San Jose del Cabo Estuary

Published: January 10th 2014
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We decided to walk to the North End of the main beach today, it was a pretty good walk from here about 4 km. Again, we get another perspective of the beach resorts from the water side, basically one after another the whole way in this direction. They all look similar, some a little higher end than the others.

At the very end we head up to the Holiday Inn and borrow their outdoor shower to wash off our feet to put on our shoes. We cut across their yard and jump the little fence to gain entrance to the estuary. It's pretty and peaceful, a lovely little find. We spot a large pelican fishing, he doesn't seem to have any trouble finding food. There's two kinds of ducks, neither like what we are used to back at home. One is black with a white beak and the other is white with a black beak. Not too much going on here, but there's a nice bench in the shade where we take a seat to enjoy a little break.

We walk further along the canal heading towards the downtown area, we see more birds, some blue herons, white heron (if that's really a species) and something else that appears some kind of goose. There's a nice walkway to follow another km or so. It ends up at a street that brings us out right near the downtown area. We're starving by this point we pop into Retro Burger. It was reasonably priced, not a bad spot for lunch.

We remember we need some bread so we stop in at a lovely high end bakery / coffee shop, then start making our way back. We walk back and turn up the street that leads up to Walmart where school is just letting out, there's hundreds of kids on the street. It's super hot and we're both pretty tired from walking, I am relieved when we see a Collectivo bus coming our way. We wave it down and it stops. Of course, it's packed with kids and we're the only Gringos on the bus, the kids all finding us interesting to watch - oh well, we just laugh.

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10th January 2014

We get up and make coffee and open the ipad, looking for your Blog Cheryl! Sounds nice where you are, relaxing -hope it's just what you both need after such a busy year at home. The wharf road is extremely ice and treacherous

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