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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 12th 2018

6:30 start today as my taxi was picking me up at 7:45 for my trip to the airport. The weather is miserable - cold, windy and raining so I feel the time is right to leave Iceland. Beautiful, stunning and very dramatic and I feel I have done it justice. The trip to the airport took about 20 minutes so I arrived just over 2 hours before my flight - to find out the flight was delayed. Reykjavik airport is very modern and very busy! Time was killed and then I headed to the gate for my flight to Oslo. I was flying with Norwegian airlines - it has a touch of the JetStars about it. The flight was over 2 hours and there was also a time change so I arrived at Oslo around 3pm. ... read more
Inside - beautiful woodwork
Inside - inspired by icebergs

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 31st 2018

Today everyone was leaving Snarret and heading to the farm. At the last minute, Axel and I decided to drive to Oslo and get a room close to the airport as we were flying out to Germany the next day. Andy and Gry graciously loaned us the car. We spent the day walking around the harbour front in Oslo looking at boats of various sizes and types. We had dinner on the boardwalk at Jamie Oliver’s where our waitress was a young lady from Winnipeg. She has two university degrees in English and dance and has moved to Oslo with her boyfriend she met at an exchange. Our room was nice and close to the airport with a shuttle and we got breakfast in the morning at 4am so bonus! ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 20th 2018

19th July Oslo This was a late (but scheduled) arrival for us, berthing at 11 am. But another spectacular cruise for some 60 miles sailing up Oslofjord docking in the heart of Oslo. Any closer and the ship would be berthing in the main reception area of the Radhuset City Hall, a very austere looking building overlooking the port of Oslo. One of the main attractions of Oslo is its museums, and oh boy do they love their museums and galleries. Our daily programme lists 24 museums and galleries and that doesn’t include Sculpture parks, churches and Cathedrals. The museums range from the Resistance Museum to more seafaring based ones which include the National Maritime, the Kon Tiki, and the Fram Museums. The Fram was the vessel that Amundsen and Nansen made their Arctic and Antarctic ... read more
Oslo 2
Oslo 3
Oslo 4

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 2nd 2018

Hi All We left Bergen For Oslo on the EX602 in comfort class ,with free tea and coffee. The scenery of course was superb.The Bergen Voss line was opened in 1883;it runs for 496km and has over 180 tunnels. Arrived in Oslo being the Capital of Norway,stayed at the Hotel Thon which was very lovely hotel. One night here then fly back to UK By the time you all get this blog we will be at Rail station catching the Eurostar to Ghent via Brussels. The Small hotel in London is adequate for our needs and is not to far from St Pancreas. See you all in Ghent Belgium KS... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 20th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin encore la fraîcheur est au rendez-vous, vers 7h30, il ne devait pas beaucoup plus de 12º, et c’est sans regret que je quitte Karlstad. Hier à 20h, j’étais le seul client à manger une pizza dans une grande brasserie du centre, et heureux de l’avoir trouvé. Je vais mettre de nouveau une photo de la chambre, ici ce genre de chambre c’est « cabin room », 8m2, pas de fenêtre, finalement assez confortable, et je constate que je fais des supers nuits. Pas de bruits extérieurs, pas de jour, surtout qu’il nuit noire vers 11h passé, et jour vers 4h, 4h30. Mon compagnon de voyage de l’an dernier en Alaska, Pier, n’appréciait pas du tout, ce genre de chambre, mais compte tenu du prix il ferait sans aucun doute un effort. ... read more
la Cathédrale Domkirke

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 20th 2018

Yeah yeah we know, the airheads omitted the picture of the cutest of the cute. Plan on it appearing here if the aforementioned airheads remember. Now for a bit of reality for you Americans. We took a drive a couple of days back from Copenhagen to Oslo. We knew Norwegian gas was a bit more expensive than Swedish, so we stopped near the border to buy a bit. Actually, we packed the tank with 11.5 gallons (our little Volvo has a small tank but achieves over 40 mpg) for just over $77. Should anyone like to compute, they will arrive at around $6.70 per gallon, and we were "pleased" with the price for we then crossed the border where the same gas at our next fillup will be over $8. So, no complaining about three dollar ... read more
Olympic Ski Jump
Opra House
Peace Prize

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 21st 2018

It was early December and my wife and I along with a couple of friends were taking our regular year-end boat cruise. In our warm clothing(the weather was freezing cold), we - my wife and I along with Eric and Beth, our family friends - made our way to Stavanger’s port where out boat was ready to charter to begin our cruise to Lysefjord. You could see the excitement on our faces as we anticipated the adventure ahead. Having read about the dramatic and wild and fjord that stretch some 40 km into the country, all the while meandering in between steep mountains, we had every reason to be. We learnt that the Lysefjord was carved and formed during the Ice Age by the glaciers, and that for thousands of years, people have scratched onto the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 16th 2018

On my business cruise to Bodø, I had an incredible time looking around the Scandanavian coast while taking in some of the best sights Norway (in particular) has to offer. When not in meetings discussing the finer aspects of the building and some of the construction details we were working on. I managed to spend some time in the marina area and even out on the mountain range exploring. Walking the mountain tracks with all of those amazing views was just the beginning for me. On some occasions like this I like to mix a little business with pleasuure and this was just such an occasions. When I arrived at Bodø after a magnificent cruise checking out the Scandanadian coastline and of course enjoying every muinite of the trip. It was an incredible sight to see. ... read more
bodo image02
bodo image03
bodo NL image04

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 29th 2018

Thursday, 29th March 2018 After a leisurely breakfast this morning, I headed over to the office to tie-up some loose ends before embarking on a T Bane (Metro) tour around the city vicinity. I haven't had much chance to ride on the T Bane over the past few days due to work commitments. So I was rather happy that we would be using the system to get to some of the places that we would be visiting today. From Majorstuen, we took the T Bane to the final station at Frognerseteren where we continued with a slow uphill climb to Frognerseteren Restaurant. The restaurant had its roots traced back since 1891 when it was first opened for business. It commanded a fine view of the vistas below since the building was perched on a high ground ... read more
View of Oslo from Frognerseteren Restaurant
Frognerseteren Restaurant
What we had for lunch today

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 28th 2018

Wednesday 28th March 2018 Today is my last working day of the week in Oslo office before the Easter long weekend and before I fly home on Friday afternoon. We had sushi for lunch today at the office cafeteria which tasted quite good actually. Over the past few days, our office lunch had been a hit and miss affair. There were days when the main dishes were mediocre in terms of look and taste even though I could always count on the reliable salad bar when all else fails. I left work at around 4+ this afternoon where I took a 10 minutes bus ride to Vigeland Sculpture Park. The sky is bright and sunny throughout the day which made it ideal for some outdoor activities. R reached 5 minutes later and we started wandering around ... read more
Sushi lunch at Oslo Office
The Angry Child
The Laughing Child

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