Puerto Los Cabos

Published: January 19th 2014
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We decided to take the bus over to the marina in San Jose del Cabo. We are half-way through our vacation now and feeling right at home in the area. While we were waiting downtown where we transfer buses, a nice man from Smithers, BC stopped and offered us a ride - bonus.

The marina, called Puerto Los Cabos, was just lovely, smaller and quieter than the marina in Cabo, no stores or industry, just a pathway surrounding the marina, part paved, part not, lined with art including prints, sculptures, occasional benches and beautiful cactus gardens. A fantastic spot for any photography enthusiasts. What struck me the most is that no one else was there, we ran into maybe 4 people on our mile or so walk - nice. There were secured gateways onto the docks, each with it's own security person, very well maintained and spotlessly clean. Lots of large yachts, we can only imagine that some are worth millions of dollars. The marina is fully equipped with a boatyard with stacked type boat storage building. We watched with interest as a super huge marine fork lift launched a boat into the water - this type of thing is right up our alley.

There's also a dolphin discovery center where you can swim with the dolphins - something we've never been interested in doing. We both think dolphins should be left alone out in the ocean, cruel to keep them in pens, still a very popular tourist attraction. It was feeding time for a couple of dolphins, we watched for a few minutes.

The single restaurant at the marina is called The Container, that's because it is actually made from a shipping container with patio style seating. The atmosphere was very nice and to our surprize, the food was really good! We had brunch, an omelette served with some spicy red sauce on the side, but as we were there, they started serving their lunch menu and things on our neighbours tables like nachos and fajaitas looked really good. Everything reasonably priced, we will likely go back again to give lunch or dinner a try.

We caught the Urbano bus on a road on the outskirts of the marina, this was a more authentic area as opposed to the tourist parts of town. As expected, on this bus we were the only Gringos, everyone else was going to or from work. It is said there is 0% unemployment in this area. I had never been on a bus before that had absolutely no shock absorbers, it felt like being on a ride in a circus -I was becoming worried that my omelette was going to make a second appearance but luckily we made it back downtown before that happened - whew! We took a short walk before getting on the next bus and heading back home. It was a very enjoyable day, a little overcast but still plenty warm. This marina experience, which could be easily overlooked, is something everyone who comes here should definitely do.

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