Taking it Easy

Published: January 16th 2014
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We can't start writing about all the things we've been doing and places we've been going because mostly, we've just been relaxing and taking it easy, working on our tans. We work our butts off at home so it does take a bit of time to shift gears when you are used to getting so many things done in a day. We're enjoying the slower pace of life, reading books and enjoying the area that we are getting to know very well. There was a beautiful full moon last night with a gorgeous red sky, this is a very nice place to relax. It really cools off here once the sun goes down, I find myself reaching for a sweater, good thing I brought one!

We've been hanging around town, walking and taking the bus, we are finding it's a really nice break to not have the responsibility of a car for a change. We keep saying we're going to rent one but so far we haven't bothered.

We still can't get over how many people here are from BC, almost everyone we met. We counted 6 BC license plates in our small parking lot that holds about 12 cars.

We are determined not to gain too much weight, so there's been no bacon and no potato chips for us so far, and that is really an accomplishment since those are two of our favorite foods. We've been eating an ocean of fish and why not when it's so fresh. I tasted my first Ceviche, another thing I'd never thought I'd try, it was good, refreshing and tangy.

Ian walked all the way to the marina and back yesterday morning while I was working out, he's still paying with sore legs from walking on the un-even beach and also a bit of a sun-burn.

Tomorrow's another day, another two weeks to relax and enjoy before heading back to reality, hmmm.

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16th January 2014

Balfour weather
It's been above 0 all week,banner and I walked thru your yard yesterday, not a bit of snow and long range forecast is for above 0 for the rest of the month.looks like it will be +8 or 10 today.there is a long peeled piling with a staple on one end washed up on doctors beach,if it's yours and you want it,let me know and I'll get it for you. Gerry

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