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Canadian wanting to work in Norway

Extended Shengen visa
13 years ago, August 17th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #117680  
We've decided to take a break from Asia for a few months and are going to Norway for the winter to work before returning. Scott is ok (being half Norwegian helps), but as a Canadian I am entitled to only 3 months in not just Norway, but the Shengen area, which sucks because we're donig a few weeks in Greece and Italy (which as far as I know are part of the Shengen agreement), before going to Norway to job hunt. The bigger problem here is that a working visa in Norway apparently takes three months to process, and I will have less then 3 months once we arrive.

I just wanted to double check if all of my information is correct, and if anyone else knows anything else that may be of help.
Scott does have some family friends in Norway that own a business and we have emailed them seeing if they will give me a part time job to get my visa process started, but aside from that is there anything else I can do? (aside from getting married) to speed up this process or help things run more smoothly? Reply to this

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