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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 22nd 2016

Geo: 59.9144, 10.7405Up at 6:30 this morning, last minute preparations are made to leave the Zuiderdam today and begin our next phase of our journey, traveling on our own for the 10 days that separate our two cruises. In the past the train has always served as our means of transportation but this time it just wasn't practical. The train doesn't go to the places we want to see so, against my better judgment, I arranged for a car for 8 days followed by just two days on the train. Since we don't have any plans this morning, we chose a late exit from the ship. An announcement notifies us that it's our turn to leave comes about 9am and, with relative ease, we walk off the ship, scanning our ID cards for the last time ... read more
Just Part of the Line Waiting For Taxis.
Our Car on the Ferry to Helsingborg. It's Black.
Karen Shot this Bridge on Way to Oslo.

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 12th 2016

For my mom’s 60th birthday I decided to take her on a road trip throughout Europe. After some discussion, she decided on three Scandinavian countries—Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The two weeks that we drove were wonderful, a time where we got to see and experience amazing sights, cities, and attractions, as well as spend some needed quality time with one another. We covered 3090+ km on the roadtrip. We started the trip in Norway. We spent the first couple of days in Oslo. The first evening we got to know the neighborhood where we were staying, visiting a local shopping center and walking the neighborhood. After a delicious dinner of seafood, we headed back to the hotel early and called it a night. The following day we walked the city. We started out at the central ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo February 1st 2016

On a cold February 2016, I was here....... My Oslo business trip was kind of last minute before the CNY. I was in the midst of getting my new house ready when I received a call from my boss in Oslo to be there for a week. R was already there since last Monday and I was supposed to join him for the first 2 days. The next 2 days I would be very much left on my own. So with all the mad rush to purchase the winter clothings, to revalidate my passport and getting the flight tickets and hotel ready, I flew off from Singapore on the evening of 31st January 2016 for my 15-hour flight to Oslo (with a transit in Helsinki). Food on the business class flight was pretty good even though ... read more
The Royal Palace
On other days, it is sunny
The City Hall Building

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 12th 2015

The week after our trip to Stockholm my colleague Anja and I were invited to provide a two day product training session for our Norwegian colleagues in Oslo. We flew to Oslo on Wednesday night and arrived in the hotel late in the evening, so we only had time for a quick dinner and a glass of wine. Thursday and Friday were quite busy with two full day trainings. On Thursday evening we once more learned what a great place Oslo is for dining: Our Norwegian colleagues took us to “Plah” , a fantastic Thai restaurant. We had a super tasty five course Thai meal and had a different type of wine with each course. It holds a certificate for having one of the most outstanding wine lists in the world. And I have to say ... read more
National Theatre
Small park
Award of Excellence

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 21st 2015

I start off this European adventure not knowing what to expect. I decided to go somewhere different this year, and with great anticipation I chose Scandinavia. I have never been to Scandinavia before, and I am eager to arrive and get my trip started. Norway would be my first stop and is famous for its breathtaking Fjords and Viking heritage. I arrive at the airport, and off I go. I had already exchanged currency before I left the states, so I was good to go and ready for my adventure to start. I find the train station to take me to the center of town, and the journey begins. Once there, I walk out of the train station into the main area, and my next task at hand is to find my hostel. I look around ... read more
Europe - 2015 1008
Europe - 2015 1009
Europe - 2015 1012

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 13th 2015

NORVEGE 26 : Oslo fin – NORVEGE 26 : Oslo fin texto en castellano debajo del frances... Ce 14 juillet nous sommes à nouveau au Danemark, dans le Juteland, petit à petit notre chemin de retour se rapproche... nous essayons d'avoir un contact avec l'Allemagne pour notre frigo et déciderons donc aujourd'hui de rester un jour deux de plus au bord de la mer ici... Il fait beau, presque chaud ou bon ! L'internet n'est pas évident ou en tous les cas pas gratuit dans ce pays... les blogs se suivront comme nous le pourrons donc ! Nous pensons bien à vous tous et espérons que votre voyage se déroule bien ! Nous passerons la grande partie de notre dimanche 5 juillet dans le Parc Vigeland puis nous rendrons à 13h30 au Palais Royal afin d'assister ... read more
de quoi nous promener !
loin !
pas mal de visiteurs, mais sans nous gêner

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 10th 2015

NORVEGE 25 : Oslo 1 – NORUEGA 25 : Oslo 1 Pour mieux profiter des photos, lisez le texte en premier lieu. Puis cliquez sur la première photo qui se trouve dans le texte, après quoi faites suivant ou cliquez sur n°2, 3, 4, etc... La photo apparaîtra en plus grand et vous voyagerez en première loge... En route vers Oslo, nous rencontrons à nouveau une quantité énorme de tunnels... Surprise... dans l'un d'eux se trouve même un rond-point ! Nous en avons été surpris, c'est pour cela que bêtement j'ai poussé sur le bouton ok de ma caméra embarquée... alors qu'elle enregistrait déjà, j'ai donc coupé l'enregistrement... Une photo prise à toute allure, fait qu'elle soit toute trouble, mais tant pis c'est tout de même du jamais vu... du moins pour nous ! Oslo mérite ... read more
Camping de ville à Oslo
Rond point tunnel Oslo !

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 31st 2015

Hi Everyone, This weekend was a solo trip to Oslo - home of rain, misery, interesting sculptures, and whale steaks. I got off the plane on Friday night. A heads up to travellers: the airport is a solid 1 hour drive from the city center. When picking a hotel, make sure you have a plan to get there (preferably by the airport express train). Saturday, I stumbled into a Medieval Festival at Castle Akershus in the middle of town. The museums in the area and the opera house took up most of my day. Whale Steak for supper - It was pretty good with fried onions. Sunday was Vigeland Park - home of the some of the weirdest but best statues you'll ever see. That was followed up with some museums and a ferry ride before ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 31st 2015

A short flight from Hamburg landed us in the capital of Norway, Oslo. The entire population of Norway is a bit below 5 million, of which 600,000 live in Oslo. We stayed close to the train station in the heart of Oslo and close to the iconic Opera House. Our first day we took Larry & Lisa on a quick walkabout of the central district and the Opera House. Even though the sun was peeking through the clouds, the wind was a bit brisk! Last time Barb and I were in Oslo we did the Hop on Hop Off Bus to get around the city and see the key attractions, like the Kon Tiki and the Viking longboat museums. Both were as amazing as we had remembered and Lisa and Larry were also fascinated with the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 29th 2015

So we totally were down to the wire with printing, packing and making our way to the airport. We got a great deal on a flight to Europe via Norwegian air and their dreamy dreamliner, seriously it's a nice ass plane. Check in was a breeze, but international terminal one at JFK is abysmal. The food options are a fucking joke: the Chinese place Chop X (that X is made from chopsticks. Shakes my head) is literally cup o' noodles. Seriously? Anyhoo, get your food BEFORE you get there or have enough time to eat in a different terminal. Moving on, the plane is beautiful! It was also delayed over an hour and Norwegian Air takes economy international flights to a new level and doesn't even give you water. Do bring WATER or it'll cost you ... read more

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