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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 21st 2018

It was early December and my wife and I along with a couple of friends were taking our regular year-end boat cruise. In our warm clothing(the weather was freezing cold), we - my wife and I along with Eric and Beth, our family friends - made our way to Stavanger’s port where out boat was ready to charter to begin our cruise to Lysefjord. You could see the excitement on our faces as we anticipated the adventure ahead. Having read about the dramatic and wild and fjord that stretch some 40 km into the country, all the while meandering in between steep mountains, we had every reason to be. We learnt that the Lysefjord was carved and formed during the Ice Age by the glaciers, and that for thousands of years, people have scratched onto the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 16th 2018

On my business cruise to Bodø, I had an incredible time looking around the Scandanavian coast while taking in some of the best sights Norway (in particular) has to offer. When not in meetings discussing the finer aspects of the building and some of the construction details we were working on. I managed to spend some time in the marina area and even out on the mountain range exploring. Walking the mountain tracks with all of those amazing views was just the beginning for me. On some occasions like this I like to mix a little business with pleasuure and this was just such an occasions. When I arrived at Bodø after a magnificent cruise checking out the Scandanadian coastline and of course enjoying every muinite of the trip. It was an incredible sight to see. ... read more
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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 29th 2018

Thursday, 29th March 2018 After a leisurely breakfast this morning, I headed over to the office to tie-up some loose ends before embarking on a T Bane (Metro) tour around the city vicinity. I haven't had much chance to ride on the T Bane over the past few days due to work commitments. So I was rather happy that we would be using the system to get to some of the places that we would be visiting today. From Majorstuen, we took the T Bane to the final station at Frognerseteren where we continued with a slow uphill climb to Frognerseteren Restaurant. The restaurant had its roots traced back since 1891 when it was first opened for business. It commanded a fine view of the vistas below since the building was perched on a high ground ... read more
View of Oslo from Frognerseteren Restaurant
Frognerseteren Restaurant
What we had for lunch today

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 28th 2018

Wednesday 28th March 2018 Today is my last working day of the week in Oslo office before the Easter long weekend and before I fly home on Friday afternoon. We had sushi for lunch today at the office cafeteria which tasted quite good actually. Over the past few days, our office lunch had been a hit and miss affair. There were days when the main dishes were mediocre in terms of look and taste even though I could always count on the reliable salad bar when all else fails. I left work at around 4+ this afternoon where I took a 10 minutes bus ride to Vigeland Sculpture Park. The sky is bright and sunny throughout the day which made it ideal for some outdoor activities. R reached 5 minutes later and we started wandering around ... read more
Sushi lunch at Oslo Office
The Angry Child
The Laughing Child

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 27th 2018

Tuesday, 27th March 2018 After work today, we headed to Fiskeriet Youngstorget for dinner. This is a small seafood cafe that serves lovely Norwegian Fish Soup as well as Fish and Chips. We also ordered their daily special - Curry Rice with Prawns. Our mains came with complimentary toast and butter which Ryan was lamenting how he would always make a trip down and purchase their butter spread for breakfast. The seats are perched against the high tables which did not make it ideal for a long, sit down meal. Anyway, the service was good and efficient and the prices friendly. Loved everything about our dinner so much so that I bought the Fish Soup again at the airport before my flight back home on Friday afternoon. It did not disappoint indeed!... read more
A fishy business close up

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 26th 2018

Monday, 26th March 2018 It was rather quiet during breakfast at the hotel this morning. The breakfast menu at the hotel remained the same everyday but the items tasted fresh and warm. This was the Monday before Easter and most of the business travellers had probably returned home for their holidays. In fact, it was the same situation when I took the train to the office. The crowds were visibly thinner this morning and some of our colleagues had already went for their Easter break. For dinner this evening, we decided to head to Agave for Mexican dishes. As usual, we ordered a couple of mains and tacos for sharing so that we could try a bit of everything. It was nice to hang out with a group of people after work so that we could ... read more
What we had at Agave
Agave Menu

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 25th 2018

Alkoi kesäaika. Huone piti luovuttaa klo 11 ja lento lähti klo 17. Jätin siksi matkatavarat hotelliin säilytykseen. Menin ratikalla katsomaan raitiovaunumuseota, joka aukesi klo 12. Kun katsoin filmiä, jossa ratikalla mentiin Holmenkollenille, sain idean mennä käymään siellä metrolla. Rata kulki maan pinnalla. Monella oli sukset mukana. Kävin vain kääntymässä metroasemalla enkä lähtenyt tutkimaan aluetta tarkemmin. Paluumatkalla oli hyvät näkymät kaupunkiin. Kävelin Grönlannin asemalta hotellille, hain matkatavarat. Ratikalla rautatieasemalle. Sain 66 kruunulla ostettua lisämatkan viikkolippuuni. Söin asemalla vielä makkaran, pølse, ja ostin evääksi pähkinöitä. Matka lentokentälle kesti paikallisjunalla 22 minuuttia. Lentokentällä piti jonottaa jonkin aikaa lähtöselvitykseen. Turvatarkastuksen jälkeen täytin vesipullon ja latasin lentokentän WiFi... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 24th 2018

Nukuin pitkään ja hyvin. Kerkesin silti hyvissä ajoin aamiaiselle. Ajoin ratikalla ensin Akerin satama-alueelle. Siellä vierähti vartti. Jatkoin Frogner Plassille. Oslon museo oli lauantaina ilmainen. Siellä oli juttua kielistä ja kaupungissa asumisesta. Söin vohvelin. Vieressä oli Vigeland-museo. Siellä näki kipsitöitä ja taiteilijan työprosessia. Olin siellä tunteroisen verran, sulkemisaikaan asti. Jatkoin viereiseen veistospuistoon. Lunta oli sulanut, oli lätäköitä ja puroja ja sai varoa mihin astui. Näköjään silti toinen sukka kastui. Kenkä on tainnut murtua. Ajoin vielä ratikalla itään Ekebergin puistoon. Sieltä oli hyvät näkymät kaupunkiin. Söin hotellin lähellä kebabin. En juonut tänään kahvia enkä alkoholia.... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 23rd 2018

Oli koleaa, vain pari astetta lämmintä. Heräsin jo kuudelta enkä saanut enää unta vaikka kävin heti syömässä vähän. Menin sitten uudestaan aamiaiselle yhdeksän jälkeen. Pääsin liikkeelle vasta puolenpäivän jälkeen. Ajoin ratikalla keskustan ohi pohjoispuolelta. Löysin heti paikan, johon päätin mennä lounaalle ennen neljää. Kävelin rautatieasemalle Karl Johan -kävelykatua pitkin. Matkan varrella oli raitiotietyömaata. Kiskoja kulkee täällä kyllä paljon, joten vaihtoehtoisia reittejä löytyy helposti. Rautatieasemalla selvitin sunnuntain lähtöä varten reitin ja sen miten sieltä saa ostettua lipun. Poikkesin turistineuvonnassa. Otin esitteitä. Ilmeni että tuomiokirkko on auki läpi yön. Päätin käydä katsomassa kaupungintalon ennen lounasta. Ajoin ratikalla pari pysäkinväliä. Jäi silti käveltävää. Talossa oli iso ja korkea halli. T... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 23rd 2018

Friday, 23rd March 2018 R was not available today as he had a wedding party to attend this evening. So after work today, I took a tram from office to Brugata where I linked up with TS outside Scanasia Supermarket as he had a couple of items to pick up before the weekend. After we were done with grocery shopping, we headed to the Rice Bowl Restaurant for dinner. This was one of the highly recommended places for affordable meals in Oslo and certainly one of the favourite spots for our Singaporean colleagues when they were seconded to the city for work some years back. I guessed this place reminded them of home even though it is a Thai Restaurant actually. There were no other eating spots that served Singapore cuisine. For our Friday evening dinner, ... read more

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