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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 7th 2015

The night train arrived in Oslo at 6:25am, and after a surprisingly good sleep, Shawn and I headed towards our hostel to drop our big bags off in luggage storage. Unfortunately, and really inconveniently, we can't check in until 3pm! That means another 1st-day-in-Reykjavík-like day with years of walking! Trying first to find some food, because oh ya, it's easter MONDAY now and everything is also closed, we venture into the central part of the city. After grabbing some quick stuff from a 7-11 (sorry Peterboroughians, there's a ton of them over here!) we walk around the city because literally nothing is open! The first thing we came across was the old Akershus Fortress which was really cool to walk around. It's open always to the public and you're able to walk on top of the ... read more
Palace Seflie
Palace palace

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 22nd 2015

Í gær hitti ég mjög skemmtilegt fólk sem var á sama hóteli og ég. Við fórum saman um bæinn og skoðuðum okkur um og enduðum kvöldið á bar. Ég þurfti þó að fara snemma að sofa til að vakna fyrir flugið til Bangkok. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 21st 2015

Nú er ég kominn á hótelið í Osló. Ég náði að sofa í rúman hálftíma og líður eins og það sé kominn nýr dagur. Á leiðinni á hótelið hitti ég fólk sem verður þar líka og við stefnum á að fara út og skoða okkur um fljótlega. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo December 24th 2014

On our first night whilst moving between quizzes, we shared the elevator to the Crow's Nest with a young couple Jane and Nick. Both live in Southampton and both are originally from the Isle of Wight. As Roisin and Jane got talking, it came as no surprise that Jane's family knows the family of an ex colleague and good friend of Roisin's. In fact Jane's mother was the predecessor to Roisin's friend in the local Brownie group on the island! As I keep saying: ‘It's a small world…but I wouldn't want to paint it!!!' Oslo lays at the end of a 60 mile long fjord but as we sailed this deep expanse of water surrounded either side by (I am told) its picturesque snow covered peaks. The ship will have weaved through the many pine clad ... read more
Karl Johan Gate, Oslo (24 Dec)
Nubile, athletic...but cold as ice!!
Chris and drinking buddy!!

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 31st 2014

Meg majus elejen tortent, hogy egy hosszu hetvegere ellatogattam Osloba. Korabban gondoltam mar ra, de most ugy gondoltam, miert is ne, foleg, hogy a British Airways merfoldjeimet hasznalva eleg olcso jegyet sikerult szereznem. Az ut odafele rendben ment, leszamitva a leszallas utani reszt, amikor is eloszor azt vettem eszre, hogy all a gep valahol a betonon, de nem a kiszallito folyosoknal. Kb 5 perc mulva a pilotafulkebol jott az informacio, hogy szivarog az egyik futomunel a hidraulikus folyadek, ezert egy ideig meg nem lehet kiszallni, ki kell vizsgalni mi van. Kozben nehany tuzoltoauto meg egyeb jarmu erkezett, aztan ugy fel ora mulva vegul begurulhattunk a terminalhoz kiszallni. Az utlevelvizsgalat eleg gyorsan ment, utana viszont a csomagokra kellett varni vagy 50 percet (lehet, a hidraulikus folyadek szivargasa a rakodoter ajtajanal is problemat okozott). Vegul az utasok nagy ... read more
Az Akershus kastely
Az operahaz
A kiralyi palota

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 11th 2014

Woke this morning to it raining and cooler then usual. I went down to the main cottage and started my coffee. Andreas came in and gave me a huge hug-that was so lovely! I made Andy, Gry and Andreas grilled cheese sandwiches which seemed to be palatable and we made our days plans over breakfast. We decided that the girls would go to Oslo and Andy would stay back and rest, or take Anna to get a new cell phone, purchase a new freezer, clean the other one out, install the new one and tend the horses hahahaha As we (Gry, Thea and I) left the driveway of the cottage and traveled some down the road, we stumbled upon Vigdis (have to put that in there since she is now reading my blog giggles) and her ... read more
Drive to Oslo
Aker Brygge

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 10th 2014

Arriving in Oslo airport around 7pm on a 23 hour stopover, we were unsure of how much could be seen in such a short time. Our first time saver was the fast train from the airport. How easy, you only had to swipe your credit card through the entry turnstile before boarding the train, no need to purchase a ticket. The train only took 20 minutes at high speed to reach Oslo City, we were also pleased our hotel was only a two minute walk from the station. Checking into the Hotel Grand Central we found the rooms to be very minimalist and modern but with everything we needed for our short stay, especially unusual was the wall mural behind our bed. The next day as we were flying out early evening we decided to make ... read more
Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement in Frogner Park
Opera House
An unusual hotel room

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 28th 2014

i landed in Norway and my phone immediately buzzed. "Welcome to Norway" says the text from Andy. Whoot whoot! I am finally here! I get off the plane, go directly to duty free and get wine and beer and head down to get my luggage. No customs no anything! Just straight out the door where Andy greets me. Quick hug and we are out to the car. It was much hotter then I anticipated! Andy and I drove to Oslo. I took in the beautiful country side, and observed the different signs along the road. We passed a harbour when we saw a huge cruise boat that does the Denmark cruise lines. I don't recall ever seeing a ship of that size. we stopped at a boat store to purchase a propellor for the his new ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 23rd 2014

Today we return to the city where our tour started, back to Oslo. Our wake-up call was at 5:45 this morning with bags out by 6:30. We ate breakfast and were ready to depart promptly at 7:30. We returned to Oslo via a different route which took us through very different scenery than what we had seen going to Bergen. We went through numerous tunnels until we reached the mountain plateau. Here we encountered lakes, waterfalls, and ski resort towns such as Geilo. Biking, hiking and skiing are popular activities in Geilo. We stopped about every hour to stretch our legs, grab a bite to eat, or for photo ops. We were treated to an ice cream by our tour director at one such stop which was on a lake with people swimming and boating enjoying ... read more
Waterfall on one of our rest stops.
Glacier en route to Oslo.
Along the mountain plateau.

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 18th 2014

I spent a leisurely day on Thursday packing and doing last minute chores which were interrupted with the news of the catastrophic plane crash in the Ukraine. As I was getting ready, I pictured the victims of that plane crash getting ready for their business trips or vacations as I was doing and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones. It is not something that one wants to hear when getting ready to take a trip overseas. Nonetheless, that is exactly what I had to do. Lisa, Rich, Ben and Jacob picked me up at 4:00 p.m. to take me to the airport with a stop on the way to pick up my friend, Sharyn. Ben was his usual inquisitive self and Jacob was delighted with the site of planes ... read more
Quiet time at La Cucina
La Cucina just down the street.
Beautiful fountain down by the waterfront.

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