springs, AR. Our first day we will ride to St. Louis and spend the night there. Then on to Heber Springs, where we will meet my brother, Jim and his buddy, Don who are riding their bikes from Fayetteville, AR. I've been doing some trips recently by myself on my three wheel Snyder, Memphis and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan most recently, and I'm looking forward to sharing the road adventure with Jim and Mike.... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Orland Park February 21st 2016

It is an amazing thing to be able to board an airplane and within hours be whisked away to destinations thousands of miles away in a matter of hours. As amazing as it is, we've been able to do that since the dawn of the jet age in the late 1950's, some 50 odd years now. At the risk of coming off as an old curmudgeon, I wonder why the experience has to be the way it often is today. At one time, it was an exciting experience to fly somewhere. They used to feed you a meal or two on a long trip like this and now you're lucky if they give you a 1/2 oz. package of crackers. Plus many of the flight attendants seem like you are a pain in their butt. I ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Lanai February 19th 2016

On this our last day here, Jan and Jackie took a ferry ride to Lanai, one of the two islands you can see from this side of Maui, the other being Molokai. They were booked on the ferry yesterday, but when they arrived at the dock the agent told them that the sea was very choppy and they couldn't guaranty that the boat would make the return trip later in the day. If that happened, they would have to spend the night on Lanai. They were told that the only hotel on the island was the Four Seasons and the cheapest room was $1,175/night. So they decided to put the trip off until Friday. The seas and winds were much calmer Friday and I dropped them off at the docks for their excursion. I headed over ... read more
Lanai Ferry
Breakfast At Cheeseburger in Paradise
Beach Jackie.

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina February 18th 2016

Actually, this was my second golf day. I shipped my clubs here via Shipsticks which may have been a mistake. I think I may have saved a few bucks by just dropping them off at UPS or FedEx to be shipped. For around $165 for the 5 day shipping option, which turns out to be a full 7 day week because 5 days are business days. Anyway, they arrived a day late. It didn't really matter, but it kind of made me mad for the money it cost. I played the Kapalua Plantation Course on Saturday. This is a PGA Tour course on which Jordan Spieth won in January. I was paired up with two guys from Kansas City. I misread the score card and thought we were playing it at about 6,100 yds. After about ... read more
Kapalua Plantation Course
Kapalua Plantation Course
Kapalua Plantation Course

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina February 16th 2016

I still love luaus. I know it's kind of corny and very touristy, but I always want to go to one. A few days ago, Jan and Jackie wanted to check out a couple of the local luaus. After checking out the Hyatt's location, they booked us into the Drums of the Pacific Luau at the Hyatt Kaanapali Resort for Tuesday night. We had a wonderful time. The drinks and food were very good. The entertainment was outstanding. I couldn't talk Jan and Jackie into going up for the hula lesson, though. They had about five hunky Hawaiian kanes and six lovely wahines. They did traditional dances from Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa and Raratonga, telling stories of how those people came to Hawaii. It was a great show. ... read more
Sunset at the Luau
Bringing Out The Kalua Pig

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e February 15th 2016

A few weeks ago, we decided that we would make a day trip to Kauai. We looked into taking some kind of boat trip or private flight, but it is too far from Maui, roughly 250 miles, so we ended up booking flights there and back for the same day on Hawaiian Air. We wanted to do one of the helicopter tours of the island. None of us had been to Kauai before and with only one day, it should show us a lot of what many feel is the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. We booked a 2:00 PM flight with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. It was looking awfully cloudy up at the tops of the mountains and it turned out that our one hour flight was cut short after a half hour because we ... read more
On Board and Ready to Go
Love The Tee Shirts!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Upcountry February 14th 2016

Today we made the drive up to the top of Haleakala. It was a perfect day for it. There weren't even the normal clouds around the mountain. As a matter of fact, it was quite warm for this elevation...59 degrees. Normally it's in the 30's or 40's. From the floor of the ocean, the total height of Haleakala is over 29,000 ft, which would make it taller than Mt. Everest. Haleakala is the dormant volcano that comprises all of the largest section of the island of Maui. It is humongous, rising to just over 10,000 ft above sea level. It's a pretty long drive up to the summit from sea level at the base, something like 38 miles. Climbing 10,000 ft from sea level requires a lot of twists and turns, but this is much easier ... read more
Haleakala Crater
Haleakala Crater
Haleakala Summit

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Upcountry February 12th 2016

We left our resort on Kaanapali Beach around 9:00 AM. I warned Jackie that it would end up being a 12 hour day and I was pretty darn close. Our first stop was Charley's in Paia. Paia is the town that is at the beginning of the Hana Highway. Jan and I just stopped there on probably our second drive to Hana quite a few years ago. Way back then we learned that Charley's was a favorite hangout for Willie Nelson, who has a home near there. The story goes that he comes in and plays whenever he's around. There have been many other famous musicians that have played there, too. They serve a great breakfast there and also some great Bloody Marys. You have to be fortified for the long drive ahead. It's a mere ... read more
Bloddy Mary Toast at Charley's

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina February 12th 2016

We went whale watching today on the Hawaiian Ocean Project boat and were very lucky. We had two whales playing going back and forth under the boat. Jan and I have done several of these whale watching cruises and I guess we've always been lucky because we've always had whales close to the boats. Today was no exception. I'll let the pictures and video tell the story. ... read more

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