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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm September 14th 2019

Our group was leaving for the train station at 11am. The train was leaving at 12:03pm and the station was only a couple of blocks from the hotel. We had walked over to the station the previous evening on our way home from the bar and familiarized ourselves with the layout and food options. We still wanted to try and fit one more museum in before we left Oslo so we told our guides that if we were not in the lobby at 11am, we'd meet them at the train station. We got up early to make sure we were packed and ready. Hotel checkout wasn't until noon so we left our bags in the room and timed our walk to the Nobel Prize Center so we would know precisely how long we could take. The ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 13th 2019

Oslo is wonderfully laid out for sightseeing. After breakfast, those of us interested in the museums, hopped the ferry to cross the harbor. The sun was shining and we were all excited to get our day started on the water. The ride over was perfect. There were already quite a few people out on boats and we even saw an 80ish year old woman and her friends out rowing. Water is life in Norway. The ferry dropped us off right in front of the Fram museum. The Kon Tiki and the Maritime museum were just steps away. We started with the Fram which is dedicated to polar exploration. Again, I wasn't sure I would find it interesting but I should really learn to keep my mouth shut. Ha! Right. Anyway, it was amazing to realize that ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 12th 2019

I'm not sure a group of people have ever been so happy to disembark a ship. We met up with our group and made the short walk to our hotel. I'm pretty sure I've said it before but Steve and Linda pick the best hotels. Always centrally located and easy to find once you've been out and about because they are near a major point of interest. In Paris, we were near Luxembourg Gardens. In Copenhagen, we were just 2 blocks from the Nyhavn canal and here, in Oslo, we are near the harbor and the Opera House. Again, we are able to walk to numerous attractions or jump right on public transportation close to the hotel. It is too early to check in so we stow our bags and hop on the tram to Vigeland ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 11th 2019

I set the alarm for 6am. We went to bed the night before and we're hoping the day would go according to plan. Thankfully, the sunshine was already shining! We quickly got dressed and hurried down to breakfast which started at 6:30. I have promised myself that I will talk about the hotel and breakfast in a later post. There is just too much to cover! So! We ate our usual, oatmeat, an egg and bacon, croissant and tea. Off we headed before most people were up and moving! Beep! Beep! We've got things to do, people! It's hard to judge exactly how far each place is on the map. More than distance, we concern ourselves with the amount of time it will take us to go to each attraction. We are heading to the iconic ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 10th 2019

The weather we've experienced while in Denmark is tricky. Essentially, be prepared for rain, cold wind or warm sunshine at all times. I thought the weatherman back home had a difficult task. The weather app here is all over the place. One minute it says 80% chance of rain each hour for the rest of the day, the next it says 0%. If you go outside and it's warm and sunny, ten minutes later the clouds cover the sun and you wish you had a heavy jacket. So, with that in mind, we started our walking tour on Tuesday morning in a drizzle. We had our rain coats, ponchos and umbrellas in our backpacks. We were prepared for anything Mother Nature threw at us. When you travel this far, nothing gets in the way of plans ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 9th 2019

This is the day we meet up with the rest of the group of travelers around 4pm so we still have plenty of time to explore the city. We head over to Nyhavn Canal to finally see all of the colorful houses. As we turned the corner, whooooosh, bikes whiz past in front of us! We saw plenty of bikes and scooters yesterday but that was a Sunday. This is Monday morning and the Danes are on their way to work! Copenhagen is filled with bikes, bike lanes and bike shops that supply FREE air! Seriously! You can roll up to any bike shop at any time of day or night and use the air hose that is hanging there waiting for you! Needless to say, the Danes are serious about biking. Bikes even have their ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen September 8th 2019

We got off the plane well rested and ready for an adventure. The airport, just like Iceland's, looks like the IKEA catelog. Everything is crisp, clean and efficient looking. The one thing I notice is the FREE Starbucks kiosk as we walk down the hall. Medium roast and tea bags. I don't know many that would pass that up except the Whitson women. We've got things to do and places to see! **Actually, it's because we'd have to carry the cup with us or stand and drink it and neither one of us could manage to juggle our luggage AND a hot cup.** We walk straight out since we've already been through customs in Iceland and we don't have anything to declare. The ticket machines for the Metro are easy to find and after asking the ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík September 8th 2019

We arrived back a JFK 3 hours before our flight to Copenhagen via Reykjavik. Early? Well, #1 it's an international flight so I didn't think it was crazy when I read that 3 hours is the recommended arrival time and #2 it's JFK so one would think it would be super busy. As luck would have it, there was literally NO ONE in line at the Icelandair counter . Check in took 5 minutes tops and then the TSA precheck line was 6 people long counting us. So 20 minutes after getting our luggage back from the storage place, we were all checked in and ready to go. We quickly got settled, plugged in our electonics, grabbed food and waited to board our flight to Reykjavik. The time went quickly. Before we knew it, the Icelandair ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Bowling Green September 8th 2019

We started planning this trip about a year ago. Mom needed to scratch another item off her bucket list and I have always wanted to go to Norway. It was an easy decision because The Travelling Professor has a tour that includes Denmark, Norway and Iceland. We had joined him and his partner, Linda, for our adventure in France two years ago and decided that we would take the leap and go. Originally, I wasn't sure I'd be able to join for the entire trip but when we found plane tickets for $800, I asked my boss if I could take two weeks, she said yes! My ticket on Delta for just Denmark and Norway would have been $1500 but by flying Icelandair I was able to save $700 AND include Iceland in my travels. The ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Colleville-sur-Mer October 26th 2017

We decide that today (Monday) is the day we'll head to the D-day beaches. We're going to follow the advice given by good 'ol Rick Steves and work our way East to West beginning in Arrowmanches. We get an early start. We have no idea how many tourists are in the area and I would like to get a few places in if it gets crowded. I wish we could be alone. I have a feeling that the emotions might be a bit overwhelming. We arrive in Arrowmanches and there are only a couple of cars in the lot closest to the Landing Museum and the Tourist Information Center. We head into the TI first to get any tips they might might be able to offer and set out on a 10 minute walk to the ... read more

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