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April 16th 2018
Published: April 16th 2018
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On my business cruise to Bodø, I had an incredible time looking around the Scandanavian coast while taking in some of the best sights Norway (in particular) has to offer. When not in meetings discussing the finer aspects of the building and some of the construction details we were working on. I managed to spend some time in the marina area and even out on the mountain range exploring. Walking the mountain tracks with all of those amazing views was just the beginning for me. On some occasions like this I like to mix a little business with pleasuure and this was just such an occasions. When I arrived at Bodø after a magnificent cruise checking out the Scandanadian coastline and of course enjoying every muinite of the trip. It was an incredible sight to see. While it was cold the trip itself was unmissable and will remain one of the highlights of my vist fjord cruise through Oslo with Circus Event. While being shown around the town and seeing the local sights from the hills to wild moose wandering about the whole area I was in awe when I placed eyes on the first one as it was similar to the size of a horse in the open field I could not comprehend what I was seeing as if I was on another planet.

My guide (the managing director of the company) was a brilliant business and family man as well as a dedicated father who, in addition, was truly someone to aspire to. All of the people I met on the trip were more than friendly people eager to talk and learn the English language via verbal communication.

The project we were working on with the company seeing the sights . We were building a really “out their construction project” with both modern and traditional aspects to it including a grass roof construction (which was quite new to me at the time) and I was one of the key individuals with regards to the design features we were employing on the build. Some of the additional items we needed to employ were energy conservation aspects like insulation and thermal heating systems that were needed in the building from the bottom up. One of the ideas we looked at was including a “geothermal” heating system that would be both cooling in the winter and supply heating during the winter months but this turned out to be beyond the budget at the current time. At the end of the day, it was a good outcome for all and there was so much to learn from the trip it was awe-inspiring, to say the least.

I learned a lot from my trip and had a lot of information given to me. The cold water temperatures over there to the town life in the fishing industry there was a lot to learn indeed. One of the most strange aspects of the whole trip over and above was the one night I went out to explore the nightlife in the town and what an incredible experience that was right up to the point where I came out of the nightclub to see not only light in the early hours instead of the darkness I was used to but also the northern lights. When you see the lights in the sky for the first time it is more than an ore inspiring experience, to say the least watching the shimmering lights spread across the sky at that time in the morning brings so many thoughts to mind it is a wonder to experience.

In Bodø, all sorts of activities are right out side your hotel room. Enjoy a beer or a glass of Chablis outdoors on the quayside whilst eagles soar across the horizon. Stamp your feet to the hard-hitting rock concert in the city park, or even go shopping in the city’s modern malls or small specialist shops it is all there for you to enjoy. Even in the winter, you can still experience the northern lights from the pier in the harbour, or even better, from Rønvikfjellet mountain just outside the city centre as it is all there waiting for you.

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