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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 11th 2020

Scandinavian breakfasts and I were made for each other. It fits in with my "more is more" philosophy on life and gastronomy. We must hurry with reckless gluttony and eat our full Scandinavian hotel breakfast: tomato juice, muesli, cereal, pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs (scrambled), Danishes (better than you have ever had back home), ham, terrine of ham, herring will dill and tomato. It’s all so wonderful. And don’t forget fresh fruit, a healthy afterthought to the above and great to put in your bag to nibble on later during a bus tour. If only breakfast wasn't served as early as 7 am. If only we didn't have a bus to board at 7:30 am. You may have guessed I hate eating to the clock. Long, languorous meals are more my style. But with my Danish plumped ... read more
Oslo Karl Johans Gate 1
Oslo Norway Town Hall - Frogner Park
Frogner Park Gustav Vigeland

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo February 21st 2020

Our second day in Oslo, well actually half a day, and I was on a mission to find and photograph some of the city's street art. The Visitors Centre yesterday had referred me to their website, where there was an interactive map with the location of various murals and details of the artist So we set off towards Toyen, where the map showed quite a few murals were located. Along the way, we saw a few sculptures worthy of a photo, but unfortunately the urban art I was in pursuit of was difficult to locate and it didn't help when Google Maps decided not to co-operate either. Rather than wander around aimlessly, we headed back into town and made our way to the Opera House. Our guide from the City Discovery Tour yesterday had recommended ... read more
Opera House
Opera House - unique architecture
Art installation - SWEAT by Mikkal Aaland

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo February 20th 2020

I don't proclaim to be a 'foodie' but I do enjoy a good buffet breakfast and I've had my share during our many travels. I have to say, the breakfast at our hotel was very impressive and there was so many options to choose from that I ended up going up three times. I had two new experiences during breakfast too - a ginger shot (a blend of ginger and fruit juices served in a shot glass) and brown cheese (a favourite with Norwegians - actually known as Brunost - Gudbrandsdalsost, and has a slight taste of caramel and goes well topped with jam). After breakfast we did a quick walk around the block to test out the air temperature and it 'jumper, 2 pairs of thermal pants, waterproof hiking pants, thick wool socks, waterproof jacket, ... read more
Visit Oslo @ Visitors Centre
Holmenkollen Ski Jump
"Angry Boy" sculpture, Vigeland Sculpture Park

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 13th 2019

Oslo is wonderfully laid out for sightseeing. After breakfast, those of us interested in the museums, hopped the ferry to cross the harbor. The sun was shining and we were all excited to get our day started on the water. The ride over was perfect. There were already quite a few people out on boats and we even saw an 80ish year old woman and her friends out rowing. Water is life in Norway. The ferry dropped us off right in front of the Fram museum. The Kon Tiki and the Maritime museum were just steps away. We started with the Fram which is dedicated to polar exploration. Again, I wasn't sure I would find it interesting but I should really learn to keep my mouth shut. Ha! Right. Anyway, it was amazing to realize that ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 12th 2019

I'm not sure a group of people have ever been so happy to disembark a ship. We met up with our group and made the short walk to our hotel. I'm pretty sure I've said it before but Steve and Linda pick the best hotels. Always centrally located and easy to find once you've been out and about because they are near a major point of interest. In Paris, we were near Luxembourg Gardens. In Copenhagen, we were just 2 blocks from the Nyhavn canal and here, in Oslo, we are near the harbor and the Opera House. Again, we are able to walk to numerous attractions or jump right on public transportation close to the hotel. It is too early to check in so we stow our bags and hop on the tram to Vigeland ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 19th 2019

Today was my last day in Oslo. I started the day by going out of the downtown area to see the Munch Museum. Edvard Munch is Norway’s most famous artist, best known for The Scream. The emoji that Apple uses for the word “scream” is derived from Munch’s painting. 😱Afterward I had lunch in the museum cafe and then came back to town so I could go on the tour of Norway’s (relatively) new opera house. It is an architectural wonder with a long sloping roof made of white marble that runs right down to the water. And it’s constructed so that people can walk all the way to the top. Inside there are three performance spaces and we got to go into the main hall. We also got to go back stage and we saw ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 18th 2019

Unlike yesterday, today was a gorgeous sunny day in Oslo. I was out walking a good portion of the day and I enjoyed the weather. My first stop was to City Hall. I had tried to see the interior on my first day, but it was closed for some function. Today the main hall was open and I was there early so it wasn’t too crowded with tourists. The largest mural is from the 1930s and its central portion depicts typical Norwegian workers - fisherman, farmer, miner. I also liked the ceramic medallions in the entry hallway, especially the one depicting (I guess) Mother Norway looking after the people. Next I walked to the Historical Museum to see the Viking exhibit. I had read up on Vikings before the trip (that’s one reason I was so ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 17th 2019

It was a rainy day here in Oslo today. I was out in it a number of times, but never got TOO wet. The hotel provides umbrellas and I gave mine a good workout! First thing after breakfast I took the ferry to Bygdoy, a peninsula near downtown Oslo where there are a number of museums. I most wanted to see the Viking Ships Museum and it didn’t disappoint. It was a visceral thrill to see them in person, especially the well-preserved Oseberg Ship. The three main vessels on display were all recovered from Norwegian Viking burials in which prominent persons were sent to the next world in a ship loaded with a variety of goods, animals, and even vehicles (small sleighs and carts). My next stop was the outdoor Folk Museum which is a sort ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 16th 2019

This morning I flew from Bergen to Oslo and it was a remarkably automated experience. I checked in, checked my suitcase, went through security, and boarded the plane without speaking a word to anyone. I never did have to show my ID. I have noticed that Norway is, in general, much more automated than the United States. One rarely needs cash. I pay for nearly everything from a hotel room to a soft drink with my credit card. And unlike the US, waiters in restaurants have handheld devices that take credit cards so the bill is paid while you sit at the table. But back to Oslo. For some reason Oslo is known as Tiger Town (and I thought that was Detroit!) so there is a large tiger statue that greets visitors as they exit the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 4th 2019

Friday was a 300 km local bus trip to Oslo, Norway's capital and a 3 night stay at the Hotel Anker. The bus was super smooth & comfortable & we arrived to a warm 28 deg. afternoon. After lunch & a quick check-in we took our usual guided orientation walk to get an understanding of the layout of the city to best plan the rest of our free time. The main landmarks seen among others were the Royal Palace, Parliament, University & the National Theatre. Next day was hot again. We bought a 24 hr Oslo Pass which allows free admission & transport to numerous museums & other attractions. First off we caught a local bus to museum island. Although technically not an island 5 amazing museums are located within walking distance of each other on ... read more
National Theatre
Royal Palace

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