A Day at the Beach

Published: January 9th 2014
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We live on a beach in Balfour so you'd think that going to the beach wouldn't be that exciting, but a beach in Cabo is very much different than a beach in Balfour. The sand is clean and very deep, not too rocky - only in a few spots. There's beach in both directions almost as far as we can see, we get a new perspective of buildings we've seen from the road. We find it easier to walk along the water line while the waves lick at our feet. The ocean water is colder than we remember in Cozumel but refreshing since it's a hot day. We walk south as far as we could go, we see some people swimming near the point and also see some whales spouting out in the bay. I've never seen that before, we aren't sure what kind they are, they are too far to make out, but still pretty cool.

There's no doubt there is a dangerous under tow in the Ocean here that can pull you out depending on how strong a swimmer you are. We watch the waves crashing onto the shore, they aren't as big as the ones in Costa Rica. A few people are trying to surf while others are riding paddle boards and a few brave ones are out taking a swim. There are still very few people on this incredibly long beach.

We find a nice spot and settle down with our towels, a man is throwing a ball for his dog which makes us miss our dog, Heide. Ian goes in for a dip, I go in only far enough to get wet, then we lounge in the sun for a while. We head for lunch at a beach pub called Zippers, pretty greasy and nothing special, but it hit the spot for the moment. We are hounded by a few barkers selling jewelry, hats and T-shirts, they are easy to spot since they wear all white. I guess everyone has to earn a living some how.

Nothing too exciting but we both have that satisfying feeling you get from a day at the beach when you've had a little too much sun and saltwater - it feels pretty great!

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