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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 26th 2017

Started the day at Popcentret, a cute interactive exhibition about Norwegian pop music. A lot of it was obviously aimed more at a Norwegian audience than an international one but it was fun to see the chronology and the few artists I did recognise. You could even record a song in their studios but I gave that a miss... After that, the Oslo museum with its interesting exhibition on Norwegian dialects. I learned that even Oslo itself is divided into different dialect areas according to class boundaries, one of them influenced by Danish. And that there's great dialect flexibility, and people mix bokmål and nynorsk. No wonder I get so confused. Next stop, the history museum. Decided to focus solely on the Viking era and got to see the Nordic gods as never before (pictured). Then ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 25th 2017

So after breakfasting and getting ready for my first full day in Oslo, what's the first thing I do when I leave the apartment? I fall over, tearing my trousers to rags and scraping my knee. With my track record, I can't afford any more mishaps. So I am glad to report that only my knee took a hit and no serious harm was done, even if hobbling ensued. Got changed and swabbed myself free of gravel and headed for the Munch Museum with my Oslo Pass. Naturally, I'd forgotten to validate it for the day, and as the museum had no wifi, they had to take my word (and receipt) that I had a valid pass in the app. Bit of a daft system if you ask me. The focus of the current exhibition is ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 24th 2017

A long day's travelling that included being subjected to the young couple in the train seats in front of me making out from Hallsberg onward (I'm not even joking) finally landed me in Oslo. Armed with my Oslo Pass, I took the metro to Tøyen and to my room in a shared apartment. The district reminds me of a jazzed-up Högdalen (suburb of Stockholm) if that means anything. The apartment is clean and has all the amenities I need but my actual room has a view that I can only describe as interesting (see pic). But it's fine for a few nights. As long as I can sleep, I really don't care. As I arrived early evening there was no time to hit the museums so I got my bearings and did some sightseeing. Visited the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 16th 2017

It is raining buckets and is 60 degrees as we leave the ship. Ok, so Mark and Christopher want to stay on the ship but I am determined to see Oslo. Turns out to be a bad idea but it is my birthday, 65 today so I rule. I want to head to Vigeland Sculpture Park to see the hundreds of statues. So I know how to get there by bus but you cannot buy bus tickets at the bus stops so we walk. It is Sunday and the only open shops are the occasional bakeries which have enticing smells coming from them. We get a little off course but we finally make it. The park has 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and forged iron. All of the sculptures are the work of Gustav Vigeland (1849 ... read more
Taking a break from the rain with a hot drink
Christopher and I at Akershus Castle
Akershus Castle and sometimes prison

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 30th 2017

Our journey from Tyssedal to Voss by bus then onto change to a train from Voss to Oslo was a scene one. I was surprised by the volume of snow that was covering the mountains. They were not that high either but laden with snow. It was a very pretty journey. When we arrived in Oslo, we checked into the Scandic Hotel, which was very conveniently located across from the train station. We faffed around for half an hour then met Zoë at the ferris wheel. We wandered up Karl Johan Gate- the Main Street that lead to Parliament House, the Royal Palace and then down to the promenade walk, along the river- which brings you around to many historic sights of Oslo. We ate out at Lekert'n which was on the water and out in ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 19th 2017

Started the day with a visit to the Munch Museum. Although Munch's painting the 'Scream' is not on display here there are a large number of his paintings including the 'Sun'. The gallery is broken up into four main areas to highlight his art. I enjoyed the exhibition. From here i caught the Metro to see the Oslo Cathedral, this was formerly known as Our Savior's Church and is the main church for the Church of Norway Diocese of Oslo, as well as the parish church for downtown Oslo. The building dates from 1694-1697. The church is mainly used by the NorwegianRoyal Family and the Norwegian Government for public events. Beautiful artwork on the ceiling. I had a bit of a walk around the streets. Lots of people out and about... read more
Cathedral roof
Out and about
Oslo City Hall

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 16th 2017

With a plan for all the places we wanted to see today, we set off in the rain towards Bygdoy Where there are a number of museums very close togethe. The number 30 bus took us straight there. We purchased a 24 hour Oslo pass from the Maritime Museum. The pass gives you access to all attractions, train, bus and ferry. First was the Norway Maritime Museum showing some of Norway's coast culture and maritime history include boat models, fishing, marine archeology, marine paintings, ship building, and shipping. The Arctic ship Gjoe was on display. Gjoe was the first vessel to transit the Northwest Passage in a 1903-06 expedition of Roald Amundsen. Followed this up with the Fram Museum which honours polar Norwegian polar exploration in general and three great Norwegian explorers in particular Fridtjof Nansen, ... read more
Lovely figure heads
Viking ship

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 14th 2016

The rail trip from Gothenburg to Oslo is rather more entertaining than its predecessor, with some pretty lagoons and inlets north of Gothenburg followed by an extended series of regional towns and outer-outer suburbs on the Norwegian side of the border. The public transport system in Oslo is nice and friendly, and we found our way easily to our digs in an old apartment building, close to the centre of town. It was just down the road from the National Theatre, where Ibsen was booed and celebrated; as well as from the American Embassy and the Nobel Institute, both of which bring to mind the new Nobel Prize-winner for literature receiving a similarly mixed response. We had a little trouble contacting our host (who was up on the top floor) but a friendly co-tenant helped us ... read more
Viking ship
Helen at the folk museum
Opera (exterior)

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 3rd 2016

We left Oslo wishing we had more time, but it was time for the next adventure in the Swiss Alps. The mist of the day before had turned heavier, sprinkling lightly as we walked back to the Oslo terminal. Fortunately again, it was just a few yards to the covered walkway. We had a ticket on SAS, code shared with Swiss Air, actually operated by Helvetic, a Swiss Air subsidiary. We had a shock trying to check in the night before the flight and being told “that ticket is invalid for check-in ” at SAS. It took some sleuthing but found the reservation on Swiss Air, but we still couldn’t check in. We gave some more margin to get to the airport. “Check-in” was easy by waving a barcode from an email under a scanner. Then ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 20th 2016

After enduring two snorers and a very hot room (street noise if you leave the window open!) I'm glad to set off down towards the harbour area to get my ticket for the ferry to the Bygdøy peninsula home to about six museums! I realise the 24 hour Oslo Pass will save me loads of money and includes ferry and museum entry along with a load of other perks so get myself one of these instead. A boat has just left so I have a wander around the harbour while I wait for the next one. There seems to be some kind of event going on with marquees and two large decorative elephants, oh and a really ornate gypsy caravan. Amongst all the tourist paraphernalia, tours, boat trips, food outlets, cruise ships etc there are three ... read more

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