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January 16th 2014
Published: January 17th 2014
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The art district here really is quite something, several square blocks, very high end, safe, clean. Galleries of various kinds line the streets, on Thursdays, they close the streets from vehicles allowing only pedestrian traffic after 3 pm.

We stroll around popping in and out various galleries trying to get in touch with our creative sides in the event we eventually reinvent ourselves as artists. Well, at least Ian has a shot at that, my creativity unfortunately is limited to written words as opposed to anything else like drawing or sculpting, I guess I can still always dream...

As much as Nelson, BC is considered a small arts town, it has nothing on the art district here. Gallery after gallery, there is art from all over the world, African, Asian, Mexican, European, American, Canadian. It's hard to believe we've come across the continent only to discover an artist from Creston, we saw some beautiful watercolors painted only a few kms from home. We meet a carver of amber from Seattle, we had never seen amber before, it was quite interesting, a fossilized tree sap, a soft amber colored gem. With the aid of a magnifying glass, we saw flowers and small organisms trapped inside from millions of years ago preserved in the amber like it was yesterday, very cool. It is likely we will end up going home with a souvenier made of amber.

We saw opals and pearls and of course there is an over abundance of jewelry stores of all kinds showcasing silver, gold, intricate bead work, diamonds and gems of all kinds, more than you can even take in at one time.

The mediums are amazing and vast, pottery, glass, paintings, imprints, inspirations, sculptures, woven goods, crocheted linens and mixed mediums.

We notice an abundance of skeletons and sculls in terms of local presentations, we aren't quite sure of their significance or meaning. I couldn't imagine giving a skeleton sculpture of a bride and groom to someone getting married, or could I?

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19th January 2014

Always enjoy your blog Cheryl. Hard to believe your vacation half over already. I am just trying to motivate myself to pack-usually leave it to last minute and then am stressed for days until I finally do it. Really icy here but weather is nice and very little snow. Josh was here yesterday and had Heide with him but she got hipped as we were out of sausage. Enjoy the sun and sand! Xo G & B. We watching curling

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