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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 29th 2019

Certains, comme Laurence sur FB diront que nous avons déjà vu tout cela… et c’est bien vrai… mais ma réponse fut immédiatement « quand on aime on ne compte pas » !!!! Et oui, un 5 juillet 2015, le jour de notre anniversaire de mariage nous avions trouvé bon nous trouver entre ces sculptures qui représentent tant d’Amour !!!! Avec plus d'un million de visiteurs par an, ce parc figure parmi les premières attractions de Norvège. Le parc Vigeland rassemble les oeuvres d'une vie de travail du scuplteur Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) avec plus de 200 sculptures en bronze, granit et fer forgé. Vigeland a également imaginé et dessiné l'architecture du parc. « Sinnataggen » (L’enfant en colère), un petit garçon piétinant rageusement le sol, est l’une des figures les plus populaires du parc. Il est tant ... read more
c'est le printemps !
camping d'Oslo, un camping de ville...

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 29th 2019

L'Opéra d'Oslo est situé à l'extrémité du fjord d'Oslo, sur le port commercial et industriel du quartier de Bjørvika, dans la partie est du centre ville de la capitale de la Norvège. Il a été inauguré le 12 avril 2008 . Veuillez marcher sur le toît ! En Norvège, l'escalade en montagne, on l'a dans la peau - alors pourquoi on ne pourrait pas grimper aussi sur les bâtiments? La nature norvégienne est libre d'accès pour tous et l'Opéra d'Oslo, inauguré en 2008, a été construit dans le même esprit. Normalement, quand on marche sur le toit d'un bâtiment public, on risque fort de se faire arrêter. Pourtant ce bâtiment novateur, au cœur de la capitale de Norvège, lance aux touristes un défi contraire de l'habituel « Veuillez ne rien toucher » - trop souvent affiché ... read more
même pas un canard ne viendrait s'y installer
là où l'on remet le Prix Nobel de la Paix
la forteresse d'Akershus

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 19th 2018

Let's face it. On a world level, Americans are rich. Not all of them, but most of them. Sure we complain about the high cost of living, excessive taxes and the general lack of economic opportunity based on our perceived lack of material goods. But we are still rich. It's not only the Americans though. It's the Australians, English, Germans, Swiss and many more. We know who we are. As we have travelled around the world through the last several years, it is these people we have seen enjoying themselves in the museums, art galleries and expensive cafes of the world. As for us, we have voluntarily sentenced ourselves to a minuscule budget that forces us to count all our pennies and doesn't always allow us to do everything we might like to. But we still ... read more
Bar Code District- Oslo
Fornebu Sunset- Oslo, Norway
Oslo Autumn

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 2nd 2018

Have we seen much of Norway? This is a question that many people ask us, as they are aware that we have been back here most years since our son Chris came here. The answer is No! We spend all our time in Bergen as thats were family is. We have now been coming to Bergen, Norway, for 16 years, where we have enjoyed watching Hege and Chris develop their relationship, then get married, and finally enjoying the arrival of their 2 delightful children, Lilly and Stella. This has always been our main purpose in coming to Norway, to enjoy our sons newly adopted country, enjoy his relationship with Hege and to watch them grow as a young family. We have had the privilege of seeing Chris develop in so many ways and also enjoyed spending ... read more
Oslo Opera House.
Crown Princess of Norway.
The King and Queen of Norway.

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 19th 2018

This morning we were heading off on a tour to explore Oslo at 10am - I love these 'reasonable' start times to the day! We met our local guide (oops, I couldn't pronounce her name so I have no hope in spelling it) and we hopped on our our private mini-bus. We headed up to Ekebergparken Sculpture Park on the southeastern side of the city and our guide, let's call her Sue, pointed out key buildings and areas along the way. Oslo is another city that is booming with infrastructure improvements and this was very obvious along the way. This sculpture park is relatively unknown to the tourists so we were really fortunate to be able to explore it with only a few locals in the park with their kids, for a Sunday morning outing. There ... read more
Ekebergparken - another beautiful sculpture
Man plays with child
Happy kids

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 18th 2018

Happy birthday Kellie! I awoke before my alarm this morning due to the banging that was going on next door. It seemed to me that the room was being cleaned - annoying! I pulled the curtains back and saw that it was raining outside so I knew I didn't need to rush to get up this morning. It was nice being able to hop back into bed for a while and stay under the covers. Eventually I got up to shower and head down to breakfast. As we didn't need to check out of our rooms until 11 this morning, I decided to give Kellie a call for her birthday after breakfast. It was so lovely to be able to see her and speak to her, as well as Jed, Grace and Fay. I was just ... read more
The train and the scenery
Another view from the train
Waterfalls and rivers - and the bike path

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 12th 2018

6:30 start today as my taxi was picking me up at 7:45 for my trip to the airport. The weather is miserable - cold, windy and raining so I feel the time is right to leave Iceland. Beautiful, stunning and very dramatic and I feel I have done it justice. The trip to the airport took about 20 minutes so I arrived just over 2 hours before my flight - to find out the flight was delayed. Reykjavik airport is very modern and very busy! Time was killed and then I headed to the gate for my flight to Oslo. I was flying with Norwegian airlines - it has a touch of the JetStars about it. The flight was over 2 hours and there was also a time change so I arrived at Oslo around 3pm. ... read more
Inside - beautiful woodwork
Inside - inspired by icebergs

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 31st 2018

Today everyone was leaving Snarret and heading to the farm. At the last minute, Axel and I decided to drive to Oslo and get a room close to the airport as we were flying out to Germany the next day. Andy and Gry graciously loaned us the car. We spent the day walking around the harbour front in Oslo looking at boats of various sizes and types. We had dinner on the boardwalk at Jamie Oliver’s where our waitress was a young lady from Winnipeg. She has two university degrees in English and dance and has moved to Oslo with her boyfriend she met at an exchange. Our room was nice and close to the airport with a shuttle and we got breakfast in the morning at 4am so bonus! ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 20th 2018

19th July Oslo This was a late (but scheduled) arrival for us, berthing at 11 am. But another spectacular cruise for some 60 miles sailing up Oslofjord docking in the heart of Oslo. Any closer and the ship would be berthing in the main reception area of the Radhuset City Hall, a very austere looking building overlooking the port of Oslo. One of the main attractions of Oslo is its museums, and oh boy do they love their museums and galleries. Our daily programme lists 24 museums and galleries and that doesn’t include Sculpture parks, churches and Cathedrals. The museums range from the Resistance Museum to more seafaring based ones which include the National Maritime, the Kon Tiki, and the Fram Museums. The Fram was the vessel that Amundsen and Nansen made their Arctic and Antarctic ... read more
Oslo 2
Oslo 3
Oslo 4

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 2nd 2018

Hi All We left Bergen For Oslo on the EX602 in comfort class ,with free tea and coffee. The scenery of course was superb.The Bergen Voss line was opened in 1883;it runs for 496km and has over 180 tunnels. Arrived in Oslo being the Capital of Norway,stayed at the Hotel Thon which was very lovely hotel. One night here then fly back to UK By the time you all get this blog we will be at Rail station catching the Eurostar to Ghent via Brussels. The Small hotel in London is adequate for our needs and is not to far from St Pancreas. See you all in Ghent Belgium KS... read more

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