Growing up listening to the music of The Carpenters, he decided to name this blog Budokan in remembrance of their Live at Budokan Tour in Tokyo in May 1974.

Hailing from the tropics, Budokan is fortunate to reside in Singapore where jetsetting around have become very affordable. His greatest passion lies in cultivating his lifetime hobby of travelling.

His constant curiosity for new places have brought him to the remote mountains of Chiang Mai (Jul 2005), rode on the London Eye (May 2009) & the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi (Dec 2007), skied on the slopes of Hokkaido (Jan 2009), paid homeage to the magnificent Temples of Angkor (Jan 2008) and to the war victims of Hiroshima (May 2013) and Nanjing (Jan 2010).

258 cities & 423,291 km later, he would call it a day when he could no longer muster enough strength to lift his backpack. Until then, he would continue to update his travel tales for as long as he could be.

Asia » Singapore June 24th 2017

Saturday, 24th June 2017 Thanks to a thoughtful friend who arranged this staycation at Oasia Novena for my 3Xth birthday. I was given a room at level 24 with a great view of the city. My room was well thought out. TWG tea bags and Nespresso capsules. ... read more
Inviting view of the city

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 19th 2017

Wednesday, 19th April 2017 We arrived at Budapest Keleti Train Station on a cold, rainy afternoon after spending some 3 hours on the train from Vienna. Our original intention was to head to the House of Terror but we were soon put off by the snaking queues that extended beyond street level. Eventually, we settled for a nice lunch at Fridays. The ribs and salad portions were generous and the price was a fraction of what I was paying in Oslo. We had a great dining experience. After our meal, we took a ride on the iconic Metro Line #1 to Deak Ferenc Terminal Station. This was Budapest's downtown core where the glitzy malls and hotels are located. We spent sometime walking around but the rain and unforgiving weather proved too overwhelming for us. Days of ... read more
The House of Terror
Budapest! Budapest!
The Glitzy Deak Ferenc District

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 18th 2017

Tuesday, 18th April 2017 What I liked about this whole visit experience was to be able to stand right in the middle of the Memorial Plaza overlooking the row of flags that represents the 193 Member States as we commenced our 11am tour. For me, there was this magical feeling as though we were standing in the middle of the cross-roads to the world. Since 1979, this group of UN Building Cluster along the banks of Danube River forms part of the Vienna International Centre precinct. Visiting the UN Offices wasn't part of our original plan and this was really a "bonus" that we managed to cover during our 3 days in this city. During our 1 hour tour, we were brought to the various buildings of the UN Office. The guide took us through an ... read more
Our Ticket and Access Card
@ the Memorial Plaza
Visitors' Centre

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 18th 2017

Tuesday, 18th April 2017 We had a little bit of time this morning to squeeze in a short visit to the Schonbrunn Imperial Summer Palace. Located within a short walk from the metro station of the same name, it was a delight to visit when visitors were few and far in between. Visiting the Schonbrunn would take in lots of time given the sheer size of this place. And coupled with rather expensive admission charges, we decided that we were happy to pose pictures with the majestic buildings before heading on to our next destination of the day, the United Nations Office.... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 17th 2017

Monday, 17th April 2017 All my life, I never like to use the term "Café Hopping". To me, visiting a café should be a very relaxing affair where you catch up with good friends over hot meals, pastries and a nice cup of coffee. "Café Hopping" literally sounds like a really rush affair where you visit one café after another for the sake of visiting and probably snapping yet another "been there done that" instagram experience. Dinner tonight was at Café Museum, a very lovely place located at the heart of Karlsplatz Station. Our previous experience at Café Sperl (which we didn't manage to dine in the end) gave us some insights on the Café Culture in Vienna. In a nutshell :- We find our own choice seats (free seating). There would probably be nobody to ... read more
Something Grand
Outdoor seats

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 17th 2017

Monday, 17th April 2017 Words could hardly hide our excitement as the sun rose through the ranks of the city's skyline this morning. The beautiful scene existed only for a very brief moment before the sun went up high into the sky like a typical day. First up was our Le Crobag breakfast which we inherited from our Munich tradition. Familiar tastes and familiar coffee made a great start for our day in Vienna. From our hotel, we walked to the nearby Museum of Military History about 20 minutes easy stroll away. This is a huge impressive building where the exhibits are arranged in a chorological order from the early European wars to modern warfare. A must go for military buffs and we spent a great deal of our time within the museum compound including a ... read more
Le Crobag Tradition, Vienna
Military Museum of History, Vienna
Souvenir Stores, Stephansplatz

Europe » Austria » Vienna April 16th 2017

Sunday, 16th April 2017 After 3 nights in Munich, we started the first leg of our rail journey across Central Europe today. First up is the city of Vienna, the capital of Austria which lies some 400km east of Munich. We boarded the comfortable RailJet, RJ65 for the 4-hour journey and arrived at Vienna sometime after 3.30pm today. Lunch was settled on-board at the dining car which was a great experience for us. Vienna that greeted us this afternoon was forward looking. The main train station was modern and spacious. For a while, we thought we were in some train stations in Japan. The crowds were thin and it was really easy to find our way to the hotel which was just opposite the station. The streets were well-paved and really clean. We had a room ... read more
U-Bahn Station, Vienna
The Danube River
Prater Amusement with H's ride

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg April 15th 2017

Saturday, 15th April 2017 With the Bayern Ticket on hand, we hopped on to the "Munchen-Nurnberg Regio Express Train" which would bring us directly to the city of Nuremberg in 2 hours. One thing that strike us deeply as we exit from the train station building was its medieval feel of the old town. Directly opposite the station was the imposing Handwerkerhof, a shopping area focusing on crafts. We didn't stop to peep as we strolled along the main Konigstrase thoroughfare towards the river where the Christmas Market was. The busy street was lined with hotels, many cafes and shopping opportunities. The crowd was thick on a Saturday. We stopped by at one of the ice-cream stands for dessert before heading to the market for sausages. The landmark Pfarrhaus Lorenzkirche Church was a focal point within ... read more
Nuremberg Train Station
Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 15th 2017

Saturday, 15th April 2017 By day 3, the temperatures in Germany had plummeted to freezing point. We were decked in clothing that would otherwise be befitting for winter. As usual, we woke up at 6am in the morning, feeling really cold while making a trip to the Schloss Nymphenburg (Summer Palace). Located some blocks west of Central Munich, the easiest way to commute to the grounds was via Tram # 17 from the train station. Our tram was near empty as we occupied prime seats at the rear of the vehicle which commanded a grand vista of the streets. The Palace occupied a secluded spot at the end of the gardens. Even getting close to the building required quite a walk from the tram stop. We stopped frequently, taking loads of panoramic pictures of the beautiful ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 14th 2017

Friday, 14th April 2017 Rise and shine. After a good sleep at Aloft, we were very well-rested. Even though it was only 6am when we woke up this morning, we were feeling energetic as we made our way to the train station for breakfast. It was a simple bread and coffee affair @ Le Crobag which we went on to patronise a couple of times during the course of our stay in Europe. The weather was chilly and while it wasn't raining, the sky was shrouded with grey clouds as we made our way to the Dachau Concentration Camp later in the morning. Getting there via the S6 Bahn and the connecting bus at Dachau Station was a straight forward affair. Within 45 minutes, we had arrived at the doorsteps of Dachau - the first concentration ... read more
Sad Dachau Trees
The Guard Tower
The main Museum Building

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