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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 19th 2019

Today was my last day in Oslo. I started the day by going out of the downtown area to see the Munch Museum. Edvard Munch is Norway’s most famous artist, best known for The Scream. The emoji that Apple uses for the word “scream” is derived from Munch’s painting. 😱Afterward I had lunch in the museum cafe and then came back to town so I could go on the tour of Norway’s (relatively) new opera house. It is an architectural wonder with a long sloping roof made of white marble that runs right down to the water. And it’s constructed so that people can walk all the way to the top. Inside there are three performance spaces and we got to go into the main hall. We also got to go back stage and we saw ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 18th 2019

Unlike yesterday, today was a gorgeous sunny day in Oslo. I was out walking a good portion of the day and I enjoyed the weather. My first stop was to City Hall. I had tried to see the interior on my first day, but it was closed for some function. Today the main hall was open and I was there early so it wasn’t too crowded with tourists. The largest mural is from the 1930s and its central portion depicts typical Norwegian workers - fisherman, farmer, miner. I also liked the ceramic medallions in the entry hallway, especially the one depicting (I guess) Mother Norway looking after the people. Next I walked to the Historical Museum to see the Viking exhibit. I had read up on Vikings before the trip (that’s one reason I was so ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 17th 2019

It was a rainy day here in Oslo today. I was out in it a number of times, but never got TOO wet. The hotel provides umbrellas and I gave mine a good workout! First thing after breakfast I took the ferry to Bygdoy, a peninsula near downtown Oslo where there are a number of museums. I most wanted to see the Viking Ships Museum and it didn’t disappoint. It was a visceral thrill to see them in person, especially the well-preserved Oseberg Ship. The three main vessels on display were all recovered from Norwegian Viking burials in which prominent persons were sent to the next world in a ship loaded with a variety of goods, animals, and even vehicles (small sleighs and carts). My next stop was the outdoor Folk Museum which is a sort ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 16th 2019

This morning I flew from Bergen to Oslo and it was a remarkably automated experience. I checked in, checked my suitcase, went through security, and boarded the plane without speaking a word to anyone. I never did have to show my ID. I have noticed that Norway is, in general, much more automated than the United States. One rarely needs cash. I pay for nearly everything from a hotel room to a soft drink with my credit card. And unlike the US, waiters in restaurants have handheld devices that take credit cards so the bill is paid while you sit at the table. But back to Oslo. For some reason Oslo is known as Tiger Town (and I thought that was Detroit!) so there is a large tiger statue that greets visitors as they exit the ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 4th 2019

Friday was a 300 km local bus trip to Oslo, Norway's capital and a 3 night stay at the Hotel Anker. The bus was super smooth & comfortable & we arrived to a warm 28 deg. afternoon. After lunch & a quick check-in we took our usual guided orientation walk to get an understanding of the layout of the city to best plan the rest of our free time. The main landmarks seen among others were the Royal Palace, Parliament, University & the National Theatre. Next day was hot again. We bought a 24 hr Oslo Pass which allows free admission & transport to numerous museums & other attractions. First off we caught a local bus to museum island. Although technically not an island 5 amazing museums are located within walking distance of each other on ... read more
National Theatre
Royal Palace

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 14th 2019

Blog 12 - July 8, 9 and 10 Ferries, Trains, Cars, Bikes and Planes This will be the final blog of the trip. Our final days are wrapped into one not because they are less important but because they are the final chapter. Our last days were just as marvelous as the the others… They were the perfect ending to a perfect story. Part 1 - The Ferry Our ferry to Bergen was a bit different this time. It was a smaller boat and it was not an express. It was still a fast boat but instead of almost a straight shot to Bergen we made many stops along the way before hitting open sea. At one stop there was even an oceanside pub. This gets note because the only other pub we had seen while ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 27th 2019

Nun sind wir schon seit einer Woche wieder zu Hause, und irgendwie fehlt im Blog noch der letzte Teil der Reise. Daher gibt es hier noch einen Nachschlag... Vom Sognefjord geht es weiter Richtung Geirangerfjord. Der Weg dorthin führt durch eine sehr alpine Landschaft: Berge, die teilweise mehr Schneeflecken als nackten Fels haben, zugefrorene Seen und viele Haarnadelkurven. Wir stehen mit unserem Wohnmobil auf einem Aussichtspunkt auf 1.500 m Höhe; von dort können wir nach hinten in die Berge und den Schnee und nach vorne in den Geirangerfjord und den Ort Geiranger schauen - ein sehr interessanter Gegensatz. Bei der Bootstour auf dem Fjord wird uns u.a. erzählt, dass sich eine Felswand über dem Fjord bewegt und irgendwann abrutschen und eine bis zu 80 m hohe Flutwelle verursachen wird. Aber die Bewegungen werden gemessen, so dass ... read more
Rondane Nationalpark
Oslo: Hafen mit Kunstmuseum
So sieht Wetter aus

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 5th 2019

16 – 31 May 2019 Where have we been? A good question as we are not sure, the time has passed so quickly. Opening dates at various places have determined our movements. The site in Copenhagen did not open until 24th May and in Oslo 1st June. It is always possible to find free or very cheap sites open but the city sites only open when they expect tourists to arrive at the start of the summer. Jim is quite pleased about this as he has been monitoring temperatures in Norway and they are still in low single figures during the day and even lower at night. We hope that by the time we have spent five or six days in Oslo they will be creeping up. Days are long and as we travelled through Sweden ... read more
Street scene, Copenhagen
Outside Guinness World Records office:Tallest man
National Theatre

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 29th 2019

Certains, comme Laurence sur FB diront que nous avons déjà vu tout cela… et c’est bien vrai… mais ma réponse fut immédiatement « quand on aime on ne compte pas » !!!! Et oui, un 5 juillet 2015, le jour de notre anniversaire de mariage nous avions trouvé bon nous trouver entre ces sculptures qui représentent tant d’Amour !!!! Avec plus d'un million de visiteurs par an, ce parc figure parmi les premières attractions de Norvège. Le parc Vigeland rassemble les oeuvres d'une vie de travail du scuplteur Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) avec plus de 200 sculptures en bronze, granit et fer forgé. Vigeland a également imaginé et dessiné l'architecture du parc. « Sinnataggen » (L’enfant en colère), un petit garçon piétinant rageusement le sol, est l’une des figures les plus populaires du parc. Il est tant ... read more
c'est le printemps !
camping d'Oslo, un camping de ville...

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 29th 2019

L'Opéra d'Oslo est situé à l'extrémité du fjord d'Oslo, sur le port commercial et industriel du quartier de Bjørvika, dans la partie est du centre ville de la capitale de la Norvège. Il a été inauguré le 12 avril 2008 . Veuillez marcher sur le toît ! En Norvège, l'escalade en montagne, on l'a dans la peau - alors pourquoi on ne pourrait pas grimper aussi sur les bâtiments? La nature norvégienne est libre d'accès pour tous et l'Opéra d'Oslo, inauguré en 2008, a été construit dans le même esprit. Normalement, quand on marche sur le toit d'un bâtiment public, on risque fort de se faire arrêter. Pourtant ce bâtiment novateur, au cœur de la capitale de Norvège, lance aux touristes un défi contraire de l'habituel « Veuillez ne rien toucher » - trop souvent affiché ... read more
même pas un canard ne viendrait s'y installer
là où l'on remet le Prix Nobel de la Paix
la forteresse d'Akershus

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